How to Make a DIY Wooden Puzzle Cube

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 21, 2021
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Woodworking projects are easy to make. With simple tools and skills, you can make great things and can gift to your dear ones. A wooden puzzle cube is easy to make with less effort. This can be a great gift for your dear ones. All you need is some wood pieces, cutting saw, drill and some other simple things. This small wooden puzzle cube is fun to solve and you can also pull it apart and have fun playing with it. Here is the easy process to make one. Try this at home. DIY-Wooden-Puzzle-Cube13

Making Process

Step 1: Tools and Wood Required

This wooden puzzle cube is a combination of some small blocks. There are squares and rectangular blocks. At first, select the proper wood for this project. Select a length of the wood batten, oak for example, and make sure the wood piece is homogenous enough. Here you will need some basic hand tools such as a hand saw, miter box to keep all the cuts shaped, some sort of clamp, wood worker’s try-square to check all cuts.

Step 2: Cutting Wood Pieces

After that start the cutting part. Cut the wood into small required pieces. First, take a three-quarter-inch piece of popper for this built and start by ripping a one and half inch wide strip.
Then cut a three-quarter-inch white strip holding with a woodworking clamps like a bar clamp or pipe clamps. Set up stop blocks on the crosscut sled and cut a half inches and then three-quarters of an inch. For this work, three bigger squares, six longer rectangles and three small square wood pieces are needed. Cut all the required pieces.

Step 3: Smoothening the Pieces

After cutting all pieces make sure all of them are smooth-edged. Use sandpaper for this purpose. Rub the pieces with the sandpaper and make the surface smooth. This helps to color it nicely and also gives a perfect look.

Step 4: Making Holes into the Pieces

After cutting all the pieces make holes inside of them. Use a drill machine for this purpose. While drilling makes sure the holes are at the proper place. Make a quick jig to line up and drill holes in each piece. All the pieces need to be drilled in the same process. Cut two pieces of wood and glue them perpendicular to each other as shown in the picture and use the frame for drilling all the pieces.
Use a drill press for setting the depth stop so that the two holes meet in the middle. A drill press vise may also be needed additionally but is optional.
For the first big square, drill holes into the faces opposite to each other so that they meet in the back corner and for other two ones drill one in the top and another one in the side edge shown in the picture.
Similarly, drill holes in the two rectangular pieces. Drill the holes in two adjacent faces.
After that make a hole in one face and another hole through the end that comes all the way down and meets that face. Drill these for remaining four rectangular faces.
For the three small squares drill holes in two adjacent faces and that’s it.
All the holes meet each other so that these pieces make a square shape together.

Step 5: Coloring the

pieces After finishing the drilling job, color the pieces as you want. Color the pieces with different colors. This will make the puzzle look more beautiful and also help you to solve this one. Use watercolor for coloring the pieces and after that coat them with a semi-gloss Minwax polyurethane for better use.

Step 6: Joining the Pieces

In this purpose, use elastic cord to join them together. This elastic cord is a heavy duty one and better for this project. Cut a certain length of the cord and make it double bending. Join each piece through the holes and tie them strongly.
Tighten the pieces as much as you can.
The wooden puzzle cube is complete. Now you can play with it and solve it. Make an own one following these steps.


This wooden puzzle cube is easy to make and fun to play with it. All you need is wood pieces and cutting saws and drill machines. Using these you can make one easily. This can also be used as gift purposes. The receiver will surely become happy if you gift one him. So make this wooden puzzle cube and gift others as well.

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