How to paint walls without streaks: tips for beginners

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Painting walls without streaks

Painting walls without streaks is often painting and painting walls without streaks with a tool.

Painting walls without streaks requires a certain tactic.

How to paint walls without streaks

There are plenty of handy tips that will prevent you from getting streaks on your walls.

In addition, there are also possible aids to enable wall painting without streaks.

You must first smooth a wall before you start sauce.

So preparation is also essential.

It is also the case that people are often afraid of getting streaks and have the work done by a professional or painter.

I understand that everyone can’t or doesn’t want to paint.

I always say give it a try.

If you’ve done your best then it’s no different.

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Stripe-free painting and preparation.

Without making stripes, you will first have to make good preparations.

First, you need to make sure you have room to start painting that wall.

Then you will clean the wall.

This is also called degreasing.

When the wall is clean, you will look for irregularities.

Are there holes or cracks?

Then close it first.

When this filler has dried, run your fingers over it to see if it is indeed smooth.

If not then after sanding.

Then you will tape the edges of window frames and skirting boards.

Also, put a stucco runner on the floor to catch any splashes.

Basically you are ready to sauce.

Streak-free painting how do you do that.

Streak-free   is actually not that difficult.

We assume here that it is a wall that has already been painted before.

You have to divide the wall into squares of one square meter, as it were.

You start at the top of the ceiling with a brush and do not cut a strip of about 10 centimeters for more than a meter.

After this you immediately take a fur roller of  18 centimeters and dip it in a container.

The paint on the roller is very important. After all, that’s what it’s about.

Make sure it is well soaked with latex.

Now you will roll from top to bottom.

Do this within that square meter.

Then take your new latex and roll from left to right until the box is saturated.

It’s about wet in wet rolling.

As long as you do this, painting walls without streaks is no longer difficult.

Then work your way down to the plinth and start again at the top.

Don’t take a break in between, but finish the wall in 1 go.

You have to let the roller do the work and not press too much.

Many people work way too thin.

Therein lies the problem.

By this I mean that they paint a wall with little latex.

If you put enough latex on your roller, you will continue to work wet in wet and thus prevent streaks.

Without streaks, paints and aids.

Painting walls without streaks are also tools for this.

By this I mean an additive.

A latex has an open time.

That is, the moment you roll the latex on the wall and the period after that when the latex dries.

Not every latex has the same open time.

It depends on the quality of the latex and also the price.

If you have a latex with a short open time, you can stir an additive through it.

This ensures that your open time is longer.

You can work wet in wet for longer.

I sometimes use Floetrol.

Have a good experience with this and can be called good price-wise.

Painting walls without streaks and a checklist.
try it yourself according to my tactic
outsource click here
make good preparations:
degreasing, puttying, sanding, painter’s tape, stucco.
Divide the wall into sections 1m2
first cut the top with a brush strip 10 cm
then roller full of latex
wet in wet rolling
don’t take a break
complete wall
tool: floetrol

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