Applying concrete paint | This is how you do it (and don’t forget this!)

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 11, 2022
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The word says it all: concrete paint is paint for concrete.

When we talk about concrete paint, it is usually intended for floors in garages.

There you want a firm and wear-resistant surface. After all, you regularly drive over it with your car.

Painting concrete

Indoors, it sometimes also prevents you from having to paint on concrete. However, this is often possible with an ordinary latex paint that is perfectly suitable for this.

We are going to talk about painting the concrete floor in the garage here. I explain how you work, and what you should not forget.

Which concrete paint do you choose?

Concrete paint can be bought in different colors, but in general it is the gray that comes on the floor.

Also the most logical choice, especially for the garage.

By the way, we are talking about normal concrete paint and not 2 components.

Make sure you buy good quality concrete paint. You don’t want to have to paint again in a few years.

I like to work with the concrete paint of Wixx AQ 300, in anthracite grey.


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How do you apply concrete paint?

Applying concrete paint also needs proper preparation.

We assume here a floor that has previously been painted by a painter or yourself.

What do you need to apply concrete paint?

Prepare or have the following items ready before you start the job:

Cleaning and degreasing

Before you start, you must thoroughly vacuum the entire floor.

When the dust is gone, degrease very well with a cleaning agent. Use an all-purpose cleaner for this.

Did you know that you can also use car shampoo as a degreaser? A free tip!

Scraping and sanding

When the concrete floor has dried, look carefully for any spots that come off.

Grab a scraper and remove the loose paint.

Then sand flat and treat the bare spots with a multi-primer. This is for the bonding.

Then wipe everything wet again and vacuum if necessary.

Apply concrete paint

When you are sure that there is no more dust, you can apply the concrete paint.

Close the doors while painting. This way no dust or dirt gets in while you are painting.

To apply the concrete paint evenly, use a wall paint roller of 30 centimeters.

Also look carefully at the product info on the paint can for any further instructions.

If you want to apply a second layer, do it the same day. Do this before the paint has cured.

I wrote a separate article on how to neatly paint a concrete floor for even more tips.

Let it dry

Important! When you have applied the concrete paint, the main thing is that you wait at least 5 days before driving over it.

You will see that the paint has cured properly. Do not forget this step, otherwise you will soon be allowed to repaint the floor.

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