Best Bucket Tool Bags

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Craftsmen of any trade are bound to bear the weight of a couple of dozen tools. It turns out to be a hellish nightmare when they’re all in just one pocket of a bag or roofing pouch. The organization is the key here. Only the best tool bags can bring you calm and peace of mind then.

Any tool that you carry or think about carrying, these can give you a dedicated slot for that. But the repetitive mistake that I see people around me doing is, they get larger than they need. This way they end up carrying a humongous disappointment around with them. The optimum is the best.


Bucket Tool Bag buying guide

A proper buying guide can assist you to organize your tool-arsenal. Here we have summarized basic properties and explained their functions for our customers to understand the product easily.


Material & Color

Common material of bucket tool bag is polyester but various types of polyester are available now. For example- ballistic polyester, 600D oxford polyester, denier polyester, etc. Among them, 600D polyester is tear-resistant and more durable while denier polyester resists wear and tear.Waxed cotton contains waxed canvas and is really great at water-resistance.

The color will also depend on the material itself because every material isn’t available in all the colors. Common colors for tool buckets are black, brown, orange, etc.

Internal Pockets

Internal pockets are mainly for essential tools. The number of inner pockets can differ from 14 to 25 with distinct bags. Some bags have special inner loops for long or heavy tools. But if your tools are less in number then there is no use of buying a bucket with 60 pockets.

External Pockets

External pockets also differ from bucket to bucket. But they are used for extra yet necessary things like buttons, seeds, screws, etc. Check the depth of these pockets if they can carry your required amount of essentials or not. Varieties of pockets will increase its versatility of use.


Capacity will define the maximum weight a bucket can carry. If we analyze overall capacity then maximum buckets can carry about 4 pounds to 6 pounds. If capacity is written more than this then you should check the material also. No matter if it’s an Occidental tool belt or Bucketboss tool bag, the pocket capacity comes to the topmost priority.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions define the bucket size and include all length, width, and thickness. By knowing them you can assume the maximum tool size that the bucket bag can keep. With an average number of pockets, 14x7x10 can be considered as a standard dimension.

The weight of a bucket bag differs from 1.30 ounces to 3 pounds. Less weight is not always better in this case and heavier bag fabrics are usually stronger.

Best Bucket Tool Bags reviewed

Here we have reviewed five best tool buckets available in the market. We hope these reviews will assist you to find an appropriate one.

1. Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer in Brown


The people who have to carry tools everywhere need this bucket boss bucket tool organizer the most. With 1.28 pounds this bucket tool organizer introduces itself as a lightweight tool bucket.

The whole work will get easier with the bag. This bucket organizer is 11x11x11 inches from every dimension. Five-gallon weight can be carried by the tool bucket bag.

Three interior loops for long-handled tools like hammers, drills, pry bars (Not Burke bars )make the tools more organized. It’s easy to carry because of the two handles. Within U.S. shipping can be done.

The company will provide a one-year limited warranty to users. Users can get a manufacturer’s warranty by requesting customer care.

Many of you are concerned about the color of the product. In this case, we can say that brown is one of those universal colors that people like the most. Batteries are not required in this bucket. So users don’t have to worry about its working hours.


  • Loops are not too deep and it’s hard to carry big tools in them.
  • Stitching is weak so hard and rigid can’t be carried in it.
  • Some small pockets are available also but they are too tiny to carry any tool.

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2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket, 61 Pocket


Custom leathercraft is a multifunctional tool organizer. This tool organizer is 4x8x12 in dimensions and 12.2 ounces in weight. Total 61 pockets are included both inside and outside.

Here outside pockets are sequenced in triple rows, 25 inside pockets in double rows and so a good amount of accessories can be organized using this bucket bag. Its side release buckle security strap can hold the drill.

Outside and inside pockets have an extra layer to strengthen the rims and bars attached to stress points. The durability of this tool bucket has been increased by using ballistic polyester.

If anyone is concerned about the color then this bucket has a combination of two bright colors which are black and yellow. To operate this no batteries are needed so there’s nothing to worry about its working hour.

In case of storing all your tools, it will perform as a great organizing tool. 3.5 to almost 5 gallons of weight can be fitted into it. This product allows domestic shipping means anyone within the U.S. can purchase it. Here total shipping weight will be 1.75 pounds. But it doesn’t allow international shipping.


