5 Best Sledgehammers Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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For demolition, work sledgehammer is a commonly used equipment. It is a tool of simple design but can do heavy-duty or lightweight demolition work. Various types of sledgehammers are available in the market and unfortunately, everyone claims their product as the best product and encourages you to purchase.

If you are not a demolition expert it is really difficult for you to distinguish the right one from the huge variety. We have designed our article regarding the best sledgehammer effective for both the expert and inexpert people.

From this article, you will be able to know the tips to choose the best sledgehammer and we will show you the best sledgehammers in the market for review. You will also get the answer to frequently asked questions from this article.


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Sledgehammer buying guide

Here are effective tips that will help you to buy the best sledgehammer. Even if you are not a demolition expert these 7 tips will help you to choose the right product.

1. Material

Material is the most important parameter that determines the quality of the best sledgehammer to a great extent.

Generally, a sledgehammer has 2 parts – one is its head and the other is its handle. Head is made of metal such as steel and on the other hand metal, wood and rubber are used as the manufacturing material of the handle.

Sledgehammer made of premium quality material provides better service and lasts for a long time. So, never show any compromise with the quality of the material of your sledgehammer.

2. Design

We always encourage to choose ergonomic design while buying sledgehammer.  If you feel difficulty in swing and balancing your sledgehammer if your hand slips of the handle after every few minutes if you feel difficulties to grip the handle that means your chosen sledgehammer is not ergonomic for you.

A sledgehammer of ergonomic design will provide you comfort and take care of your health while working with it.

3. Weight

You should choose a sledgehammer of such weight that you can pull easily. If the sledgehammer is heavier than your capacity you will not be able to work in a full swing with it.

4. Durability

Obviously, you will not like to change your sledgehammer after a few months of purchasing. So, choose a good quality sledgehammer that will last for a long time.

5. Brand

Fiskars, Wilton, Stanley, etc. are some of the well-known brands of a sledgehammer. To get a product of a good quality brand is a dependable option.

6. Price

Price varies with material quality, size, design, brand value, etc. It is unwise to go for a low price without considering the quality.

Always remember that if you spend less during the purchasing moment you have to spend more after purchasing it since a cheap product causes many problems while working with it.

7. Customer review

You will get a realistic idea about the product from the customer review. So give importance to the reviews of potential customers.

Best Sledgehammers reviewed

From numerous products, with the varying quality, we have sorted out 5 best sledgehammers for your review.

1. Fiskars 750620-1001 Pro IsoCore Sledge Hammer

The Fiskars 750620-1001 Pro IsoCore Sledge Hammer is made of premium quality forged steel. The unique design of its head maximizes the applied force (up to 5X) and makes the demolition work such as shattering concrete, driving stakes, and wedges, etc. easier.

The head is inseparable. So there is no chance of snapping off the head even when it is swung with maximum force.

The Fiscar engineers have been introduced the IsoCore Shock Control System in their product to make it a perfect ergonomic product. The IsoCore feature absorbs the shock and vibration caused by the strike. It reduces the chance of occurring fatigue in your muscle and also reduces the joint pain.

The driving face of this sledgehammer has been kept extra large to improve the striking accuracy of the Fiskars sledgehammer. The dual-layer handle of this hammer is able to capture any lingering vibration.

The strategic texture of the handle helps improve the gripping system. You can comfortably grip it for a long time and there is less chance of blistering.

This sledgehammer has been passed the test of U.S. standards for striking tool durability to withstand the toughest work environments.

Fiskar is manufacturing functional and living products for centuries and their simple but heavy-duty fiskar sledgehammer of 750620-1001 Pro model is of really good quality and that is why they offer a lifetime warranty.

Some customers found it difficult to keep the balance. If you face any kind of problem with this product you can communicate with them via their provided phone number.

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2. Wilton 22036 Sledge Hammer

Wilton 22036 sledgehammer is super strong to break any hard and tough material. Like normal sledgehammers, it does not break due to overstrike.

Wilton has been used unbreakable technology to make this premium quality hammer.  They have used steel material in the core structure of this hammer. The drop forged 46 HRC steel has been used in its Hi-Vis style head.

The neck is made thick and tapered to absorb vibration during working. Such a design is useful to reduce your fatigue during working.

Vulcanized rubber has been used to make its handle. So it does not slip during hammering rather it is comfortable to grip.

Analyzing the design and the manufacturing material we have come to this conclusion that Wilton 22036 sledgehammer is an ergonomic sledgehammer that takes care of your health.

Since it is super strong and is able to break any hard material it is quite heavy. If you are not physically strong you will not be able to work with this hammer or you will get tired after working for a few minutes with this hammer.

Some customers find the smell of the rubber handle allergic but most of the customers did not find any problem with the smell of the rubber handle.

Another important thing I almost forgot to mention that Wilton provides a limited lifetime warranty with their super duper strong hammer. If you face any problem you can ask for solving the problem to Wilton and no doubt that you will find them friendly with you.

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3. Stanley 57-554 Sledge Hammer

The Stanely 57-554 sledgehammer is different from all other sledgehammers because of its soft face feature. Whereas other sledgehammers may spark during hammering Stanely 57-554 does not spark because of its soft face.  It is easy to wield but heavy enough to produce an effective result.

Sledgehammers can be divided into 2 important parts – one is head and other is the handle. I already have described the characteristics of Stanley’s head and now I am going to describe its handle so that you can get an overall idea of the whole product.

