Best Collapsible Car Trash Cans Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 2, 2022
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One thing everyone hates is how messy a car can get, and cleaning up all your trash after a long tough week can be a daunting task, especially if you use your car for work.

The amount of trash that can build up can be varied, from leftover lunch packaging to bottles, wrappers, and even assorted junk that accumulates over many weeks or months of use and neglect.


Trash can also find its way into awkward and hard to reach places under the seats and can also leak leading to bad smells as well as less space in your car for the important stuff you actually need space for.

A trash filled car can be embarrassing and look unprofessional, and much like keeping your appearance clean and tidy, keeping your car clean and tidy will go a long way to helping you improve how people see you, as well as your own self image and how you see yourself.

Keeping your life organized, whether it’s in your home or your car, it’s an important part of self care, and allowing trash to build up and become overwhelming can affect your sense of well being and your health, but thankfully there are ways to avoid these problems, even if you can’t break the habit of bringing trash into your car.

The best solution to this problem is to have a car trash can, as this will allow you to keep your trash in one place and make it so much easier to clean up.

Instead of hunting down individual pieces of trash in every awkward spot, simply take your car trash can and empty it into your main trash can!

This saves time and helps your car look cleaner and smell better, and will actually help you get into the good habit of keeping your car clean and clear of rubbish, which will make it a much more pleasant place to be for yourself and anyone else who you bring along for a ride.

There are many great car trash cans and they come in a range of sizes and features, so in this guide we’re going to look at three of the best collapsible car trash cans, reviewing their pros and cons as well as highlighting key features for each option to help you find a great product that will suit your needs perfectly.

We’ve also included a small buyers guide to help answer any questions you have about using and buying a car trash can, and to help you make an informed decision about the product you choose.

Let’s take a look at the trash cans themselves and see what they have to offer!

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Best Collapsible Car Trash Cans Reviews

Car Trash Can

This simple car trash can is one of Amazon’s most popular options, and is a great budget option that is simple and easy to use.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this trash can is of a very good size and will be able to hold a surprising about of waste, while being very convenient as it can collapse down to a very small size when not in use or when you need a little extra space in your car for carrying more passengers or shopping.

This trash can is also waterproof, meaning that you can rest assured that any items you put in this can won’t leak leftover fluid into your car’s upholstery, which will save you a lot of hassle cleaning your car and will mean bad smells will stay in the trash can and can be easily disposed of instead of permanently making your car smell bad.

The bin is overall a very simple to use and convenient option for a first car trash can, however there are some drawbacks to be aware of.

The first being that the bin is open topped, which makes it very easy to overfill the bin, and doing so will mean that trash inevitably falls out of the bin especially if you make a tight turn and the bag isn’t secured to anything.

This also leads onto the next point, that the bag doesn’t have much to secure it when the car is moving, which could lead to the bag falling over and spilling trash over your car.


  • Waterproof
  • Collapsible
  • Good Size
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Open top may let trash fall out if overfilled
  • Few attachment points

KMMOTORS Foldable Car Garbage Can

This car trash can by KMMOTORS is a very good foldable option with an array of great features.

Firstly, it’s a decent size, big enough to take in a good amount of daily or weekly trash from your car, but small enough to not take up too much space in your car if you need to use it to move things or drive people around while it’s in use.

It also folds up very small which is great and it can easily be kept stored in the boot, glove compartment or under your seats until you need it if you need to keep your car clear.

There is a sturdy bottom support to help provide stability and shape, and prevent the bag from falling over, and there is also a handy strapping system to allow you to secure the bag to your seat or your gear stick to help prevent the bag spilling rubbish all over your footwells.

The straps are 24 inches long and are adjustable, so they can be used in various places around the car which is very convenient.

The bag has a very smart and sleek finish which looks great, however there are some drawbacks.

The first is that this bag isn’t fully waterproof, and custom fitted trash bags are sold separately to help prevent liquids from spilling out of the bag into your car. This is a shame as these trash bags look a little untidy, however it does make emptying the trash can a little easier when it becomes full.

The bag is also open topped, and while it’s less likely to fall over than some other trash bags, there is still a chance that trash could escape this bag which is a definite mark against the design of the bag.

Overall this is a decent option and has some thoughtful inclusions, however it isn’t a complete package. 


  • Good size and capacity
  • Handy strapping system
  • Collapsible
  • Smart finish and aesthetic


  • Not waterproof
  • Open topped which may allow trash to fall out if overfilled

Ryhpez Car Trash Can

Finally we have the Ryhpez Car Trash Can, and this may be one of the best options on this list, with a host of excellent features and a superb design that makes it almost the perfect car trash bag.

The first thing to note is that this trash bag is again a very good size with space for plenty of trash in the main compartment, however there are also two mesh pockets on the exterior for bottles or additional rubbish storage, as well as a small front compartment for storing wipes or other products to help keep your car well organized and clean.

The strapping system is handy and versatile, and the bag can be mounted to the center console, seats or left unattached depending on your needs, and it’s very easy to keep the bag from falling over thanks to this system.

There’s a great top cover which helps to keep all rubbish inside the bag too, which is a huge bonus and even if the bag does fall over it’s not going to spill trash all over your car, and this is one of the key things that sets it apart from other trash bags in this list.

Finally there is the interior waterproof lining which helps keep the bag clean and dry, and stops any leaks from penetrating the bag and causing stains or smells on your car’s upholstery which is a really important feature in a car trash bag.

The only drawback is that this bag is a little larger than some others and may not fit well in some cars, and removing the trash can be a little more awkward due to the top cover, although it’s relatively easy to remove.


  • Top cover
  • Great size
  • Strapping system and buckles
  • Additional storage for water or toys
  • Waterproof lining inside


  • May be too big for some smaller cars

Buyer’s Guide

In this buyers guide we’re going to highlight some of the key features to look for in a great car trash bag.


The size of the trash bag you choose is important as it needs to fit well inside your car but also be able to hold a good amount of trash! Consider measuring your footwell to make sure it will fit before you buy.


Some good straps will help prevent the bag from falling over and will also make it easier to use the bag in different ways.


Waterproofing is critical to prevent spillages and bad smells leaking and lingering inside your car, and non waterproof options will not protect your car as well from these annoyances.


A collapsible option is best as it can be stowed away when you have a full car and is easy to use when you need it!

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