How to Measure an Inside Corner with a General Angle Finder

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2021
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For professional work or DIY projects, you have to use an angle finder in your work. It is a common tool for carpentry work. It is also used for molding as you have to find out the angle of the corners to set your miter saw. So it is important to know how to use an angle finder.


Types of Angle Finder

Angle finders come in many shapes. But there are mainly two types – a digital Angle finder and the other is a protractor angle finder. The digital one simply has two arms that can also be used as a scale. On the joint of these arms, there is a digital display that shows you the angle that the arms make.

Protractor angle finders, on the other hand, don’t have any fancy digital display. As the name suggests, it has a protractor to measure the angle and it also has two arms to help it line up for measurement.

The protractor angle finders can come in many shapes. No matter what shape or design it comes, it will always have a protractor and two arms.

General Tools Angle Finder | Measuring an Inside Corner

You can find both of these types of general tools. These inexpensive tools are professionally made and can be used for professional work or DIY projects. Here’s how to use them in your work.

Using Digital Angle Finder to Measure Corner

Digital angle finder comes with a digital display on a scale. The display shows you the angle that the two arms of the scale make. So it is easier to use the digital angle finder. But at the same time, since it is digital it costs more.

In order to measure the inside corner angle, you have to take the angle finder. Make sure it says 0 on the display when you are not using the angle finder. Now line up its arms to the corner of the wall you want to measure. The angle should be displayed on the digital display.


Using Protractor Angle Finder to Measure Corner

The protractor angle finder doesn’t come with a display, instead, it has a well-graduated protractor. It also has two arms that can be used as a scale to draw angles while using a protractor angle finder. These two arms are attached to a protractor.

In order to measure the inside corner angle, you have to line its arm to the wall. By doing that, the protractor will also be set on an angle. After that take the angle finder and check on which angle the protractor gives its reading. With this, you can find out the angle of an inside wall corner.



Q: Are these angle finders durable?

Ans: Yes. They are well made and can be used regularly for a long time.

Q: How good is the battery on the digital angle finder?

Ans: If you are using it daily then you will burn through the battery pretty fast. It is better to keep a spare one.

Q: Is it worth buying?

Ans: Yes. It is a great addition to your industrial toolbox.

Q: Is this item easy to use?

Ans: It is very easy to use, store, and carry.


Whether for woodwork or molding purposes, an angle finder is always necessary. General tools angle finder are small and compound. They are durable, cheap, and very well made. So it will be a great addition for your toolbox whether you use it for professional work or just your DIY projects.

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