Best Trash Cans For Ford Escape Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 2, 2022
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If you’re lucky enough to be driving a Ford Escape, then chances are you’re going to want to keep it clean. These mean machine SUVs cost a pretty penny and throwing trash around in the backseat or under the footwell is just not how any car, let alone a $25,000 one, should be treated.


Unfortunately, the usual route of a small bin in between the two front seats is not so easy with most Escapes, as they don’t offer much in the way of room around the cupholders. However! Many clever minds at manufacturing companies have found some suitable solutions.

Allow us to present three excellent choices for keeping your lovely car clean and tidy, especially if you’re regularly travelling with kids or find yourself eating on the road quite often. Hopefully, you’ll then be well on your way to a mess-free ride!

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Best Trash Can For Ford Escape

HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

Featuring a totally adjustable strap, this versatile car trash can from HOTOR is ideal for use in a large vehicle such as an Escape. Attachable to either the front or back headrest, as well as the center console, you can position it wherever you’ll find it most useful.

Made from a waterproof, leakproof oxford cloth and topped with leather, this is a strong and sturdy bin that’s also super easy to clean. Even if you have an accident or something spills inside, you’ll find it incredibly easy to clean up with very little effort.

Being collapsible, you can fold it down and stow it in the glove compartment when it’s out of use, though it also makes for a great storage bag if you’ve not got any trash, ideal for toys, cups or other car accessories that need to be stored safely.


  • 2 gallons of storage capacity
  • Stylish black design
  • Multipurpose with mesh storage pockets
  • Smart, 100% leak proof design


  • Directions supplied in the user guide can be confusing; see Amazon reviews if you get stuck!

EcoNour Car Trash Bag

Long, strong and completely leak proof, the three gallon interior of EcoNour’s car trash can means things like coffee cups, food wrappers or mess can be disposed of without any lingering odors and keeping your car looking spotless in the process.

Dual-layered with 600D oxford material and a waterproof inner lying, this trash bag is more reliable than others on the market, with double the protection from leaks and spills, as well as added sturdiness – it even expands to offer more space, and can support itself if you want it to stand up instead.

With adjustable straps, you can mount it just about anywhere in your car with no problem – it can even be a travel cooler, since the inner lining offers thermal insulation and keeps drinks and snacks cool for hours on long road trips. An organizer, a cooler and a trash bag all in one?! What more do you want!


  • Multipurpose – not just a trash can 
  • On the affordable side considering the quality
  • Snap button for easy, effective closure
  • Premium buckles for peace of mind – no flying trash!


  • Cannot be folded down for storage

Drive Auto Products Car Trash Can and Garbage Bag Set

Last but by no means least we have this two in one trash can and garbage bag set from Drive Auto Products. Available in medium, large and XL sizes, you can pick out the trash setup that fits your Escape the best! Stylish and secure, choose from gray or black depending on which you’d prefer.

Leaks will be no problem at all, thanks to the durable, double reinforced lining, which is both waterproof and washable. Since it’s so thick and insulated, it can also double as a cooler for your road trip sodas, which is far cheaper than investing in a mini fridge!

Easily fastened to any door handle, center console or headrest, the adjustable quick-clip strap means you can pop this bad boy anywhere with no mess or fuss. The free liner bags you’ll receive as part of your purchase can be stored in the side mesh pockets, too, so you always have somewhere to pop your cell phone! 


  • Multiple sizes and colors to suit your preferences
  • XL size comes with a magnetic lid for your convenience
  • Liner clips to keep trash bags secure
  • Non-slip bottom


  • The most expensive choice on our list, though it does appear to go on sale quite regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can trash damage a car?

That depends what kind of trash you’re talking about! A couple of soda cans or an empty water bottle aren’t going to cause you any issues, but old and rotting food will quickly decompose and produce mold, which is very unhealthy to be breathing in.

If you have heavier trash in your car, having to hit the brakes suddenly could cause it to hit something fragile and cause damage, or even hurt you or any passengers! However, that kind of rubbish isn’t what you’d usually be putting in a trash can small enough for a car anyway, so it should be removed and disposed of properly. 

Provided you keep it in a sealed container that you empty regularly, making sure not to give old food or anything that can break down and smell or cause bacteria too long to fester in the back seat.

What can I use as a DIY trash can in my car?

Any container with a sealed bottom that’s water-resistant (if not waterproof) will do as a receptacle for trash, but unless it’s got a proper lid that seals in the smell, your car will start to get stinky pretty quickly.

Your best bet is to buy one that’s fit for purpose if you’re planning on using it regularly, though in the short term, a lined cereal container or something similar with a top that can be clicked shut might work as a stopgap.

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