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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 20, 2021
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Blacksmith’s hammer is the original form of a hammer. A couple of centuries back it was like any other hammer now it’s unlike any. With the evolution and revolution of the time, these got customized blacksmithing. Having an optimum weight backed by that perfect balance and rebound brought a transcendence.

These are not your average everyday hammer, these bear that ideal durability, extreme re-bounces, and ergonomics. Unless there are this re-bounces you’ll have your elbow and biceps aching just after a dozen beats. Let’s bust the myths and resolve any queries to claim the best blacksmith hammer.


Blacksmith Hammer buying guide

Before choosing a blacksmith you should be aware of some essential aspects. Every product has its own aspects of interest and pitfalls. Without knowing the facts of concern, finding the best-suited product will be in vain. Let’s analyze them.


Type of Blacksmith Hammer

You may find different kinds of blacksmith hammers for different purposes. They all are equally important according to their needs. The most commonly used hammers are cross peen hammer, ball peen hammer, and rounding hammer.

The cross peen hammers are mainly used for forging. The peen of this hammer is perpendicular to the handle. To draw out stock metal and to expand the metal in width it is mainly used.

The hammers which have a relatively flat face and a ball-shaped peen are called the ball-peen hammer. For dishing an alloy it is mainly used. For forging this type of hammer is not perfect. A rounding hammer is almost the same, but it will give you a smooth finish.

Hammer Handle

The handle of a hammer is a vital matter of concern since you’ll find several types of them.  Unlike a stiletto hammer, the wooden handles are best for a blacksmith hammer. These absolve the vibrations very easily and make you feel comfortable. They are a good heat protector, durable and replaceable.

The fiberglass handles are more comfortable as they are molted with a rubber wrapping and so are vibration absorbers too. They are enough heat protectors but not as good as wooden ones. This type of hammer handle is not repairable. So if once the handle breaks down, it’s about some extra bucks for a new hammer.

The steel handles are the strongest ones. But you will feel uncomfortable with them as they don’t absorb the vibrations. You may get injured easily while using a hammer with this type of handle.


If you are a beginner you need to get used to with a hammer first. So it will be easier to deal with a lightweight hammer than a heavyweight one. You will find hammers of different weights on the market.

The professional blacksmiths use from 2 to 4 pounds hammers for forging and 8 pounds for striking. For a beginner around 2.5 pounds’ hammer is the perfect one.

Material of Head

The material of the head is a determiner of the durability. Generally, forged steel is used for the head. Forged steel is actually the alloy of carbon and iron. This combination gives more strength to your hammer than the plain steel.

C45 steel is treated as medium Carbon steel grade. It offers tensile strength at a modest rate. The machinability is also good for this material. But machinability and tensile strength of plain iron or other material are not so good. So a hammerhead made of forged steel is a better choice.

Best Blacksmith Hammers reviewed

If you have read the buying guide you can automatically decide which ones are best for you. To make your hunting easier for a suitable blacksmith hammer for you, we have shortened out the list of the top blacksmith hammer available on the market. So let’s have a look at this blacksmith hammer still date.

1. Picard 0000811-1000 Blacksmiths’ hammer


Picard 0000811-1000 Blacksmiths’ hammer is a very useful hammer which is light in weight. Its weight is about 2.2 pounds or 1 kg which is very suitable for a beginner. Because a lighter hammer is easier to wield and less risky than the heavyweight hammer.

The handle of this hammer is made of ash wood. The ash wood handle will give you more comfortable for a long time working session. Because it transmits minimal vibration to your hand. This type of handle will also provide good heat protection. So there should be no objections about the handle.

The pattern of the head of Picard 0000811-1000 Blacksmiths’ hammer is Swedish. This type of pattern is more likely to control the hammer. So for those who want to work with nails, it will be the right product. Because this hammer holds the nails in place very quickly.


Picard 0000811-1000 Blacksmiths’ hammer’s head is made of c45 steel, which is medium strength steel. So this will not give you enough machinability and excellent tensile properties as expected. So this hammer’s head is known to break while using on metal objects.

