Best Trash Cans For Toyota Corolla Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 2, 2022
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I’m at the top of Toyota and I drive the cars myself – Akio Toyoda 

Efficiency and progress are bywords for Toyota, a brand that built itself by proving that reliability was just as important as horsepower. Some things should be built to last and the one item that should be right at the top of everyone’s list of things that need to last forever is the car that they drive.

But then, we’re not telling you anything that you don’t already know, as you drive a Corolla.

And the chances are, you’ll probably be driving the same car a decade from now as your Toyota Corolla will just keep on going until the oil runs out, there’s no more gasoline left and we’ll all be forced to join the electric revolution. 


Despite their bulletproof reputation for being a dependable daily driver that you can rely on mile after mile and road trip after road trip, to make sure that your Corolla always looks as sharp as it drives, you’re going to need to keep it as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.

That means finding a way to keep the troublesome candy wrappers, crushed soda cans, and half-empty bottles that always seem to gather in the footwells, ff the floor of your car. 

Don’t worry, and don’t panic, that’s why we’re here, as we’ve found four of the best in-car trash cans that you fit in your Toyota to make sure that it’s always litter-free. It’s time to embark on the great Corolla clean-up…

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Best Trash Can For Toyota Corolla Reviews

Yiovom Automotive Cup Holder Garbage Can

Before we dive headlong into worrying about how to keep the entire interior of your Corolla clean, let’s start small and take care of the everyday trash that seems to accumulate during your commute to work.

Sure, it’s only a candy bar wrapper here, and an empty packet of chips there, but it all builds up over time and Yiovom has designed the ideal front seat trash can to deal with the day-to-day litter that would normally find a home in your center console. 

It’s been made to sit comfortably in a cup holder, and as soon as something goes into this tiny trash can, it stays in there thanks to its swing shut lid.

And when you’ve reached your destination? Just unscrew the lid, empty the can, wipe it down and it’ll be ready to make the return trip with you. We told you it was simple, didn’t we? 


  • Swing Shut Lid – Whatever goes into this trash can, stays in this trash can until you’re ready to empty it thanks to its swing shut lid. 
  • Tough And Durable – Its solid plastic design means that it’ll take a licking and keep on ticking,  and just like your Corolla it’s been built to last. 


  • A Little On The Small Side – It’s a cup holder sized trash can, so it’s not exactly large, and it’ll fill up in next to no time. Which means that you’ll have to empty it after every single trip that you make. 

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can

It isn’t the little things that matter in life, it’s the big things and EPAuto’s trash can sticks to that idea like glue.

Made to hold two gallons of everyday trash, it’s fully water and leak-proof so even if a half-empty bottle that goes into it does spill whatever’s left inside it, it won’t drip on your Corolla and stain its carpets. 

Designed to be easy to install, EPAuto’s trash can slides over the back of the drivers or front passenger seat, can be fastened to the central console, or hung from the glove compartment, and thanks to its elasticated lid, it’s fully child proof and whatever goes into, stays inside it. 


  • Two Gallon Capacity – It’ll hold two gallons of trash, which means that it has enough space inside it to take care of all the litter that your kids can generate on a coast-to-coast road trip. We tried figuring out how much two gallons of trash was and what it would look like, but we had to give up because we’re not scientists. What we do know though is that it’s a lot. And that’s good enough for us. 
  • Easy Empty, Easy Clean – As soon as it is full, just pull back the velcro lid fastening system, empty the trash, wipe the inside down, rehang it and it’s good to go again. 
  • The Power Of Eight – It’s available in eight different colors, so there’s bound to be one that’ll match the interior decor of your Corolla. Keeping your car clean never looked so good. 


  • Big Isn’t Always Beautiful – It is a little big and when it hangs over the back of the front seats, it does take up more room than the passengers riding in the rear of your Corolla might be comfortable with. 

Carbage Can

As soon as we saw the name of this American-made trash can, we were sold. Who doesn’t like a company that makes a product that does exactly what it says it will on the tin?

The Carbage can wasn’t made to hang off the back of you seats, or be tied to the central console, it was crafted with a little flair, so the stand that it rests on will slide under the mats in the footwells, and will hold it in place in the trunk of your car.

It was made to stand upright, and stay firmly in place regardless of how many bumps or potholes you go over while you’re driving. 


  • Reuse And Recycle – It’s made from one hundred percent recycled plastic, it’s tough, durable and it’ll stand up to whatever punishment and destruction your kids and other passengers can rain down on it. 
  • American Made –  While we don’t usually place much stock in where something is made, we kind of like the fact that the Carbage can is made here in America, and was designed to deal with the American trash that gathers and accumulates in American cars. Something about that makes us feel a little bit warm inside. 


  • It’s a Lid Thing – The folks who made the Carbage can seem to have forgotten to give it a lid, which means that if you don’t remember to empty it, it might end up stinking up the inside of your Corolla. 

Hotor Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

Another company whose name riffs on, and plays with the idea of a motor car, Hotor’s car trash can comes in three different colors (although we’re not sure how well the pink one whole match the plain grey and black of a standard Corolla interior), and holds up to two gallons of trash. And it’s also fully water and leakproof too. 

It’s easy to fit in your car too, as it hangs off the back of the driver or passenger seats, which means that it’ll be easily accessible for you kids, so there won’t be any excuse for them dropping their empty wrappers in the footwells of your car anymore. 


  • It’s Big – As we said earlier, two gallons is nothing to be sniffed at. That’s a lot of trash and it’ll make sure that your car stays clean on even the longest road trip. 
  • Sealed Up Tight – It’s fully water and leakproof and as soon as it’s empty, all you have to do to prepare for the voyage home is wipe it down and it’ll be ready to go again. 


  • It’s A Size Thing – It’s essentially the same as the EPAuto trash can, it just looks a little nicer, and as well as looking the same, it has the same problem. It’s a little too big for the rear of most cars and can get in the way of the rear passengers and suck up a little too much of their room. 
  • But at the end of the day, we think it’s a fair trade-off, and we’re willing to sacrifice a little passenger comfort if it means keeping our car clean. Besides, if the folks who are going to sit in the back of your car want to be comfortable, they should learn to take their trash with them instead of dropping it in the footwells of your Corolla. 

Best Trash Can For Toyota Corolla Buying Guide

Which Car Trash Can Is The Best One For My Toyota Corolla? 

The thing is, all of the trash cans on our list are ideal for your Corolla.

And while we’d love to point you in the direction of the American-made Carbage can (we love that name), if you do have kids, you’re going to be far better off equipping the back of your car with EPAutos foolproof and easy to use trash can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Car Trash Can? 

It’s exactly what its name says it is. It’s a trash can that’s been designed to fit in the interior of your car, that’ll be there to encourage you and your passengers to put your trash in it instead of dropping it on the floor of your Corolla. 

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