Painting without masking with the Linomat brush paint roller

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 12, 2022
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If you can paint reasonably yourself, it is sometimes easy that you can use tools for that.

Of course there are also many hobby painters who of course do not need that and can draw a super straight line freehand.

But help never hurts, and I’m so glad I found this Linomat paint roller!


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Of course there are also many hobby painters who of course do not need that and can cut a glass freehand. It does not mean that you can paint clean lines along the glass.

The simplest way is to use a tape that is suitable for sticking to the glass and do this in such a way that you get straight lines along the glass or at the end of a frame where a wall starts.

When you use tape, this is only to apply 1 layer and not two layers. So only use a primer for this. Let it dry slightly and then remove the tape.

Don’t make the mistake of applying a coat of lacquer immediately after the primer has cured.

You will see that these will not be straight lines. When removing the tape, part of the lacquer layer also comes off and you will not get a tight result.

But there is so much faster way with a handy tool that lets you paint without taping!

Painting without masking with a special brush (and paint roller)


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Fortunately, there are other tools where you don’t even need tape to cut the glass.

The Linomat brand has developed such a brush: painting without masking with the linomat brush: The linomat brush S100.

The brush is made of one hundred percent pig hair. It is suitable for oil-based paints and not acrylic paint.

Pig bristles were chosen because it has its unique properties. Linomat also has paint rollers available without masking. Click here to buy Linomat products.

Masking unnecessary

With the unique linomat brush you no longer have to tape and you no longer suffer from damage to the wood or glue residue.

Because there is a metal plate on the brush, you no longer suffer from mess on your glass. The pig bristles give you a streak-free end result.

This brush also leaves no drops and loose hair is now a thing of the past. In short, highly recommended for the do-it-yourselfer.

Because there is a metal plate attached to it, you can hold this plate against the glass and the brush does the rest. A good choice also in terms of price and quality.

After all, you no longer have to buy tape. Glass requires a special tape that costs around ten euros. So it quickly yields a saving.

A paint roller that has been specially developed to work quickly

A linomat paint roller has been specially developed to work quickly and where you no longer need to tape.

It’s just like a regular 10-inch paint roller.

Only with the difference that it has an adjustable edge guard at the end.

See the photo of this article.

This guard has been specially developed to work quickly and accurately in edges and corners.

In particular, cut ceilings and walls.

You no longer need a brush to create a clean line with this.

The roller can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For inside you can go along window frames, skirting boards, decorative moldings of a ceiling.

Also paint markings and strips of large surfaces such as on a wall.

Make multiple colors with a paint roller

For example, if you want to make a wall in two colors, such a paint roller is extremely suitable.

You must then pull the roller through in 1 go and have a steady hand.

Maybe in that case it might be better to tape it off.

For outdoors, it is ideal under gutters, window frames and concrete edges.

The roller is complete and equipped with a special frame.

You can adjust the guard.

Very convenient to work with.

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