Best outdoor exterior paint reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Best outdoor paint for durability and best outdoor paint has proven itself over time.

The best paint for outside is actually a paint that is resistant to all kinds of weather influences.

A best outdoor paint means it has a long durability.

best outdoor paint

Also, a best paint for outside has long earned its stripes.

If you are going to paint and you can go between six to seven years without performing maintenance, you may find this a good paint.

Nowadays, some paint brands already claim that you can even go ten years ahead.

This means that you only have to paint your house again after ten years.

When I look at my own work, that is sometimes achieved with the paint brand I paint with.

I have tried different paint brands.

The paint brand I now paint with is from Koopmans.

Have had good experiences with it so far.

Best outdoor paint and durability.

A best paint for outside must be able to withstand the weather here in the Netherlands.

In principle, all paints suitable for outdoor use should possess this property.

First, we are dealing with sun.

The best paint for outside should be able to withstand that.

Let me put it another way.

The substrate must be protected in such a way that the UV light does not damage the substrate.

A substrate can be wood, metal, plastic and so on.

Also, the gloss should not be dulled by this UV light.

Another aspect is that a best paint for outside must be able to withstand moisture.

If you have a well-closed paint system, you protect your surface with this.

And then it is important how long this paint can protect you against it.

Then we talk about sustainability.

So durability is the period from applying the paint to the point you have to repaint again.

The longer this period, the better.

So you can conclude that a best outdoor paint is maintenance-free for at least seven years.

Only then can you speak of a long durability.

The paint for outside and the paint brands.

Which paint is better than you have to ask.

You can only find out by asking.

Ask painters which paint they think has a long durability.

Or go to a paint store and ask for advice.

The danger is that they have a certain brand preference.

So you have to be careful with that.

As a painter, I have of course good experiences with that.

Personally, I have four brands that are the best outdoor paint for me.

I’ve experienced that myself and it’s just a fact.

If you want to know what my preferences are, leave a comment below this article and ask me about it.

I do not want and am not allowed to mention this in this article.

I walk a lot by the road and also hear other brands are now a good paint for outside.

You can of course also read the blog about paint brands.

Read the article about paint brands here.

Painting outside   and the properties.

As you know, a paint consists of three parts.

One solid part and two liquid parts.

The solid part is the dye itself, also called dye or pigment.

The two liquid parts consist of a binder and a solvent.

The solvent may be water or turpentine.

The latter ensures that the paint dries and hardens.

The binding agent is important for the best paint for outside.

These are additives that ensure that you maintain gloss and that no moisture penetrates from the outside and that no UV light enters.

Some types of wood need to continue to breathe.

This means that the moisture can enter from the wood, but not the other way around.

This is called moisturizing.

One such paint is stain.

If you want to know more about this, read the article about stain here.

For an outdoor paint, an alkyd paint is always used.

This paint is strong, opaque and oil-based.

This has the properties to properly protect the surfaces outside.

The better paint for outside and maintenance.

You can now have the best paint for outside, but that is not always a guarantee that you will achieve that durability.

If you want to maintain a long durability you will have to clean all your wood and other parts outside at least twice a year.

Do this with an all-purpose cleaner.

When you do this every year you will see that you have less dirt adhesion on your paintwork.

There are various all-purpose cleaners for sale.

What I have a good experience with is B-clean.

B-clean ensures that your dirt adhesion is reduced and it does not foam.

In addition, it is also biodegradable.

Do you want information about this? Then click here.

The Koopmans Pk Cleaner that I have recently started working with is also a good degreaser.

The cleaner has the same properties as the B-clean.

Click here for more information.

In addition to cleaning, it is also wise to look at your paintwork every year.

Have an annual inspection and make sure

that you rectify the defects immediately.

Best paint for outside and questions.

Do you know of a paint brand that we can also place under the best paint for outside?

Would you like to mention your experiences under this article?

Do you have any other questions about this topic?

Would you like to know my top three picks for the best outdoor paint?

Let me know by leaving a comment below this article.

I would love it!

Thanks in advance.

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