5 Best Bandsaw Blades for Metal reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 15, 2022
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When it comes to choosing a bandsaw blade for your machine, the quality and durability of the blade matter the most. That is not all; blades that cut metal components need to be really sturdy.

But not all saw blades come with sturdy and long-lasting tips that can withstand force. That is why I have selected these 5 saw blades that will cut metal components like butter.


These best bandsaw blades for metal will allow you to choose a quality one.

5 Best Bandsaw Blades for Metal

Choosing a band saw blade for your machine can be a bit difficult at times. Here are 5 quality band saw blades that come with excellent features.

1. DEWALT (DW3984C)


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A trustworthy company like DEWALT creates various types of saw blades that are excellent. So you can purchase the DEWALT (DW3984C) Portable Band Saw Blade without any worries. This saw blade comes with fantastic features that make it one of the best ones.

Its core component is cobalt, more specifically, 8% cobalt. This material provides extreme durability so that the blade can cut effectively in the long run. Plus, as this is a Bi-Metal cordless bandsaw blade, you can cut different materials with it.

Thin-gauge metal, medium metal, or thick metal, whatever the metal thickness is, the DEWALT blade will be your go-to. Furthermore, it comes with a unique high-speed steel edge. The matrix II edge feature provides superb heat and wear resistance. Many band saw blades in the market do not come with heat or wear resistance.

That, in turn, can cause the band saw blades not to provide smooth cuts in the long run. Hence, this DEWALT blade will be a better option for you. To increase the wear resistance of the blade, the manufacturers created the blade with a tooth hardness level of RC 65-67. This feature increases the overall strength.

Moreover, this blade comes with an alloy steel backer. This alloy steel backer can help reduce fatigue on the blade. This is a three-pack 24 TPI blade that provides precise and smooth cuts. Overall, this DEWALT product can provide superior cutting results for various metal elements.


  • Core component is 8% cobalt
  • This 24 TPI blade provides excellent cuts
  • Comes with an RC 65-67 tooth hardness
  • Bi-Metal cordless bandsaw blade
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Blade cuts thin, thick, and medium metals


  • There is a chance that the blades may snap if you use them continuously


If you want a saw blade that cuts metal efficiently, the DEWALT one will be an excellent choice. Check prices here

2. BOSCH BS6412


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A band saw blade that provides excellent features can be challenging to find. Plus, if you are interested in creating fine and intricate shapes, a quality band saw blade is absolutely necessary. That is why the BOSCH BS6412 Metal Band Saw Blade will be the perfect choice for you.

This band saw blade comes with precision-sharpened teeth. So, this feature allows the blade to create intricate shapes without causing any problems. Furthermore, the core component of this saw blade is premium-grade steel. Such a component makes the blade sturdier than any other one.

Moreover, this saw blade comes with a heat-resistant property. Why is that important?

If you continuously use the saw blade for a longer period, chances are, the blade will not be able to withstand heat build-up. However, the BOSCH blade’s heat-resistance properties protect the blade from this issue and extend its longevity.

Now let us focus on the cutting performance of this blade. It has a unique, optimized tooth geometry feature. The tooth geometry of the blade allows it to cut various materials smoothly and efficiently.

Plus, clean and accurate cuts are necessary for woodworking purposes, and this blade provides cleaner cuts than other blades.

Additionally, the BOSCH blade is relatively more affordable. You probably already know that band saw blades require frequent changes. So it can be problematic to purchase expensive blades so many times. But it will not be an issue since this band saw blade is affordable.


  • Comes with a heat-resistant property
  • Alloy steel is the core component
  • Perfect choice for cutting metal
  • Has an optimized tooth geometry
  • Delivers clean and accurate cuts
  • Relatively less expensive


  • Blade can be wobbly at times


This BOSCH band saw blade is an affordable choice for anyone who wants a smooth cutting experience. Check prices here

3. Imachinist S64514

Imachinist S64514

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Most of the time, we look at saw blade features like sharpness, thickness, core material, etc. All of these features can change an ordinary blade to an extraordinary one. But not all blades come with all of these features, and the Imachinist S64514 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade is an exception.

As the name states, this blade contains two different types of metal core components. It is essential for saw blades to maintain a certain level of edge and sharpness.

The bi-metal saw blades come with an excellent and optimized hardness that helps to maintain the sharpness of the blade. That is exactly why this saw blade is durable.

It is an HSS M42 grade and 14 TPI blade that cuts metal components with ease. Not all blades can cut ferrous metals smoothly. But that will not be an issue with this saw blade as it cuts soft ferrous metal material with ease. Additionally, the 14 TPI is appropriate for cutting thin pipe tube profiles.

The fixed 14 TPI teeth profile also comes with a teeth distance of 1.8mm per tooth. As a result, the blade will cut metal components thoroughly and consistently. Furthermore, the Imachinist blade comes with superior compatibility.

Any bandsaw machine that uses a 64 ½ inch long and ½ inch wide saw blade is a perfect match for this particular saw blade. Hence, if your saw machine comes with this length and width, you will have no trouble using this blade. It is an overall excellent choice if you want to cut soft ferrous metal.


