Benefits of replacing your window frames with plastic frames

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 17, 2022
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Plastic frames: always a good investment

Do your windows need to be replaced? Then you can choose to purchase plastic frames.
You can of course also choose to use wooden or aluminum frames. Select the material of your choice in the quotation form.

Replacing with plastic window frames

plastic frame

Plastic frames are not only cheap, but also last a long time. And this without any maintenance, because plastic frames are very maintenance-friendly. In addition, plastic frames insulate very well. This means that you can significantly reduce your energy bill by installing plastic frames.

Do you want to buy plastic frames? Then it is good to know what the plastic frame price per m2 is. If you know the costs per m2 and the costs of having plastic frames installed, you can calculate how much you need to invest to have your old frames replaced. Request a quote for plastic frames via this website and you will know exactly what your total costs for installing plastic frames are.

Good to know: requesting a quote is completely non-binding and of course completely free.

Request a quote: how does it work?

It is very easy to request a quote via Schilderpret. Requesting a quote for your plastic frames is also done in no time. To request a quote, first fill in some personal information. Think of your zip code, your place of residence and your address. Then you indicate exactly what kind of frames you want to have installed. For example, do your windows have to meet certain requirements? Then you indicate this when requesting a quote. You simply describe the assignment you want to place and do this as clearly as possible. With a clear job description you get the best offers.

You also indicate how many m2 of plastic frames you need. The costs that you have to pay for your new windows depend on the total surface in square meters. If you need a lot of frames, then you logically pay more than someone who wants to buy less m2 of plastic frames.

Finally, enter your email address. Please check whether this email address is correct, because this is where your quotation will be sent. Only if you enter the correct e-mail address, you can receive quotations for plastic frames. Is the email address you entered correct? Then you can send your quote request. You will now receive various quotes for cheap plastic frames in no time.

The many advantages of plastic frames

More and more people are choosing to have their wooden frames or aluminum frames replaced by plastic frames. This is not the case for nothing. If you buy plastic frames, you will benefit from various advantages. The main advantages of plastic frames are described below.

Plastic frames are cheap

A major advantage of purchasing plastic frames is the fact that these frames are very affordable. Certainly if you compare the prices of plastic frames online with the costs of wooden frames, you are much cheaper with frames made of plastic. Do you want to have your old windows replaced, but don’t want to spend all your savings on this? Then it is certainly wise to have plastic frames installed.

Are you curious about the costs of having plastic frames installed? Request a quote on this page and you can immediately calculate your personal window frame price.

Plastic frames last a long time

Another advantage of plastic frames is that these frames last a very long time. Plastic frames have a lifespan of at least 50 years. This means that you can enjoy your investment in plastic frames for at least 50 years.

Plastic frames are maintenance-friendly

Wooden windows require a lot of maintenance. These frames, for example, must be painted regularly. This is not necessary with plastic frames. You simply order plastic frames in the color you want. Painting the frames is no longer necessary after this. This means that plastic frames require no further maintenance.

Plastic frames are environmentally friendly

Do you think it is important to make an environmentally friendly investment when buying new windows? Then we recommend that you buy plastic frames. Plastic windows are very environmentally friendly. Not only because the frames last a long time, but also because the plastic material can be easily recycled. If your windows do need to be replaced after many years, you can have them recycled to minimize your ecological footprint.

to limit.

Plastic frames insulate very well

Many people think that wooden frames insulate better than plastic frames. This is certainly not the case. In the past, plastic frames were not that thick and therefore did not insulate so well. Today this is different. Various innovative techniques have given plastic frames a high insulation value. This means that you can significantly reduce your energy bill by buying plastic frames.

Plastic frames can withstand the Dutch climate well

In the Netherlands it sometimes rains. If you have plastic frames, you don’t have to worry that your frames will be damaged by the damp weather in our cold little country. Plastic frames can withstand the Dutch climate well. Even if it rains for a long time, you won’t see any of this at all. The frames can also withstand weather conditions such as snow, hail, sleet and low temperatures.

Plastic frames are safe

It is not easy for burglars to get into your house if you have plastic frames. Plastic frames are very strong and this means that burglars cannot just break the frames open. Plastic frames make your home extra safe.

Plastic frames are available in all kinds, sizes and colors

Finally, you have a lot of choice if you want to purchase plastic frames. The frames are sold in different shapes and sizes, but also in many different colors. Due to the wide range of different types of windows, you can always find a window that meets all your requirements and also fits your home perfectly.

