How to cover the floor with Malervlies or covering fleece before painting

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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Cover the floor before painting

Before you start painting, it is important that you mask off the paintwork. For most masking work, use painter’s tape. By taping you get nice clean lines and the paint only comes where you want it.

You also want to protect the floor. Masking the floor is not ideal.

Covering the floor is a practical solution. You can do this with a plaster runner, but even better with Malervlies. This is a kind of carpet floor tarpaulin. Malervlies is also called a covering fleece or painter’s fleece (painter’s fleece).

How to cover the floor with painters fleece

Cover with Malervlies
grinding fleece

The most sustainable solution for covering the floor is to purchase Malervlies once. Malervlies is a kind of roll of carpet made of non-braided fibres. The color of Malervlies is dark grey. Malervlies is made of fibres. (recycled clothing) Malervlies is absorbent and chemically resistant. The floor cover has a plastic film on the underside. This prevents liquid from leaking onto the floor. The plastic foil on the underside also ensures that the “floor cloth” has a grip and does not shift quickly. When you’re done painting, wait for spilled paint to dry, roll up the floor tarp and voila, put it in the shed until the next paint job. Malervlies is also a name for non-woven wallpaper. So make sure you choose the right product.

More possibilities

You can cover the floor in many ways. Whether you do this with newspapers, plastic tarpaulin, foil or an old roll of carpet/vinyl tarpaulin.
Apart from the fact that these are not ideal, it is also not environmentally conscious. Malervlies is specially made as an aid for cleaning and painting. In principle, the purchase is a one-off and is therefore sustainable.

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