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by Joost | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Nothing symbolizes more of a craftsman than an occidental tool belt. Anything and everything that you might need for a project have a dedicated slot in these. Functionality, durability and comfort, all three that a craftsman might be looking into a tool, Occidental’s got it all.

Though there are complaints in regards to their price, it’s the best in the biz. That’s a fact. Once you put on that belt price isn’t what you’d looking back. It’s the leather, the pockets, the looks that you’d be looking back to. So, why not give it a few extra dimes and nickels to get the best occidental tool bag.


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Occidental Tool Belt buying guide

No doubt, Occidental Leather dominates the market, but choosing the tool belt you should own requires some parameter matches. Let’s bring them on!


Built Quality

Stitches, buckle and finish determine the built quality. The stitch should be well terminated. The pockets and chambers should be reinforced with metal rivets. Copper rivets are the favorite ones and are durable too.


The No-spill feature is a must for these tool belts. This very feature allows you to tackle tearing, erosion or wearing to some extent. Especially to make the products all weather usable, fabric stress criteria should be maintained.


Mostly these belts and pockets are made of leather. You do not need to push this too hard since Occidental Leather is one of its types. But it’s the texture of the surface whose smoothness differs product-wise. Note that even better-textured ones may be disqualified owing to a bad finish.

Often belts are made of nylon, industrial rugged nylon or some other artificial materials too. They are not recommended due to the low comfort level they offer.


Occidental tool belts mainly feature two main chambers. Products differ by the number of associated pockets. What matters even more is their depth and reinforcement.


Waist and harness belts are mainly the two types of tool belts come in the form of. If your tasks involve climbing up and working at higher places, harness tool belts should be your one. But if you’re doing all sorts of work or you’re in a fix, go for waist belts, they are all usable.

Empty Weight

Tool Belts usually weigh about 2 lbs. So when you’re thinking about 20 pounds of tools, it’s more than that for harness belts and even more for waist tool belts. Leather is people’s favorite but in terms of mass, nylon would win.


Some tool belts contain pads for your waist. So that you do not have to worry about hurting your own back while working for hours. Sometimes these pads are missing or not available with the belts. So you may have to buy the pads separately. And that is going to cost you some extra money.


Most tool belts produced by Occidental Leather are for common sized people whose heights are 5feet 8inch to 6 feet 4inches. If you are between these, then you do not have to worry about the compatibility.


After wearing the belt, you need to be confirmed that they are adjusted with your body tightly and properly. Most of the tool belt has 3 to 5 holes at the end that provide good adjustability for any person. But fewer number holes will be a big problem especially when you are too thin or too fat.


If the belt has a suspension system, it will help you to keep the belt always at the position. not only that, but it will also be a great feature to work with rhythm. In most of the cases, this suspension is of a ring system made of high-quality fabric or nylon.


There are multiple brands producing quality products but they are not always capable of saving their reputation. So here we have suggested only the tool belts from Occidental Leather. These leather belts have continuously given people service with a lesser number of complaints.

Best Occidental Tool Belts reviewed

We have arranged a quite shortlist of some of the top-notch tool belts from the king of the leather belt products, Occidental Leather. This list is based on various aspects and features, specifications and characteristics, challenges and pitfalls reported by the users.

1. Occidental Leather 8580 LG Tool Belt


The first aspect that is going to attract you is the exclusive design. With the black and brown combination of color, the design has done an amazing job to seek the attention of the buyers.

The manufacturer has made the whole body of the belt with leather and nylon. The comfort and shape are ensured and maintained by two padded belts that are contained by the product.

The tool holder is made in such a way that it remains to handle specific. The belt you are going to see is made of totally industrial nylon particles and the pockets are of leathers that too of premium quality. So you do not have to worry about the durability of the product. The belt contains 13 pockets in it.

As the belt is made of pure leather, the belt is spill-proof and this ensures the durability too. As this tool belt is going to be mostly used by the mechanics and need to be pressure-resistant, the belt fulfills those requirements.

This belt can be used heavily outdoors. These belts you will find on the market have various sizes for you, such as Small, Medium, Large, X-Large to XXX-Large.


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2. Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat


The exclusive design with the black and orange color combination has successfully attracted the buyer’s eye and the design has given the belt a shiny and beautiful look.

Many of the belts you will find in the market do not contain a perfect or strong chain. But here in this belt, you are going to find a strong and durable chain to protect your tools.

There are chains added to the pockets and the pockets are arranged in such a way that you can find your tools easily. So that you can save some time for your projects.

