5 Best 12 Inch Blades for Miter Saws reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 15, 2022
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Have you ever found yourself wanting to get through cutting tasks quickly?

Trust us; you are not the only one.

As a team that works with wooden and metal workpieces, we often spend loads of time on different projects. However, ever since we changed the blade, this issue became pretty much nonexistent.


So, what is the secret? Well, we got the best 12 inch blade for miter saw! With a maximum of 12 inches of cutting width, these blades allow cutting more material in a short period.

To make it easier for you to choose one, we reviewed the options. So, you will not struggle at all when it comes to purchasing one.

5 Best 12 Inch Blade for Miter Saw

Choosing the correct blade for your miter saw can be quite difficult. Hence, this 12-inch miter saw blade review can hopefully assist you.

1. DEWALT 12-Inch miter saw blade

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade

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When it comes to choosing the right saw blade, the company of the blade matters just as much as the other features, the DEWALT company manufactures top-notch miter saw blades, and one of their popular products is the DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade.

This 2-pack blade comes with a tungsten carbide material that allows you to cut smoothly.

Additionally, this miter saw blade comes with superior versatility. You can use this saw blade to cut hardwood, chipboard, plywood, and softwood materials. Why bother purchasing several types of blades when this one saw blade does all the work? The accuracy and smoothness of the cuts will also amaze you.

The carbide blades of this product come with a thin kerf feature. This exceptional feature allows the blades to remain sharp for a long time. Furthermore, this pack of two contains two different blade tooth sizes; 80T and 32T. You can use either of the tooth sizes, depending on your project and the material type.

Interestingly, the blades come with a unique wedge shoulder design. Thanks to this design, there is an increased amount of steel material behind each of the tips. It allows the blade to cut thoroughly without breakage of the tips. Hence, the saw blade will be able to provide precise cuts.

Moreover, it comes with a ⅝ inch arbor side, which is pretty standard. This 12 inch blade comes with a carrying bag that allows you to store and move the blades more comfortably. Overall, this DEWALT saw blade would be an excellent choice if you want to create efficient cuts.


  • Creates smooth cuts
  • Comes with a ⅝ inch arbor size
  • Both 80T and 32T blades are available
  • Has tungsten carbide core material
  • Its shoulder wedge design protects the tips of the blade


  • 80T blade may vibrate too much at times


This miter saw blade provides you with two different blades to cut various types of materials. Check prices here

2. Luckyway 2-Pack 12 inch miter saw blades

Luckyway 2-Pack 12 inch miter saw blades

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You can use any regular saw blade for crosscutting method. However, manufacturers that create miter saw blades specifically for crosscutting, include features in the blades to provide precise and smooth cuts. The Luckyway 2-Pack 12 Inch Miter Saw Blades product is perfect for this crosscutting method.

Furthermore, rip cutting along the grain is one of this blade’s specialties. Aside from achieving a higher degree of finishing with each cut, this blade also comes with an impressive level of versatility.

You can use the Luckyway blades to cut hardwood, chipboard, softwood, plywood, laminated, bi-laminated plastic, plated panels, multi-boards, FRP, MDF, etc.

Some miter saw blades in the market contain very lightweight core materials. As a result, the blades tend to bend if you use them on more rigid materials.

However, the Luckyway product comes with a fully hardened steel body that prevents bending issues. At the same time, this steel body allows the blade to deliver accurate cuts.

Additionally, the blades come with an ATB or Alternating Top Bevel feature. The ATB offset tooth design causes the tooth’s angle to score the wood’s surface before the cut occurs. As a result, the saw blade can cut the wood material in a cleaner manner without damaging the tip of the saw blade.

The tungsten carbide teeth of the blade stay sharp for a more extended period. This carbide component does not wear off so easily. Moreover, the carbide material also provides heat resistance so that your saw blades function optimally for a longer period.