Reinforced steel has been used to manufacture the handle of Stanley sledgehammer. This premium quality material ensures safety and security by resisting sudden break down during hammering. The head is flat in shape and so it can provide enough upright storage.

The handle is covered with Urethane.  Since the handle is covered with rubber material it is comfortable to grip. The dead-blow function of this hammer eliminates bounce back by using a steel shot.

There is a special purpose behind covering the handle with Urethane.  When you work with this hammer it does not make as much noise as an ordinary hammer because of the urethane cover. So, there is no doubt that this Stanley sledgehammer is designed as an environment-friendly product.

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4. Neiko 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

Neiko 02867A is a lightweight sledgehammer with a steelhead, fiberglass shaft, and rubber handle. It is one of the best sledgehammers for performing your striking jobs.

Since it is not so heavy you will be able to work for r comparatively long time with this tool. It will not give so much pressure on your hand too.

The handle is designed for r easy and comfortable grip. I already have mentioned that rubber material has been used to make the handle. So, it will not slip off your hands even if your hands get sweated.

Now let me tell about the shaft. The shaft is strong enough that it does not easily chip off. It is a shatterproof shaft that causes less vibration during striking.

The heat-treated steel material of the head portion is made with high resistance against corrosion. It is mirror polish, looks beautiful and so you can be sure of its ultra-long service life.

Now let me warn you about an important limitation of Neiko 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer. Since it is a lightweight tool, you should not use it for heavy-duty work. If you use it for heavy-duty work and the hammer breaks then please do not blame me for suggesting this sledgehammer.

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5. Estwing One Piece Sledge Hammer

Estwing sledgehammer is forged in a single piece and so its durability is comparatively higher. You can use it with chisels, punches, star drills, and hardened nails and so on for both lightweight and heavy duty purposes.

Forged steel has been used as the construction material for this sledgehammer. It has an ultra-long-life and the patented shock reduction grip of this sledgehammer reduces the impact vibration up to 70%.

It is only 3 pounds in weight and so you can easily pull it for performing striking jobs. It is designed for easy swing and balancing in a perfect manner. The ergonomic design of Estwing One Piece Sledge Hammer provides you comfort while working.

The USA is the manufacturer country of Estwing One Piece Sledge Hammer.  Its aesthetic beauty is eye-catching that will increase the beauty level of your toolbox. The price range of Estwing One Piece Sledge Hammer is reasonable and I hope it will fit your budget.

Sometimes its handles bend because of frequent use and the handle is quite slippery. Since the handle is not covered or coated with any non-slipping material you may face difficulties while working because of dampened hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What pound sledge hammer breaks concrete?

Photo 1: 12-lb.

A sledge can be surprisingly effective in breaking up concrete up to about 4-in. thick.

Is hitting a tire with a sledgehammer a good workout?

Tire and sledgehammer workouts—when performed correctly (so read on, reader!)—are great ways to improve your confidence, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and control. They also go a long way toward building full body strength (including the ever-elusive forearm strength!) and endurance.

What size sledge hammer do I need?

Most of those mallets are in the 14-18 pound range (though I suspect some are heavier still). I would recommend a good 8-12# hammer for most purposes.

What is a big hammer called?

Related. War hammer. A sledgehammer is a tool with a large, flat, often metal head, attached to a long handle.

Can a rotary hammer break concrete?

Rotary hammers use an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to generate high impact energy, which allows it to drill or demolish concrete.

How do you break a concrete slab by hand?

What muscles work hammering?

Hammer curls target the long head of the bicep as well as the brachialis (another muscle in the upper arm) and the brachioradialis (one of the key forearm muscles). The hammer curl is a relatively simple exercise that beginners can quickly master.

Is tire flipping a full body workout?

There are, however, some things you can do that will give you the benefits of both. Flipping tyres, for example, will develop athletic prowess. “It’s a full-body stimulator,” says top strength coach Jack Lovett from Spartan Performance gym.

How strong is a sledgehammer?

1,000,000 Newtons of force is equivalent to the weight of about 102,000 kilograms, or 225,000 pounds.

How much does a sledgehammer cost?

If you’re looking for a 3- or 6-pound sledgehammer, you can expect to pay between $15–$20. For heavier models, like a 10-pound sledgehammer, prices range from $40 to $50.

How heavy is a sledgehammer workout?

Selecting A Sledgehammer For Your Workouts

Buying the right size hammer is key, if you are starting off, don’t go out and get a 16-pound hammer; this will only get you injured. Start off light and work your way up; a good weight for first timers is the eight pounder.

What type of hammer should I buy?

For general DIY and remodeling use, the best hammers are steel or fiberglass. Wood handles break, and the grip is more slippery. They’re fine for the shop or trim work but less useful on a general-purpose hammer. Other things being equal, fiberglass handles are lighter; steel handles are more durable.

Q: Do my sledgehammer needs maintenance?

Ans: A sledgehammer hardly needs any maintenance. We generally recommend to keep it clean after working.

Q: Can I perform both heavy-duty and lightweight work with my sledgehammer?

Ans: It depends on the capacity of the sledgehammer.

Q. What are the uses of Sledgehammer?

Ans: A lot of uses it has like the demolition work, firewood processing like splitting with a splitting wedge or in kindling splitter.


We have spent hours to identify our enlisted best sledgehammers. We have tried to show both the advantage and disadvantages of each product. If a single customer faces any problem with any of our chosen products we tried to inform about that also.

After making a close inspection about each and every product we have decided to choose the Wilton 22036 Sledge Hammer as the best among the best sledgehammers.

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