How to Use DeWalt Impact Driver

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 19, 2022
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The DeWalt impact driver has become a phenomenon because of its benefits and advantages. It’s a good tool for anyone working or planning to work with wood, especially if you need more torque than a standard cordless drilling machine provides. Currently, there are many models of impact drivers available on the market. The Dewalt impact driver is easy to use compared to other devices. Furthermore, you must utilize the right power resources. Battery power is a good option here.
It is then very easy to connect and control the various parts. Following the instructions can help you use the appropriate DeWalt impact driver while learning the proper way to use it. Since they all operate the same way.

How to Use DeWalt Impact Driver


There are basically two things you have to worry about when learning to use an impact driver. First, you have to prepare all the right bits and clean them, and then you have to put them all together for use.

Ensuring Power Supply

Before you can impact something by your DeWalt impact driver, make sure that you have a stable power supply on your impact driver. You will get different types of batteries inside the box. Choose your desired voltage and insert a battery in the right place on your impact driver.

Load Driver Bits

Once you have ensured the power supply on your impact driver, load a driver into the right position. A part of the driver named “Chuck or Collet” is located just above the front of the driver. It allows you to load and unload DeWalt impact driver bits easily.
Load driver bits
To load a bit, simply slide the collet and load the bit and then release. To unload a bit, you simply slide the collet out, then remove the bit and release it to an impact driver. It is literally that simple, and it’s ready to use.

Select Your Rotation Style

The Impact driver has two slider bars on either side of its body, called the Forward or Reverse switch. You can easily operate those little sliders bars with your thumb and your index finger. And the main trigger button just below it. Now focus on the slider button; this determines whether the impact driver is going to be turning clockwise or anti-clockwise. On the one hand, if you push your index finger to the clockwise rotating button, it will turn clockwise. On the other hand, it will turn counterclockwise if you push it with your thumb to the anti-clock button. And then, if you slide it in between those two positions right in the middle, it will lock the trigger. This is how you can easily select the rotation style, whatever you want.

Use the Trigger Button

The trigger button is effortless to use. If you push it, then it allows the impact driver to turn on. You can use the impact driver to drive some screws into wood or any material. All you have to do is load the screw into the bit carefully and place it against the material. If you are screwing downwards, then you must apply downward force. And whenever you screw horizontally, you must apply force horizontally. Afterward, push the screw with some pressure and then do the same with the screw. To drive the screw in, all you have to do is hold the top of the impact driver while pushing the button. Now once again, just make sure that it is being turned clockwise. So get the screw loaded into place, push the button, and drives the screw into place. You are all done.

Safety Warnings Before You Start Using a DeWalt Impact Driver

It is important to use an impact driver carefully. Otherwise, any accident could happen. There are some things you should be aware of-

Personal safety

Safely using a drill
An impact DeWalt driver produces too much power. That’s why you should be careful holding the impact driver. Stay alert, keep proper footing, and always wear a mask and eye protection.

Electrical Safety

Always choose a neat and clean area. Keep the DeWalt driver from water. Always choose the right battery for proper voltage and avoid damaged batteries.

Final Words

DeWalt has a tremendous amount of power and is also extremely impactful, which makes it an excellent choice for professionals. In essence, that allows the screws to be driven into various materials with ease. But if you are looking for an impact driver only for light-duty DIY projects or household tasks then DeWalt is not the right choice for you instead, you can go for Ryobi impact driver. For the beginner, Ryobi is the best choice. To verify my words you can check the difference between the Dewalt and Ryobi impact drivers. Here is a brief description of how to use this awesome tool. It is super easy to use. Please leave a comment if you are still unable to understand this. Wishing you good luck!

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