Makita RT0701CX7 Compact Router Kit Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 3, 2022
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Woodworkers had quite a hard time working with their woods and edging them when the innovative invention of some machines did not take place. In this article, you are about to be introduced to one of those tools.

The invention of these tools took place to help the woodworkers work with ease and smoothness as well as to develop and modernize the work field. After the development of the device occurred, woodworking has also been very precise and well-oriented.

So, to introduce you to one of those machines, this article is here to present you with Makita Rt0701cx7 Review. It is going to discuss the tool called “router”; the primary purpose of this device is to hollow out big spaces as well as for trim or edge on the hard materials in the process.


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RT0701CX7 model by Makita has been very much appreciated in the market, and rumor has it, it is also very easy to work with. As we get further to introduce all the versatile and advanced features and properties that this router provides, without a doubt, the router would charm you to bring it home right away.

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Makita Rt0701cx7 Review

Before you make any kind haste decision to purchase your desired product, it is recommended that you go through the features that the model provides and find out if it is worth buying. Rest assured, this wood router will make sure you get both versatility and reliable performance.

Keeping that in mind, this article will provide you with everything that you need to know about this router. So, without much wait, let’s dig deep and find out if this is the right one for you to

Speed Control and Electronic Speed Control

For smooth routing, speed is an essential factor. Keeping that in mind, there is a speed control dial provided with the device which goes with the range of 1 to 6, allowing you to maintain the speed from 10,000 to 30000 RPM. You are also allowed to alter and adjust the speed; however, you see fit. Features like this help you have a smooth routing without any hassle.

The electronic speed control maintains to speed up the motor under any load and reducing the start-up twists. In doing so, it also ensures the prevention of burning out of the router. Smooth routing and safety it can maintain it all.

Horsepower/Soft Start

One of the most highlighted features while looking for a router is the horsepower rating. This horsepower rating is only applied to the small trim routers in the market. Makita RT0701cx7 has a 6 ½ amp with 1-¼ HP motor.

Despite it having an average horsepower, the drive power is quite great. As you can already understand that the size of the router is small, which makes it suitable for small wood projects around your house or your workplace.

The size of the router also makes it perfectly portable. Compact routers come along a soft start, which ensures that the torque on the motor is reduced.

These soft motor starters are basically a device that runs on electric motors with alternating current, which makes sure that they have reduced power train’s load and motor’s electrical current surge temporarily during the startup. Features like this help lower the stress on the router motor.

Adjusting Cutting Depth

To identify a good quality product, what you require to check is the cutting depth. For depth adjustments and base installations, RT070CX7 usually uses the cam lock system. To have your preparation done with ease; the plunge base uses the depth between 0 to 1- 3/8 inches, which conveys easy penetration as well.

Opening the lock lever from the side and making the cam move upwards and downwards is the way through which depth adjustments are achieved. All you have to do next is keeping pressing the fast feed button and keeping raising the stopper pole. Keep doing that until the required depth has not been reached.



  • Metal parallel guide
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bits run freely
  • Soft-start motor
  • 1-¼ base opening accepts guide bushing
  • Kit includes two wrenches
  • The combination of size, power, and agility is good
  • Sturdy Functional Fence
  • Fixed base has industry-standard template guide


  • No dust shield is provided for the power switch
  • The motor may drop when the base is unlocked
  • No LED light offered on this model

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into the frequently asked questions about this model.

Q: Is it possible to use for frame or wood door for hinges?

Ans: Yes, it would be possible if you have the proper kind of hinge jig.

Q: Can aluminum be cut with this router?

Ans: If you are acquired with the proper cutting tools, then you can surely cut aluminum with it. However, it might not give the same outcome as the woods.

Q: Can you set this up for a router table?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, it is suggested that you consult with the manufacturer to know a preferable router table for your router. So that when you purchase it separately, they fit well.

Q: How much does it weigh?

Ans: It weighs about 1.8 kg, which makes it very lightweight and portable. Although, you can add more bases to your router in case you wanted to make it apt for heavy-duty applications all the way.

Q: How does the depth adjustment mechanism work? Can you move it just a bit, or does it move with a bang?

For both depth adjustments and base installation or removal, a quick release cam lock mechanism is being used.

Final Words

As you have made it to the end of this Makita Rt0701cx7 Review, you are now knowledgeable enough about the benefits and drawbacks, as well as all the information you need to know before purchasing this router.

It is being hoped that by now you have come up to the conclusion if you’re taking the router home.

However, if you are still in confusion, do not worry because this article will right in the air for you to read and re-read in order to make your decision better. Make your decision wisely and start your artsy woodworking days with ease and smoothness.

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