The different types of plastic frames

Do you want to buy plastic frames? Then you first have to determine what kind of cheap plastic frames you want to purchase. You can choose from frames for a fixed window, frames for a turn/tilt window and frames for a bottom-hung window. And do you have a sliding door or sliding window? Then you have to purchase special frames for this.

Plastic frames for a fixed window

A fixed window is a window that cannot be opened. If necessary, a ventilation grille can be placed in the window, so that fresh air can still come in. A plastic frame for a fixed window consists of a frame, a window and a pane.

Plastic frames for turn/tilt windows

You can open a turn/tilt window not only horizontally, but also vertically. This window type is often used in combination with a fixed window. A plastic frame for a turn/tilt window is specially made for this window type.

Plastic frames for bottom windows

A bottom-hung window is a window that can be opened vertically. The window actually ‘falls’ open. You often see this window in bathrooms and toilets, where the window is placed high to prevent passers-by from looking into the room in question. A frame for a bottom-hung window has been specially developed for this window type.

Other types of plastic frames

In addition to fixed windows, tilt/turn windows and bottom-hung windows, there are various other window types. Think of sliding windows, hinged windows and casement windows. There are frames for all types of windows. Whatever type of windows your house has: you can always purchase a plastic frame that is specially made for this window type.

Plastic frames for doors

Of course there are not only frames for windows, but also for doors. Think of front doors, but also back doors, garden doors, sliding doors and so on. Just like the windows, there are also frames for all types of doors.

Additional options when buying plastic frames

When purchasing plastic frames, you can choose to equip these frames with one or more additional options. This includes roller shutters, but also screens and ventilation grilles. In addition, you can also choose to secure your plastic frames extra well, with an extra lock. All windows we sell comply with the Safe Living quality mark of the police. Still, you can choose to invest in extra security by having windows fitted with locks.

We always recommend ordering roller shutters, screens and ventilation grilles together with your frames. This prevents you from having to have professionals on the sidewalk twice: the first time to place the window frames, then to place the roller shutters, screens and/or ventilation grilles.

In addition, it is often cheaper if you order your frames, shutters, screens and/or ventilation grilles at the same time. Are you curious about what costs you have to pay for installing plastic frames with roller shutters, screens and/or ventilation grilles? Request a quote without obligation on this website.

The cost of plastic frames

As mentioned before, plastic frames are much cheaper than wooden frames. The frames are also cheaper than aluminum frames

um. But what exactly do you have to pay to have plastic frames installed? We are happy to tell you.

The cost of plastic frames: depending on various factors

It is good to know that the costs that you have to pay for plastic frames depend on various factors. Think of the type of frames that you purchase, but also of the total surface area that you need for frames made of plastic. The more m2 you need, the greater your investment in plastic frames will be. And do you want to expand your frames with shutters, screens, ventilation grilles and/or extra locks? Then you also pay extra costs for this.

The average cost of plastic frames

Because the costs of plastic frames depend on various factors, the total price of the frames differs per project. The average plastic frame price per m2 is 700 to 800 euros. This price includes VAT, assembly and HR++ glass. Do you want to fit all windows and doors in your home with plastic frames? Then you will lose around 11,000 euros for this. Of course, the total costs of your plastic frames depend on the number of square meters you need for frames.

Request a quote immediately

Are you curious about what exactly you have to pay to have plastic frames installed? Request a quote on this website completely free of charge and without obligation. By requesting a quote for your project, you know exactly what the total investment of this project is. This is nice, because that way you know exactly where you stand if you do have plastic frames installed.

Knowing more? Contact us

Would you like to know more about the advantages of plastic frames, the different types of plastic frames or the installation of these frames? Please feel free to contact us. We can answer all your questions.

Do you need help requesting a quote via this website? Then you can also contact us. We are happy to help you fill in the quotation form correctly, so that you can find the various plastic window prices online in your mailbox in the short term.

Buy plastic frames? Request a quote!

Do you want to enrich your home with frames that last a long time, require no maintenance, have a high insulation value and also look good? Then we recommend that you buy plastic frames. Request a quote and you will know exactly what you need to invest to enrich your home with these high-quality frames.

Requesting a quote is always free of charge and without any obligation. This means that you are not committed to anything when you request a quote. It is entirely up to you whether or not you agree with the quote. Do you agree? Then we will be happy to visit you at short notice to enrich your home with the best plastic frames.

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