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2. KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer


KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer is another lightweight hammer. The weight is about 2.2 pounds or 1 kg. If you are an amateur in blacksmithing, then a lightweight hammer is best for you. As the lightweight hammers are easier to get used to the tool without any danger.

The head of the hammer is made of forged steel. So this will give you enough strength and machinability. And you can be assured that your hammer will not break while using it. If you want to do the work of metal fabrication with angle sheet metal, this type of metallic head is good enough.

KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer’s handle is made of fiberglass, which helps absorbs vibrations. This is a cross pein hammer, so one can use it as a stone cutter too. And for this style, it is likely to control easily.


KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer’s handle is made of fiberglass. So this will not so durable and comfortable as the wooden handle hammers. Because fiberglass handles do not absorb as vibration as a wooden one. Again if once the handle breaks, it will not be able to fix.

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3. Picard 0000811-1500 Blacksmiths’ hammer


Picard 0000811-1500 Blacksmiths’ hammer is another lightweight hammer which is about 3.31 pounds. This hammer is designed as if it will not only comfortable for the user but also provide great usability. Because of its weight, one can use it with less physical strain than the heavyweight hammers. A newly hammer user can easily get used to it.

Forged steel is used to construct the head of this hammer. This type of material is very strong. So while using this hammer, the head will not break. For metal fabrication, this type of hammerhead is very useful and user-friendly.

The handle of the Picard 0000811-1500 Blacksmiths’ hammer is made of ash wood. That means it will absorb most of the vibration while using it and make your working session comfortable. A wooden handle is repairable if it breaks. So there is no room of complaint about the handle.

The style of this hammer is Swedish cross pein. These types of hammers are easier to handle and seem very stylish. So if you are a beginner, then this style is more preferable than the others.


The weight of this Picard 0000811-1500 Blacksmiths’ hammer may seem a little bit heavier to the new users.

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4. Estwing Sure Strike Blacksmith’s Hammer


Estwing Sure Strike Blacksmith’s Hammer is another lightweight hammer of 2.94 pounds. A working session with less physical strain will be provided with this hammer. Again this weight is not excessive light so that you can easily do the heavy works easily.

The head of this hammer is made of forged steel material. This will give you maximum strength and durability. So there is no chance to break your hammer while working. The balance and temper of this hammer are very much suitable for its design.

The blacksmiths, metal workers, welders, contractors, and such pro workers will find big advantages while working with it, as it is designed for the pros. The handle is made of fiberglass which offers a comfortable controlled swing, as the handle absolves most of the vibrations while working.


Estwing Sure Strike Blacksmith’s Hammer’s handle is made of fiberglass which will not provide you as a wooden handle. Again this handle is not replaceable if it breaks down once. Again the new user will not feel comfortable with this hammer and they will not easily get used to it because of its design.

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5. KSEIBI Engineers Machinist Blacksmith Strike Club Hammer


KSEIBI Engineers Machinist Blacksmith Strike Club Hammer Wooden Handle is a heavyweight hammer mainly used for metal fabrication with angled steel, welding, blacksmithing, etc. The weight of this hammer is about 5.05 pounds which is truly a high number.

A big advantage of this hammer is that its head is made of forged steel, which is a very strong metal. So you can use it on any type of work. There is no doubt that it will provide you with the highest durability ensuring that no hamper will happen to your work.

The wooden handle of this KSEIBI Engineers Machinist Blacksmith Strike Club Hammer is another aspect of interest for the user. The wooden handle will give the user comfort because this handle will absorb the vibration. Again this handle is repairable. So that if once it breaks down, you can easily fix the head with a new handle.


This KSEIBI Engineers Machinist Blacksmith Strike Club Hammer is not usable at all for the beginners. They can get injured while using it because of its heavyweight. A lot of physical energy will be needed while working with this hammer. Besides these cons, it is undoubtedly a perfect hammer for pro users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Hammers do blacksmiths use?

For everyday work most blacksmiths use a ball-peen hand hammer weighing about 750 to 1 250 g (Fig. 9). A hand hammer should be of a weight that suits the smith. It should have a longer shaft than is usual for other work and be well-balanced.

How heavy should a blacksmith hammer be?

