Painting at a toilet renovation

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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Painting is a typical job that can be combined with all kinds of other jobs. Painting is often part of renovating, maintaining and restoring a part of the house. And if you are planning to paint, you might as well pick up a related job right away. If you are going to give the toilet a new look, it may be a good idea to immediately plan a toilet renovation.

Painting at toilet renovation

Painting at toilet renovation

For many people there comes a time when they want to give the toilet a new look. On average, each person spends about 43 hours a year in the small room. It is therefore certainly not a superfluous luxury to turn this into a comfortable and attractive place.

If you do plan to give the paintwork a new layer, you should consider tackling the toilet once in a while. When the furnishing and tiling of your toilet is complete, you can apply a nice layer here for a colorful wall. Having an ornate wall to look at can make a trip to the tiny room a lot more comfortable.

Finish it off with a built-in toilet roll holder!

Other parts of toilet renovation

Besides painting, there are of course many more things you can tackle in the toilet. For example, you can replace the toilet with a beautiful brand new wall-hung toilet. Place a suitable fountain here so that visitors can wash their hands in a pleasant way. In addition to the toilet itself, toilet furniture such as a table, a toilet roll holder and storage shelves or cabinets are a nice addition. Finally, you could also replace or thoroughly clean the tiling once to get the feeling that you are stepping into a completely new toilet.

Do you suffer from cold feet when you go to the toilet at night? Perhaps it is an idea to install underfloor heating. This way you will never suffer from a cold tile floor again!

My toilet is ready, what can I do now?

A toilet renovation is of course just one of the many examples of jobs that you can pick up if you do start painting. Many homeowners will be able to say from their own experience that there is almost always something that can be done about a home. On MyGo you will find many more chores that you could tackle quickly and easily. Can’t get enough of working around the house? Download MyGo’s DIY calendar! You will always find something to do on this calendar. If you need professional advice or help with this, you will also find an extensive network of specialists from your region.

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