How Much Weight Can a Pegboard and Anchorage Hold?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2021
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If your garage is lacking in floor space due to tools and various other things cluttered around the floor. Top tier pegboards and other high-end anchorages can be a true lifesaver.

Weight Each Type of Pegboard Can Hold

After hanging the pegboards, you’ll find, they are a godsend when it comes to organizing various items in the garage. But based on their type they have some differences among them. We’ve shed some light in that regard.

Masonite Pegboards

These pegboards are commonplace in most garages nowadays. They are mainly made out of compressed wood fiber and resin. They are often coated with a layer of oil. They can be found in both the standard 1/8 inch and the more heavy-duty 1/4 inch sizes. They are very cost-effective. They can support about 5 lbs. per hole. But they are susceptible to the elements. Exposure to too much moisture and oil will cause damage. The installation of these pegboards also has some problems. It requires the use of furring strips which can limit the number of usable holes. Extended use may also damage the board.

Metal Pegboards

These are hands down the most-sturdy pegboards on the market. They are of rugged construction and they last a long time. Cleaning them is a breeze. They also have the bonus of being very aesthetically pleasing. On average they can support up to 20 lbs. per hole. These pegboards are generally on the expensive side of things. They can be quite heavy and cumbersome to deal with. They are not ideal for large surface areas. The ones made of steel are vulnerable to rusting. Stacking excess weight on the hooks won’t directly harm the pegboard but they will do significant damage to the mounting points. Due to its ability to conduct electricity, it can be dangerous for use with garages where exposed wiring is commonplace.

Acrylic Pegboards

Such pegboards are generally constructed with co-polymer plastic and acrylic. They are incredibly lightweight. This gives them superb maneuverability. These boards come in all shapes and sizes. Installing them is a breeze as they come ready to mount. Generally, such pegboards can hold weights of about 15 lbs. per hole but some can even go higher. They are immune to environmental effects. They are more than good enough to hang the heavier tools. They are generally constructed with recycled plastic so they are also environmentally friendly. Yet, they are not aesthetically pleasing to some.

Weight Each Type of Anchorage Can Hold

Anchorages are another option to hang your tools and other objects. There are various kinds of anchorage systems nowadays. They all have their own unique features.

Wall Panels

Wall panels such are a convenient system to maximize wall storage capabilities. All you need to do is just secure the panel to the wall and you’re good to go. They are of composite construction to ensure extra strength and durability. Matter of fact they can hold up to 100 kg per square feet. Which makes them ideal for holding bikes and other heavy garage items.

Rough Rack

This hanging system may look very simple but they are indeed quite effective and versatile. In terms of construction, rough racks are just steel bars mounted to a steel plate. This makes them rugged in construction and enables them to take whatever you throw at them. They are powder-coated to protect against rust and other environmental factors. They are more than capable of storing heavy objects such as sledgehammers, axes, log splitters, weed eaters. They can store 200 lbs. per square inch without a hitch.

 Flow Wall System

The flow wall system is built using a lightweight and durable panel. This can be used to construct a versatile wall mounting system for your garage. This panel features a natural expansion to meet your specific needs. Its robust construction allows you to hang 200 kg per square feet easily. And the innovative modular design enables you to use it both horizontally and vertically to your liking.


Tools weigh in all values and ranges. Though pegboard is one of the most versatile storage solutions, weight may limit that to some extent. Metal pegboards are a better choice but costs higher. Well, the alternative anchorages offer great maneuverability with various loading options.

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