Dewalt DCF887D2 Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 31, 2022
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When it comes to working with wood, metal, or steel, the products you work with need to be of the top tier. Any professional knows how costly it is to damage a board that they could have worked with.

Now, there are many power tools that people of such profession use. But in this Dewalt DCF887D2 Review, we will specifically talk about a drilling machine.

It is a splendid tool to work with and will tick all your concern-boxes. So, without any further ado, let us see what the product is all about.


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Highlighted Features

  • A radial arrangement of three LED lights for better illumination
  • Interchangeable battery system
  • Palm-top support design for better control and precision
  • Quick charging actions that restrict time loss
  • A tough surface that can endure 8 feet drop
  • Copper lined brushless motor for a more rapid output
  • High torque generation capacity
  • Runs on two lithium-ion batteries
  • Cordless lightweight drilling machine
  • Compatible with more than one type of drilling pin
  • Three variable speed limit

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Dewalt DCF887D2 Review

Weight7 Pounds
Dimensions 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches
Voltage20 volts
Power SourceBattery Powered
Warranty 3 year limited

If the highlighted features seem attractive, then you certainly would want to know more about the product. Worry not, because we have a thoroughly detailed segment that will help you put the nail on the coffin about whether you want to purchase the product.

Innovative Motor

For a long time, brands used brushed motors for drilling machines and many other power tools. However, as many benefits it had, it also had several cons, and it was high time that engineers came out with a new innovative motor.

Hence the advent of brushless motors, which are far better in terms of noise cancellation, better power generation, and electricity conduction. Fortunately, the DCF887D2 model by Dewalt also has a brushless motor system.

Consequently, the co-ordination between the motor and the battery is terrific, and the copper liner rims help the conduction process. That leads to faster drilling as well. And this motor can also produce less vibration, causing lesser noise generation. All in all, the model is better suited to a brushless motor, and you can real the benefits.

Powerful Battery

As with any Dewalt product, this model also has an excellent battery system. Moreover, it has two active batteries, and they work in cohesion to produce the required output for drilling trough surfaces like steel and even iron.

The lithium-ion Ah batteries are great suitors for cordless machines. As they are lightweight, they can keep the entire weight of the tool down as well. However, to keep the output at a maximum level, two batteries work better. This battery functions on 20 V maximum, so you need to keep that in mind.

Moreover, charging these batteries are easy as well. It does not take long to be fully charged and will stay running for a long time. You can even interchange the batteries between other Dewalt products.

Quick Output

Since the battery uses two motors for power generation, it is a given that you will receive output much faster than most engines. But besides the superior motor and battery, other factors also help the tool in quicker power generation.

Such as the high torque of 2000 in-lbs can easily drill through wood. You will not have to exert any pressure at all. Moreover, with such rotation, you can even work on iron. However, you have to ensure that the iron sheet is not too heavy. You can risk damaging the nozzle or breaking the pins.

Three Level Speed

Another factor that helps the tool in quicker output generation is the different speed levels. It allows various impacts on different surfaces plus allows superior control. Although there is no particular speed limit for a certain surface, it is common sense that more speed will be better for metal than wood.

So, as per the board or panel, you are working on, you can adjust the speed. All you have to do is push the button to change. It does not have any delayed reaction, either. The maximum impact you can get from this tool is within 600 to 1500 per minute, which is more than enough for a drilling machine.

Superior Exterior

A drilling machine cannot afford to have a flimsy design or body. With the amount of load that this tool has to take, if the outer surface is not sturdy, it will easily break. Hence this model has a robust body. Moreover, it is plastic so that the weight of the machine does not increase.

But do not worry about the plastic not being durable enough as it can even endure a drop from 6 to 8 feet. Moreover, the sleek plastic makes sure that grease or oil cannot accumulate on the surface.

Even if it does, you can easily wipe it off. And if you are worried about the product slipping off, then you should know that the ridges will help you establish a firm hold.

Easy to Use

This model has a unique bottom surface that lets you hold it steady. So, when you are aiming the drill at an angle, and it vibrates more than usual, the slightly heavier bottom will keep it sturdy. Thus, you can have superior accuracy.

You can also work with more than one kind of pinhead for drilling as it has a hex chuck. Most importantly, the machine is cordless so that you can take it outside without any hesitation.

It also has three LED lights to help you see cleaner in dark places. It activates when you start drilling and has a 20-second delay even when you stop.


  • Extremely sturdy body
  • Works with different drilling pins
  • Two lithium-ion batteries
  • 2000 in-lbs torque power
  • 20 V battery
  • A heavier bottom for better control
  • Easy to maintain
  • Three LED system
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Cons
  • Slightly more expensive than other Dewalt drillers

Final Word

You certainly cannot go wrong with a drilling machine that has two functioning batteries. With all this information, we hope that you can finally nail the coffin and start drilling the walls!

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