Must have tools for painting jobs

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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Tools for your outdoor painting work and which tools do you need for this.

Tools are one of the first requirements you need to be able to paint.

You need a lot, especially for your outdoor painting work.

Must have tools for painting jobs

You cannot get a good end result without these tools.

I made and recorded a webinar about this.

You can watch this webinar at the bottom of this article.

It covers most common tools that are a must for your painting work.

You cannot paint well without these tools.

Read the article about painting here.

Tools from hammer to brush

Here I will discuss a few important tools.

First, a paint scraper.

You can remove peeling paint with a paint scraper.

Either in combination with a hair dryer or with a stripper.

Paint scrapers come in 3 types.

A triangular scraper is for large surfaces.

A rectangular one for frames, among other things.

And the last in line is the oval scraper.

This is suitable for scraping away the paint residue in small corners.

You can read here how to use a paint scraper.

A second important tool is a putty knife.

You must have at least 3 putty knives in your possession.

Two, four and seven centimeters.

With these putty knives it is important that they are thin and resilient.

This will give you the best results.

Of course, a good brush is also a must.

These should be soft and clean before you start painting.

For more information about brushes read the article about a brush.

What also belongs in the list is that you have a sanding block with cork and various sanding machines.

I prefer manual sanding to sanders.

However, you cannot avoid using it on large surfaces, for example.

This saves you a lot of time.

With manual sanding you have more control over the sanding.

With a sander you have to deal with force and vibrating movements.

Read the article here: best sanders for painting

And so there are more tools to mention.

Painting tools: Good tools are half the battle. This saying certainly applies to painting. It is therefore wise to prepare your work well before you start painting. Making sure you have all the right tools and supplies at home certainly benefits the working time and the end result. On you can read everything about painting tools and methods that will make your painting work a lot easier. Use the search function or browse the blog to find all articles with painting tips and tool advice.

Must have tools for painting jobs

1 Sander

Painting tool number 1 is probably the sander. Using a sander is so much less labor intensive than sanding by hand. Buying a sander is therefore the first thing that comes to mind when you plan to purchase painting tools.

2 Paint Burner

A paint burner (or a hot air gun) is certainly a useful tool when painting. Peeling paint is often much easier to remove with a paint burner than with other tools. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove the entire coating. In these cases, removing paint with a scraper or sander is longer and more labor-intensive than using a paint burner. So definitely not a bad buy when it comes to painting tools.

3 Paint Scraper

Indispensable painting tool. With a paint scraper you can manually, fairly easily remove (flaking) paint. A paint scraper is also needed in combination with a paint burner or a stripper to be able to remove the paint layer.

4 Linomat products

Linomat has handy brushes and also paint rollers on the market that in principle no longer require masking before painting. Besides the fact that this saves your work, you no longer need painter’s tape / masking tape with Linomat products.

Of course, the list of painting tools is much longer. Are you looking for something specific? Then use the search function in the menu or ask me a personal question.

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