  • This 14 TPI blade can cut thin pipe tube profiles
  • Also cuts soft ferrous metal
  • Core component is bi-metal type
  • Comes with a null raker teeth formation


  • Not appropriate for heavily angled cuts


The Imachinist saw blade can cut soft ferrous metal components in a smooth manner. Check prices here

4. Imachinist S933414 M42

Imachinist S933414 M42 

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Finding a quality saw blade that cuts metal components in a swift manner is a difficult thing to do. The blade needs to contain superior material and features to cut through tough ferrous materials. This is where the Imachinist S933414 M42 Metal Cutting Saw Blade comes in handy.

This bi-metal blade comes with a 10/14 TPI teeth profile that helps to cut soft metal components without any issues. Plus, this 10/14 TPI is absolutely perfect for cutting thin pipe tube profiles. Hence, if these are the components that you need to cut, this saw blade will be an excellent choice.

Unlike many saw blades in the market, this one does not come with an even teeth distance. The big ones come with a 2.54 mm teeth distance, whereas the smaller ones come with a 1.8 mm distance per tooth. The uneven distance of the blade’s teeth will help you get better cuts.

Furthermore, this band saw blade is more compatible than most blades in the market. If you have a 93 inch long and ¾ inch wide band saw machine, then this blade will fit the machine properly. So, this blade can cut accurate length with higher performance.

The core component of this blade is a bi-metal type element. Meaning, this saw blade contains two different metal components; an M42-grade 8% cobalt element and 2% tungsten element. These two components can provide superior fatigue resistance. Overall, this saw blade is highly durable and efficient.


  • Comes with hardened edges that provide better cuts
  • Core components are 8% cobalt and 2% tungsten
  • This 10/14 TPI blade can cut thin pipe tube profiles
  • Extremely durable and affordable
  • Perfect for cutting soft metal


  • May not provide smooth cuts continuously


No other band saw blade can cut soft metal components as well as the Imachinist one. Check prices here

5. LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades

LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades

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A quality saw blade can provide you with strong and long-lasting cuts. It is essential that the blade provides consistent cuts every time you use it. Otherwise, you will end up with a ragged metal component and a useless saw blade. That is why you need the LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades in your life.

This 14 TPI blade comes with high-speed teeth that provide excellent cutting performance. Not only can you get strong and consistent cuts, but it also makes sure that the cuts are long-lasting. Furthermore, this blade contains shatter-resistant properties.

When you use a saw blade continuously, there is a chance that the saw blade teeth can shatter due to the force. Hence, it is necessary that your saw blade can take the impact without its teeth breaking off so easily. And the shatter-resistant feature of this saw blade ensures that.

The high-speed steel core component of this blade allows it to give smoother results. It is a durable blade that does not bend or break easily. There is always the issue of replacing saw blades frequently. And it is a hassle to repurchase saw blades so intermittently.

Fortunately, this LENOX saw blade comes with a pack of five products that all offer the same high-quality cutting performance. This saw blade can cut materials with a diameter of 3/16 inch to ⅜ inch more appropriately.

Overall, this is an excellent saw blade with superior durability and can cut metal components efficiently.


  • It is a 3.5 ounces blade with 14 TPI
  • Comes with a pack of 5 blades
  • Tuff tooth design reinforces the tooth for better durability
  • Bi-metal component prevent bending issues


  • This blade may not cut thick metal materials properly


A highly durable blade like the LENOX one will help you get smooth and long-lasting cuts. Check prices here

Types of Bandsaw Blades

There are various types of bandsaw blades available that all come with different features.

  • Hook Tooth

This kind of blade comes with a positive wide rake angle, and 10 degrees undercut face. It is a short blade that cuts non-ferrous and wooden elements.

  • Diamond Blade

The diamond is more appropriate for cutting metal components. The sharp teeth of these blades can provide long-lasting cuts.

  • Skip Tooth

Skip tooth blades are the ones with zero rake angle. This type of blade always provides a clean finishing. If you have any soft wooden materials that require delicate yet consistent cuts, then the skip tooth will be a better choice.

  • Regular Tooth

If you want a saw blade that will cut both wood and metal components properly, the regular tooth type will be your go-to. The straight-faced teeth of the regular model contain deeper gullets. Ultimately, it offers better cutting performance than other blade types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best saw blade for cutting soft metal?

If you want to cut soft ferrous metal components, then the Imachinist S64514 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade will be an excellent option. It comes with a 14 TPI bi-metal blade that cuts soft-ferrous metals efficiently.

  1. Are bi-metal blades better than single metal ones?

That depends on what kind of core component the blade contains. However, bi-metal blades tend to have elements that provide better resistance when it comes to heat, corrosion, or fatigue, so that is always a plus point when picking saw blades.

  1. Which band saw blade provides better performance?

There are many band saw blades that cut metal components smoothly. But not many blades can cut as well as the LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades product. It comes with shatter-resistant features that allow the blade to perform extremely well.

  1.  When should I change my saw blade?

That depends on the blade’s core materials and how frequently you use them. No matter how much a saw blade is durable, at one point, you have to replace that blade with another one. Primarily, you can check if the blade tips are sharp and strong. If the tips are dull, then it is time to change the blade.

  1. What is an affordable band saw blade for metal?

If you want an affordable saw blade that comes with excellent features, the BOSCH BS6412 Metal Band Saw Blade will be an excellent option for you.

Final Words

Choosing a quality band saw blade for cutting metal components can be difficult. No more worries because these best bandsaw blades for metal come with excellent features. So no matter which blade you choose from this list, you can cut metals without any issues.

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