How to paint your kitchen from walls to cabinets

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Painting a kitchen is cheaper than buying a new kitchen and you can paint a kitchen yourself with the right step-by-step plan.
When painting a kitchen, people usually immediately think of painting kitchen cabinets.

How to paint your kitchen

Also, a kitchen has a ceiling and walls.

Of course, the kitchen cabinets are the most work to paint them.

But at the same time, you also save a lot of money if you paint the cabinets yourself.

After all, you don’t have to buy an expensive kitchen.

When painting a kitchen you also have to choose a color.

The color you want is best obtained from a color chart.

There are also many color tools on the internet where you take a picture of the kitchen and see the colors live.

This way you know in advance what your kitchen will look like.

When painting a ceiling, you usually use a latex paint.

On the walls you can choose from latex, wallpaper or glass fabric wallpaper.

Kitchen painting is done with the right latex.

When painting a kitchen you have to use the right wall paint.

After all, a kitchen is the place where many stains can occur.

This is especially unavoidable if you have children.

Or when cooking food, dirty spots can form.

The choice of latex is very important here.

After all, you want to remove these stains as quickly as possible to keep a nice and even wall.

When you do this with an ordinary latex, you will see that the stain starts to shine.

You must avoid this.

So there must be a very cleanable latex on the kitchen wall.

Fortunately, there are many latexes that possess this property.

I can advise you to use Sigmapearl Clean matt  or Alphatex from Sikkens for this.

You can clean this wall paint well, without creating a shiny stain.

You wipe the stain with a damp cloth and after that you can’t see anything anymore.

Really great.

Refurbishing a kitchen is usually a complete painting job.

The order you have to follow is the following.

First paint the kitchen cabinets, then paint the frames, paint a door, then the ceiling and finally finish the walls.

The order is for a reason.

You will have to degrease and sand the woodwork beforehand.

A lot of dust is released during this sanding.

When you first treat the walls, they get dirty from sanding.

Hence first the woodwork and then the walls.

You will see that your kitchen is getting a total facelift.

Who among you can paint a kitchen yourself or has ever done so?

Do you have a great idea or experience about this topic?

Then comment below this article.

Thanks in advance.

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