DeWalt vs Ryobi Impact Driver

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 19, 2022
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When it comes to power tools, who are not familiar with DeWalt and Ryobi? They are renowned brands in the world of power tools. Among other things, both make high-quality impact drivers. This may cause you to feel confused when choosing an impact driver. This is why people seek comparisons between these impact drivers.


Neither of these companies makes bad power tools, so we cannot say one is better than the other. But, we can guide you to make you understand what is better for you. So, let’s compare DeWalt vs Ryobi impact drivers now.

What is an Impact Driver?

All power tools are not for the same use. You know each tool has its own purpose. The impact driver is also not an exception. It has its own task. Before moving to the central part, you should know a little more about an impact driver.

Some people get confused between cordless drills and impact drivers. But, as a matter of fact, they are not the same. Impact drivers have a lot higher torque than drills. Manufacturers make impact drivers to use as a fastener and to tighten or loosen the screws. They include the high rotational force to make these tasks possible. If you use a drill bit in an impact driver, you or your tool can get damage. As you have the basics of an impact driver, now we will compare DeWalt vs. Ryobi impact driver.

Differences Between DeWalt and Ryobi Impact Driver

Though both companies are offering the same tool, the tools are obviously not the same in type and quality. The performance of an impact driver will differ because of torque, rpm, batteries, usage, comfortability, etc.

Today we are taking two of the best impact drivers from DeWalt and Ryobi for comparison. DeWalt DCF887M2 and Ryobi P238 are our picks. We can consider them as flagship drivers of the same standard based on their released time. Let’s compare them to get a decent idea!


Both impact drivers have different specifications. But, both are well in case of performance. They both have brushless motors, which allow them to delay maintenance. Brushless motors also help to increase the speed and give more power. The DeWalt has a torque of 1825 in-lbs maximum and a speed of 3250 RPM max. You will have to use the highest speed setting from the three-speed function to get such speed.

The Ryobi impact driver is slower than the DeWalt. It has a max speed of 3100 RPM and up to 3600 in-lbs torque. You should not be amazed to see that much higher torque. Too much higher torque does not always guarantee better performance. Besides, more torque-speed damages the drive adapter faster. So, keep in mind that before selecting an impact driver with much higher torque.

Look and Design

If we look at the weight, both drivers are lightweight. Both DeWalt and Ryobi have tried to make their drivers compact. They both have a dimension of around 8x6x3 inches which is not bulky at all.

For their small size, they are effortless to hold and handle. Both of them have a weight of around 2 pounds. It is not as heavy as the work you are doing by them. So, there is not much difference in design here.


Let’s talk about the grip surface. The Ryobi has a better grip than the DeWalt. The Ryobi impact driver has a handle molded with rubber, and you take the grip in your hand like a pistol. That ensures to get good friction and decreases slippery movement in your hand. As the DeWalt impact driver has a plastic grip, it cannot provide such friction. So, choose the Ryobi driver if you want to work in a slippery environment.

In addition to that, both have more useful features in common. They both provide a good battery life. They also have LED lights to cover the night or dark environments. Besides, their 3-speed transmission has a simple switching option.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with either of the brands mentioned. Having discussed DeWalt vs Ryobi impact drivers, you already know that either option is good for the job.

Whether you are working on DIY projects or using them for everyday household tasks, the Ryobi impact driver is a good option. It is relatively reasonable to get the Ryobi driver. Hence, it is the best for beginners.

On the other hand, the DeWalt is a little high in price and made for professionals. You can use the DeWalt impact driver for a longer period with a controlled torque for your specific task. Usually, professional power tool users like DeWalt because of its durability and resistance.

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