  • Comes with a one-inch arbor
  • Perfect for cutting softwood, hardwood, plywood, etc.
  • It has an ATB tooth design
  • Fast nail cutting is possible
  • Impact and heat resistant
  • Reduces the chances of splinter formation


  • It is not appropriate for cutting metal


The Luckyway miter saw blades are an excellent choice to cut wood material without damaging the blades. Check prices here

3. DEWALT 80-Tooth 12 inch miter saw blade

DEWALT 80-Tooth 12 inch miter saw blade

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Everybody wants a saw blade that can provide accurate and long-lasting cuts. But not many miter saw blades come with excellent features to provide such superior results.

This is where the DEWALT 80-Tooth 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade comes in handy. The DEWALT blade is ideal for cutting various types of materials efficiently.

This saw blade contains carbide material. Compared to plain steel saw blades, the carbide ones remain sharper for a longer period.

Furthermore, this material allows the blades to cut faster without any binding issues. The tips of the blades may break if you continuously use them, but thanks to the carbide material, they last longer.

Moreover, this saw blade comes with an exceptional thin kerf blade feature that reduces the formation of vibrations and smoothens up the cuts significantly. As a result, you can use this miter saw blade for a longer period without worrying about a constant vibration ruining your work.

Additionally, you can use this saw blade to cut hardwood, plywood, chipboard, softwood, etc. So the versatility of this blade will prevent you from purchasing extra ones. Cause why purchase saw blades to cut different materials when this DEWALT one can deal with most of them.

The 12-inch cutting diameter of this saw blade will allow you to achieve much more efficient results. And it comes with an excellent wedge shoulder design. This design incorporates more steel behind each of the tips on this blade, which improves the stability of this 80T saw blade.


  • Two-pack of 80T blades are available
  • Core material is carbide
  • Provides smooth and efficient cuts
  • 80T saw blade with a thin kerf feature


  • Tips may chip with continuous usage


If you want an affordable miter saw blade that functions really well, this DEWALT 80T one will be a great choice. Check prices here

4. WEN BL 1280 12 inch miter saw blade

WEN BL 1280 12 inch miter saw blade

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Finding a 12 inch miter saw that will slice through wood materials swiftly is not an easy task. But the WEN BL 1280 12 Inch Fine Finish Saw Blade is an exceptional product that will cut wooden materials smoothly without any issues. It comes with a 12 inch diameter, one-inch arbor, and it can go up to 6000 RPM.

This 80T blade will slice through hardwood or softwood very efficiently. So, you will not have to purchase different saw blades for cutting different wood materials. Moreover, the blade’s ultra-thin 2.6 mm kerf feature ensures that each cut is clean and smooth.

Some miter saw blades come with 60T or 32T options. Those are okay for cutting less, more challenging materials, but the 80T miter saw blades are more reliable for achieving accurate cuts. This 80T blade is better than most other saw blades because of its ability to provide more delicate cuts.

Furthermore, it can be frustrating to purchase a saw blade only to realize that it is not very compatible. Fortunately, the WEN BL 1280 miter saw blade fits into various types of machines like table saws, miter saws, and jobsite saws. This highly compatible saw blade will be sufficient enough for all these machines.

See, the major issue with a lot of saw blades is their inability to maintain the tips from chipping away with usage. However, that is not the case with the WEN blade. Hence, the carbide-tipped teeth of this device remain sharp for a more extended period.


  • Comes with an 80T blade and 1-inch arbor
  • You can cut both hardwood and softwood with it
  • Highly compatible with various saw machines
  • Carbide-tipped teeth remain sharp longer
  • Affordable and durable


  • Black paint of the blade may transfer to the wood


This saw blade comes with superior compatibility compared to any other miter saw blade. Check prices here

5. WEN BL 1232 12 inch miter saw blade

WEN BL 1232 12 inch miter saw blade

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Why bother buying two different tooth blades when you can get a pack of two at the same cost? You heard right — the WEN BL 1232 Two Pack Saw Blade Set will allow you to do exactly that.