We recommend a two- to three-pound (roughly 1 kg) cross peen or ball peen “blacksmith’s” hammer. If you have a choice between going lighter or heavier go lighter, but keep it over 1.5 pounds. Some works claim that the “standard” blacksmith’s hammer was 4 lbs.In the 9th century.

What is the most common hammer used in construction?

Claw hammers
Claw Hammer (Light Duty)

When most people think of a hammer they picture a claw hammer. This is because they are the most ubiquitous hammer around a house. Claw hammers are used in construction or maintenance to drive or remove nails.

What is a cross peen hammer for?

The cross peen or cross pein hammer is the hammer most commonly used by blacksmiths and metalworkers. … They are ideal for spreading, and the hammer can simply be flipped from the flat end of the head to the wedge end of the head when more precision is needed.

Is blacksmithing an expensive hobby?

Blacksmithing costs between $2,000 to $5,000 to start. It’s a great hobby, but it can be a bit pricey. You need an anvil, hammers, a forge, tongs, vices, safety gear, and the right clothing before you begin. You will need a used metal or new steel.

Are heavier hammers better?

But a heavier hammer isn’t necessarily a better one, at least as far as framing hammers are concerned. Many hammers today are built from lightweight titanium with a steel face, which saves weight, and a carpenter can swing a lighter hammer faster and more often over the course of a long day’s work.

Are ball peen hammers heavier than blacksmith hammers?

Hammering your weld requires a certain amount of force upon the metal, so many individuals wonder how much of that force comes from the hammer and how much from the person using it. A blacksmith hammer should weigh roughly 2 to 3 pounds (0.9 to 1.4 kg) for a cross or ball-peen hammer.

Why should you make a hammer out of high carbon steel?

Hammer heads are made of high carbon, heat-treated steel for strength and durability. The heat treatment helps prevent chipping or cracking caused by repeated blows against other metal objects.

Does hammering metal make it stronger?

Why does hammering metal make it stronger? This process actually effects the steel throughout and create a more uniform hardening due to deformation of the crystals. Example: hammering from round to flat causes major changes in the crystal structure and also forces more steel into a single area.

Are hammers high carbon steel?

1045-1060 Steel

The moderate qualities of carbon steel 1045-1060 make it a great choice for hammers, especially if you are welding for home. Ensuring your hammer is not as tough or strong as your anvil is important to prevent damage to the anvil, so if your anvil’s steel is lower-quality, 1045 can be a good choice.

What is Hammer use?

For example, hammers are used for general carpentry, framing, nail pulling, cabinet making, assembling furniture, upholstering, finishing, riveting, bending or shaping metal, striking masonry drill and steel chisels, and so on. Hammers are designed according to the intended purpose.

How many types of hammer are there?

40 different types
Although most hammers are hand tools, powered hammers, such as steam hammers and trip hammers, are used to deliver forces beyond the capacity of the human arm. There are over 40 different types of hammers that have many different types of uses.

Q: What if I use an 8-pound hammer?

Ans: It is all your choice. But if you are a beginner you may not control such a heavyweight hammer. You need to get used to using a hammer first. Otherwise, you may face an accident.

Q: What kind of hammer does a blacksmith use usually?

Ans: It is a choice of individuals. But in general, a blacksmith uses the cross-pein hammer of different sizes and weights.

Q: Are the hammerheads made out of one piece of steel?

Ans: Yes, according to the manufacturers, these hammerheads are made out of a single piece of steel.

Final Words

There is nothing to say if you are a professional blacksmith. Because you know better than anyone which one you need. And we are sure that you are going to pick one of these reviewed products. But there is nothing to worry about if you are a beginner. Our buying guide will show you the direction to find the best blacksmith hammer for you.

Picard 0000811-1500 Blacksmiths’ hammer can be a good choice for anyone. The metal which the hammer made of is very strong. And if you ask for comfort, you can be assured about this as its handle is made of wood which will transmit a little vibration.

KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer can also be a good choice. Its lightweight and design make it perfect for noob users. Finally, I will suggest you pick a hammer made of forged steel and has a handle of wood. That will ensure the longevity of your hammer.

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