Paint Color Testers: the best thing since sliced bread! (for choosing colors)

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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A color tester from Flexa

Color tester: It can sometimes be difficult to make a color choice. There are so many trendy colors and beautiful options. A color tester, also called a color sample, can be a solution.

A color tester is a small sample pack that you can test at home on the desired surface. These color testers are also very easy to have in stock to touch up any damage to the paintwork.

Paint color testers

In addition to color testers, you can also choose the paint color using a color fan and/or color samples.

Click here to view color testers and color samples

One of the most popular paint brands, Flexa, has a handy color tester with built-in roller. Flexa is known for its annual trend colors that almost always catch on. The Flexa color tester is for sale at the hardware store, but can also be ordered online. A small expense, but then you know what you’re getting. Using a color tester gives you the opportunity to see exactly what a color will look like when it has dried on the respective substrate.

Buy color tester

There are color testers from different paint brands for sale, but Flexa’s are the most popular. As mentioned, Flexa is a trendsetter when it comes to interior color.

Click here to view the range of color testers

Video about color samples

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