This saw blade comes with 32 tooth and 80 tooth blades that will provide superior versatility to improve your wood cutting needs.

This 12 diameter blade has a rating of up to 6000 RPM. The blades will function efficiently and provide consistent cuts even if you use them extensively. Plus, the blades come with an exceptional 1/10 inch thin kerf feature. This thin kerf feature ensures that the tip of the blades remains sharp for an extended period.

Some miter saw blades are appropriate for hardwood materials, while others may be better for softwood components. In most cases, finding a saw blade that works well on both materials is difficult. Fortunately, the WEN blades are perfect for meticulously cutting both hardwood and softwood.

Additionally, this product comes with heat expansion slots that allow the blades to expand or contract in order to provide better accuracy at crosscutting. It also comes with a 1 inch arbor that is more compatible with jobsite saws, table saws, and 12 inch miter saws.

Furthermore, this saw blade product comes with a unique protective coating. Many saw blades in the market may not last very long due to rust, heat, or corrosion. However, the protective coating of the WEN device prevents all those from happening. So, you can rely on this saw blade to last for a very long time.


  • Comes with both 32T & 80T blades
  • Its 1/10 inch thin kerf blade provides clean cuts
  • Highly compatible
  • This blade cuts both hard and softwood
  • Reasonably affordable


  • Not the best choice for cutting plastic


No other 12 inch miter saw blade can provide you with smooth cutting and compatibility as the WEN product. Check prices here

Types of Miter Saw Blades

Types of miter saw blades

There are a lot of miter saw blade types, and all of these blades function differently.

1. Carbide-Tipped Miter Saw Blade

Not all saw blades can cut dense hardwood material properly. The carbide-tipped blades are an exception. This carbide material provides the necessary features so that the tip of the blade’s teeth remains sharp longer.

2. Crosscut Blade

Miter saws are more appropriate for crosscutting. Crosscut blades are, therefore, more suitable for miter saws when it comes to this method. These saw blades tend to contain a higher tooth count than the other types.

3. Combination Blade

If you want to cut materials like plywood more comfortably, the combination blade will be your best bet. These blades are more appropriate for providing clean cuts on such materials.

4. Non-Ferrous Saw Blade

These saw blades are perfect for cutting brass, aluminum, or copper. You need to use a non-ferrous saw blade to cut such materials properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best miter saw blade for cutting hardwood?

There are many options of saw blades that cut hardwood material properly. One of them is the DEWALT 80-Tooth 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade. This 80T blade comes with a wedge shoulder design that specifically allows you to cut hardwood materials in a cleaner manner.

  1. Which saw blade can I use on both miter and table saws?

Not many saw blades in the market come with superior compatibility. A miter saw blade might not work well on a table saw. Fortunately, the WEN BL 1280 12 Inch Fine Finish Saw Blade is an exception as it works well with both miter and table saws.

  1. Should I opt for a thin kerf saw blade?

Yes, thin kerf saw blades are exceptionally well at keeping the edges of the blade sharp. Some products like the DEWALT 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade, WEN BL 1280 12 Inch Fine Finish Saw Blade, etc., come with this thin kerf blade feature that allows these blades to provide superior cuts.

  1. Are carbide-tipped miter saw blades good?

Compared to steel saw blades, the carbide-tipped miter saw blades are much better. The carbide-tipped tooth of the saw blades is sturdier than the regular ones. As a result, you can get smooth and clean cuts by using these saw blades.

  1. Which saw blade is more affordable for regular usage?

If you plan on using miter saw blades on a frequent basis, the DEWALT 80-Tooth 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade will be an excellent choice.

Final Words

A quality 12 inch miter saw blade can not only deliver excellent cuts but also provide a smoother cutting experience. Whatever reason you need the blade for, this best 12 inch blade for miter saw list will assist you in picking the right blade.

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