  • Maximum pockets are not perfectly able to hold longer tools.
  • While carrying the bucket tools can fall out from it. Diameters are quite small for wide tools.

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3. Apollo Tools DT0825 Garden Tool Organizer


If you are interested in gardening then Apollo DT0825 tool organizer is a perfect product for you. Its specialty is it can help to organize tools of any size. So tools will be easily accessible and less time will be wasted in just finding them. With 15.2 ounces of weight, it has a 14.1x5x5 inches package dimension.

This 5-gallon bucket has hooks and loops which can be fitted very fast. If we talk about quality then it’s durable because of the cloth and design is also user friendly. Polyester 600D oxford cloth is the reason why this bucket bag is tearing resistant.

There are 34 pockets outside of the bucket to carry necessaries like gloves, cell phones, seeds, etc.

Generally, bucket tool bags don’t have various colors to choose but this product comes in two combinations. Those are black-green and black-pink, you can choose between them.


  • Capacity is limited so a big number of tools can’t be carried using it.
  • Setting it up is quite problematic.
  • Sometimes with a heavy load, it can fall apart.

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4. Klein Tools 5144BHB14OS Tool Bucket


If you have to travel to your job site with all the tools then this bucket tool will help you. Tools will be protected in this bucket while traveling. The Klein tool bucket is 14x7x10 inches from different dimensions.

It is designed in such a way that tools can be kept easily and safe from damages. Including the protection layers, the total weight of the bucket is 2 pounds.

Nowadays customers are concerned about each detail of the product. So, according to the requirements companies are trying to change their manufactures. It has a total of 15 interior pockets and 14 outside pockets that are well constructed to carry your tools.

Because of polyester, this oval bucket is tear-resistant. Web handles are included that make this product mostly efficient for the users.

This bucket bag is available in three different color combinations which are black, black-orange and lastly white-orange. No battery is needed to operate this product.


  • Stitches are not perfectly aligned.
  • Most of the time random stitches aren’t able to carry large loads. So, for some products stitches can be ripped by the weight of the tools.

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5. Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Bucket Organizer


If you want a bucket tool bag with a maximum number of pockets then here we go. Readywares waxed canvas bucket bags will be the best one for you. Sturdy 20oz waxed cotton is the base material of this bag. It has a total of 60 pockets to keep different types of tools.

Outside of the bag is surrounded by tool loops that can carry long tools like hammers, screwdrivers. Big and deep pockets are included here where drill batteries and long screwdrivers can be fitted easily.

To be specific about the size of this bucket, it is 11.7×6.8×4 inches from different dimensions. The total weight is 2.9 pounds. If weight is no issue according to your requirements then it will cause no harm to your work. The capacity of this bag is almost 5 gallons.

With a tanned color, it is pretty to look. No battery is needed to operate. In the case of shipping, the total shipping weight will be 2.9 pounds. The best service for the users is its refund policy.

After purchasing the bucket if it doesn’t fit your work then you can give it back and the company will refund you without any extra expense.


  • Though pockets are deep enough for keeping the tools, in cross-section areas pockets are smaller because of the construction process. So those pockets are unable to carry long tools.

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Q: Is this bag capable of being used in fishing?

Ans: Yes. Bucket tool bags are fit enough to use in fishing and carry fishing tools.

Q: Does the bucket come with it?

Ans: No. This product doesn’t include the bucket.

Q: Can it carry painting tools like spray bottles?

Ans: Yes. It has enough pockets to carry spray bottles.

Q: Does it fit in every bucket?

Ans: No. the capacity of the tool bag will define the bucket size.


The bucket tool bag is a great gadget to save time and space. And so it helps to increase your working efficiency. But to experience its best service, ask yourself about your demands. Home decoration, gardening, carpentry everywhere and organizer is needed but requirements can vary.

For carpentry maximum tools will be needed but in case of gardening tools are limited. In short, for gardening Apollo DT0825 tool organizer is the best choice. But people who need to work outside can go for Readywares waxed canvas tool bucket with the maximum number of pockets.

If you want to know more then we have our buying guide easily explained the products for all the customers. It will be a great helping hand for you to grab the best bucket tool bag.

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