The belt is full of exclusive features. Another one is a leather fat lip. This leather fat lip helps you keep the belts open and gives you some extra space to keep your tools in it.

The leather fat lip also helps you to defend the belt from wearing, erosions, and scrapings. So it can be said that this feature will let you use the tool for multiple purposes.

Unlike the previous one, this belt contains 24 pockets which is much efficient for the users. Among those 24 pockets, the main pockets can be used for the tools with larger dimensions as the pockets are 10inch long.


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3. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat


The main focused feature of this particular tool belt is you will find this tool belt in two variables such as right hand and left hand.

This belt is mostly designed for carpentry workers and the features and manufacturing are designed for so. Step by step the pockets of the belt are manufactured.

A new feature is seen in this belt which is there are multiple numbers of the tool holder. In the rear end, you will see a two in one tool holder of the belt. Like the first belt we have recommended, this belt’s belt is made of nylon material and the body of the belt is made of pure leather.

The leather that is used in this belt is proved to be durable as well as spill-proof. These features ensure the durability and the amount of pressure the belt can take.

If you have tools with larger dimensions, this belt is the one for you. Cause you are going to have 10-inch pockets each in the belt which is much more efficient to the users.


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4. Occidental Leather 5089 M Seven Belt Framer


This particular tool belt is one of the most popular tool belts by occidental. Premium quality leather is used to make this tool belt which ensures long-lasting durability.

Here the pockets in the belts are made of pure leathers and these pockets are spill-proof. You will find a total of 23 pockets in the belt and the number is quite satisfying for the users.

These 23 pockets are suspended by copper rivets, so no need to be worried about the tearing of the pockets. Very few belts consist of these suspenders. So this one can be an advantage for this belt.

The size of the pockets is not the same. For different sized tools, the pockets are of different sizes. Each of the belts has varying dimensions.

You will find the various sizes of the belt for you, such as small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, XXX-large. So the compatibility of the belt is great for the users.

The belt of the belt is adjustable considering the length. Besides, you can use this belt in any kind of weather.


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5. Occidental Leather 5089 LG Seven Belt Framer


This Occidental tool belt and the previous one is quite the same except for the size and some of the specifications. And mostly these two belts have got their separated fanbase.

The design of these two belts is quite the same. Nothing new you will see considering the design. The quality of the leather that has been used to manufacture the belt is the same.

Like the previous one, this one also got Top-Grain leather in it which is quite in fashion and trend. Handling specific tool holders is added to its features and this one is quite efficient if you are planning to work outdoors on heavy projects.

To protect the pockets from tearing apart, Copper rivets reinforcement has been used which ensures long-lasting durability too.

The manufacturer has produced such a tool belt that is spill-free, which is not new in this belt but a very essential one. The suspender is attached to the belt by default, so you will not have to add the suspenders separately. So that one not only saves you some extra money but also some effort


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

How do I choose a tool belt?

Tips for Choosing the Right Tool Belt

The foremost things to look for are durability and comfort. A good quality tool belt should be plenty sturdy. Leather tool belts are an excellent option, and thick nylon fabric is a very strong, choice, too.

Who owns Occidental Leather?

Darryl Thurner
of founder Darryl Thurner. Almost 40 years ago, building contractor Darryl Thurner of Occidental, California, got a little tired of dropping tools on the job.

How do you stretch Occidental Leather?

I simply ran hot water over the parts I wanted to stretch, working the leather until saturated. Then insert tool to shape leather; stretch it slowly, and make sure it’s soaked. If it won’t go, repeat wetting and stretching.

What kind of leather does occidental use?

All of our tool bag leathers are a premium full grain cow hide tanned with a special blend of oils and waxes to our stringent specifications to perform in all weather conditions requiring virtually no extra care. We use only the heaviest weight suitable for each application.

What is Occidental Leather?

For over 40 years, Occidental Leather has designed and produced impressive, high quality leather tool bags, belts, suspenders, and tool pouches. All Occidental Leather tool carrier products are made in the USA to ensure uncompromising assembly, comfort, and meticulous attention to detail.


These tool belts are way too efficient for the mechanics but buying them can be confusing for you. But we think this article will help you at that point. Though we have produced you a shortlist, right now we are going to produce you a shorter list and recommend fewer tool belts.

Considering the material, finishing and features, Occidental Leather 8580 LG Tool Belt can be a good choice for you. The design and arrangement of the pockets can be proved to be efficient for you if you are a professional.

Besides, Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat can be the one for you, if you are a left-hander and you need a tool belt with various features. So do not waste any time, now that you own pretty good knowledge about these belts, grab the best occidental tool belts for you.

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