Buying wall paint: this is how you choose between the many types and offers

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 15, 2022
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Which wall paint?!

Which wall paint do you need and which types of wall paint you can apply in your interior.

There are many types of paint for walls, also known as latex.

But what paint do you need (and how much of it?)? It depends on what purpose and what space you want to use it for.

How to buy wallpaint

You have latex wall paint, acrylic latex paint, smudge-resistant wall paint, but also synthetic wall paint.

In addition, you have textured paint, blackboard paint, etc. etc.

I will only discuss the first 4 as these are the most commonly used as wall dye.

Wall paint the most neutral.

Latex  is also the most used and is a neutral type of paint.

This is a well-breathing latex and can be applied to all walls.

Also available in all colors or you can mix it yourself with dye for latex /

This latex does not give off when you clean it with water.

I must mention that you do pay attention to the quality of the latex, which is very important for the end result.

You know the saying: cheap is expensive!

You can easily find out by removing the lid and if the stench hits you: Don’t buy!

Acrylic latex, is easily removable.

This latex is very easy to remove and breathes lightly.

This reduces the adhesion with the dirt and you can clean this paint well with clean water.

Also pay attention to the quality when buying!

Smudge-resistant wall paint, a powder paint.

This is a paint that consists of lime and water.

If you want to know what’s on it now, it’s best to run your hand over the wall and if it turns white, that wall was previously painted with smudge-proof.

The quality is not high and it is a cheap paint.

If you want to coat this wall with latex, you have to remove all the old smudge-proof and put it on again.

Apply wall paint

By that I mean first a primer and then a latex.

Read here how to apply a primer latex.

Synthetic paint has an insulating effect.

This paint is completely different from the above.

It is a turpentine based paint (usually) and if you have stains this is an excellent solution as it insulates the stains.

You can do two things: you can only treat the stains with the paint and then use latex or all of it.

Very suitable for shower rooms and kitchens.

Wall paint colors

Wall paint colors is a choice you make and what you can change to your interior with wall paint colors.

You don’t just choose wall paint colors.

It depends on the color of your furniture and your interior.

You can get your inspiration from a color fan or interior ideas.

Or you already have an idea in your head before that time how you want it.

There are also many tools on the internet that allow you to take a photo of the surface or space to be painted.

You can then upload the photo and then choose your own colors and see live how the end result will be.

Read the article flexa colors for this.

Wall paint coloring is very alive.

In the past you only had 1 color in your interior, and then we talk about a light color.

Usually white or off-white. The window frames were often brown.

Nowadays people are always looking for new trends.

Combining colors is also very fashionable these days.

I can really give you a lot of ideas, but choosing wall paint colors you will really have to do yourself.

If you want something completely different with wall paint, you can choose concrete-look paint, for example.

This gives a separate dimension to your kitchen or living room.

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose a latex paint that is washable.

Especially in kitchens, where stains occur, it is easy to use a scrub-resistant wall paint.

A good latex that I can personally recommend is the Sikkens Alphatex SF, a very scrub-resistant latex that is also completely odorless.

Good pre-treatment is necessary.

When painting a wall, good preparation is necessary.

Before you start, you will first have to sand down the unevenness.

Also, you need to fill holes and bad walls first.

A nice product for this is Alabastine wall smooth.

You can do this all by yourself.

Then you clean the wall with an all-purpose cleaner.

If it is a bare wall, you must first apply a primer.

The primer is for good adhesion.

After that you can start making sauces.

If you apply the right technique, you will see that your wall will have a completely different look.

Wall paint offer

Wall paint offer by shopping and wall paint offer pays off by investing time in it.

A wall paint offer is of course always welcome when you buy paint.

If you regularly keep an eye on the brochures, you can benefit a lot from this.

Or just go to a hardware store.

Some of these hardware stores sometimes have leftovers.

This is not because this latex paint is old, but the article will then be removed from the range, for example.

Or they want to create space in the warehouse to make room for any items other than a wall paint.

What could also be a reason is that inventory costs have to come down in terms of yield.

You can take advantage of that by going around the hardware store.

Where you also have a large offer is of course on the internet.

This makes it possible for you to compare faster.

In the following paragraphs I explain the different wall paints, where you can find the best offers and tips on what to look for when buying on the internet.

A wall paint offer is nice, but you have to know what you are buying.

It certainly pays off that you have a wall paint offer.

I assume you want to know the differences in advance anyway.
Supply of paint for a wall.
wall paint offer

You can look up a paint offer via the internet in full.

You start at Google and you immediately type in : paint offer.

You will then get a wide range of different webshops.

One is cheaper than the other.

You will then have to search through some sales sites.

You can also search for paint brands.

If you already know in advance which latex you want to buy, it is easy to find out.

Personally I say I will only search at 3 webshops.

Multiple really doesn’t make sense.

Or you have to be a real nerd and love to get to the bottom of this.

Knowing what types I gave you in the top paragraph you can also write the type of latex in Google.

The supply of that wall paint will then come naturally.

Almost every webshop has a bargain of that wall paint that you want to order.

Would you like more information about such a bargain? Click here for more information.

A bargain latex for a ceiling or wall, what to look out for.

When you have found a bargain, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When you’ve found a bargain, you really have to compare everything.

The most important thing is the content.

Pay close attention to that.

Look not only at the content but also at the same conditions.

Also, take a close look at the brand.

Of course you have to be sure that you have compared exactly the same product.

Otherwise you don’t have a nice offer yet.

Then you will compare the shipping costs.

If they differ enormously, a bargain can sometimes become an expensive bargain.

In addition, it is important that you examine the further conditions.

You will also have to read the terms and conditions completely.

I know a lot of people don’t do this.

If everything goes well, you don’t need those conditions.

However, in case of calamities, this can offer a solution.

Also puzzle out with which carrier the wall paint offer is delivered.

Usually these are reliable companies that have already made their mark.

The speed of ordering is also an issue here.

Is ordering easy or difficult?

If you’re not ready after half an hour, I’d drop out myself.

And how can you pay.

Usually you can pay with Ideal.

I have a lot of experience with this and it is very reliable.

Finally, you can read the reviews that are often at the bottom of the footer.

When you are sure of your business, you can place the order and you have found the bargain.

Buying wall paint is a task that requires research beforehand. You need to know in advance on which surface you can apply the wall paint. Go investigate that first. Then it is important that you buy a good covering latex. You can find out via the internet by reading the reviews. You can then form your own opinion from those reviews whether the wall paint is suitable for you.

Buy wall paint from a painting store.

If you are not handy with the internet, go to a paint store near you. There you will receive sound advice about your wishes. The owner and staff give you good advice and advise you to buy a certain wall paint that is suitable for that. Say exactly what you want, such as a high-coverage latex, a wall paint that must be low-odour, a colorfast latex and must be suitable for inside or outside. If you want to paint in a room where there is a lot of moisture, indicate this. You then buy a latex that can withstand that.

Hardware stores and discounts

Such as Gamma, Praxis, Hornbach give discounts on buying wall paint almost every week. There is often a wall paint offer that can be up to 40 percent lower. The hardware stores do this to empty warehouses and take customers away from competitors. In principle, you will never pay the full price if you keep a close eye on the brochures. There is an offer every week. There are also fixed paint offers for sale. This is to bind customers. If you know in advance that you will get a discount, you go back to that store.

Koopmans interior tex

Koopmans latex has a fixed discount of twenty percent in our store. The price you pay for ten liters is only € 54.23. A quality product with a fixed low price. The latex is suitable for walls and ceilings. In addition, low-solvent and water-dilutable. The latex also has excellent coverage. 1 layer is sufficient.

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