Best Oscillating Tool Blades Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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Home improvement jobs have a special place for Oscillating multi-tools. Cutting, sanding, scraping & grinding grouts, you just name the task & this power tool will do it for you in a jiffy. But the blade is the central role player. So, the oscillating tool blade has to suit your task to perform it effortlessly.

The chores you want to chalk a plan may cost higher if done by outside professionals. But in this modern era where technology has made everything so easy for you, it is foolish for you to do so. Several features of the blade have emerged to avail numerous varieties of tasks.

Identification of the best oscillating tool blades demands a thorough and comprehensive guide. Still, the residual queries need to be addressed and taken care of. The sections to follow are there to accomplish those as well as draw the end line providing some suggestions: practical and quick!


Oscillating Tool Blade buying guide

When multiple facilities are oozing out of a single product, surely, facets to consider would be quite a few. That’s the case here with these tool blades and the following are the aspects you should never miss to comprehend.

Construction Material

The most important feature before buying an Oscillating blade is most certainly the material that consists of it. What kind of material you are cutting is the sole fact that you should worry about it. Because if you are cutting steel continuously, then normal high carbon blades will do fine. But overall High Carbon, High Stainless Steel & Thick Gauge blades are most preferable as they are durable.


The compatibility of the blades is a major factor. You have to be very careful while selecting the perfect blades. Your oscillating tool blade should be compatible with your oscillating multi-tool. It is given in the specification which tools are compatible with which blades. So you have to check the specification very carefully.

N.B: The compatibility of the products is not mentioned here, so check the product specifications carefully. If your favorite pick doesn’t fit your multi-tool, it’s of no use to you.


You have to be comfortable with the blades for your ultimate satisfaction. That’s why you need to analyze the design perfect for your comfort. The thickness & the cutting angles, even the length marks around the blade are important factors.

Types of Best Oscillating Tool Blades



The main function of oscillating blades is to cut materials of different types such as metal, wood, plastic.


These blades are used to smoothen the cutting tasks.


There is a lot of operations using saws, so you have to use the right one for you.


These blades would certainly put a nice finishing polished touch to your cuttings.

Grout Removal

These are two types found mainly. Diamond edged blades & carbide edged blades. This Grout removal blade is mainly used for cutting soft & hard materials. The feature certainly proves its versatility by undertaking the job of a grout removal tool.

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Best Oscillating Tool Blades reviewed

Every product has a side that outshines the other. So we have numbered the top valued blades to these favorite options considering their potentials & applications. Let’s dive right into them one by one.

1. Vtopmart 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multitool Blades

Why this one?

The Vtopmart semi-automatic saw Blades are an ideal tool for cutting wood, metal plastic, soft metals & other different materials. Constructed with alloy steel & high carbon steel, the blades produce a more durable & thicker blade than most other blades. The blades are manufactured with thick gauge alloy makes them almost indestructible.

The kit comes in 20pcs where it contains 6 types of different blades. Each blade is designed for its own purposes to meet our needs for household 7 heavy cutting tasks. The package includes blades of ¾ inch & 3/8 inch blades with different cutting varieties such as bi-metal, wood, plastic & other materials. The blades also possess longer wavy enamel that provides users with an accurate & clean finishing to their cuts.

These universal blades have another outstanding feature; it has constructed length markings on both sides of the blade. One side is marked in inch; the other side’s in centimeters. This feature allows users to cut with perfection & accuracy. These Oscillating blades will certainly prove to fulfill your cutting needs without compromising its quality & value.


This tool is really not built for users of heavy-duty cutting. Extreme users have to change the blades often.

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2. EONLION 50 Metal Wood Universal Oscillating Multitool Blades

Why this one?

EONLION introduced consumers with their high-quality Oscillating blades which are made of Stainless steel, High Carbon Steel & thick gauge metal. The materials & manufacturing technique ensures users with quality performance even in the heaviest of cutting uses. The blade cuts through the wood & soft metals effortlessly. It is also effective in cutting plastics, Fiberglass & Plexiglas.

The whole blade kit comes in 50 pieces of the universal oscillating saw blade with 6 different varieties. They come in 35mm & 45mm in Fine Tooth, Coarse Tooth & Bi-Metal.  The blades also stay sharper even after long usages. Users are always provided with fast cutting & cleaner finishing with them. Even there are length markers on both sides of the blade with inch & centimeter, ensuring accurate & easy cutting tasks.

These blades are ideal for covering your every need while working with cutting tasks. It cuts wood, plastic, metals so that you can be the creator of your own furniture & décor. It can be used by professionals who work very frequently by cutting different types of materials.


Though the EOLION is a fantastic blade it does have some downsides. If you are cutting metals frequently, then it tends to be damaged & worn out.

So, users should keep this fact in mind.

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3. Werkzeug Oscillating Saw Blades

Why this one?

The Werkzeug Oscillating Saw Blades are made of Bi- Metals & High Carbon Steel to provide its users with a variety of applications while serving the task of cutting. It is applicable to most universal oscillating tools. It can cut through wood, plastic, soft metals, PVC & even iron too. The blade will most certainly meet your cutting needs.

The whole blade kit will include 21pcs of blades, where it has 7 different varieties of saw blades with 3/8 inch & ¾ inch for fine-tooth, large tooth, bi-metals. It also has half-inch semi-circle & 2 pieces of C clip adaptor. The variety is enough for users to fulfill all their needs in one place. Each blade also has a length marker on both sides providing both inch & centimeter measurement.

The fine-tooth blades deliver more accurate & smooth cuts, while the large tooth ones provide sharper & faster cutting. It also has a quick-change accessory system. Werkzeug is ideal providing its users with a variety of options including remodeling, plumbing, home décor & even demolition too.


With gradual heavy use, the blades tend to wear out. So, the heavier the task the more damage it may get.

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4. Oscillating Saw Blades 25 Professional Metal Wood Multitool Blades Quick Release Cutting Blade Fit

Why this one?

These professional metal oscillating saw blades have been introduced by Lightimetunnel. The blades are made of high carbon steel & high-speed steel. Lightimetunnel has also applied their advanced technology & thick gauge metal to ensure the blades have outstanding wear resistance.

The Lightimetunnel blade kit contains 25pcs of blades where there are 7 different varieties of blades available with 2 pack adapters. They come in 3/8 inch & ¾ inch Bi-metal, semi-circle, precision & standard saw blades. It also has length markers on both sides with inch & millimeters, so that you can cut with high accuracy.

These blades are specially designed to cover all the necessary cutting activities. These standard blades are very much suited for shaping, cutting wood/metal/plastic, sawing & scraping. The blades are highly efficient to use & will certainly give you an excellent cutting experience with nice accuracy too.


The blades do have a durability issue. It wears out very soon. If you are using heavy cutting tasks like metal, it will most certainly wear out soon.

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5. HOTBEST 50 Wood Oscillating Saw Blades Professional Universal Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades

Why this one?

Hotbest has come rocking the market with its 50pcs oscillating saw blade kit. The blades are constructed of high carbon steel & stainless steel. Hotbest have certainly put great effort to ensure the durability of these blades because of the thick gauge metal construction & their advanced manufacturing techniques.

The potential buyers should note that this oscillating blade only comes in 50pcs; 3/8 inch wood saw blades. It has a quick-release system that is compatible with most oscillating blades. It comes with two side length markings where one side has inch & the other side has centimeters. This will most certainly save your time & accurately measure the cutting distances.

Hotbest has also provided its users with a 15-month warranty for refund or replacement on the product. These blades are most certainly value for money. It will give you a full solution for wood cutting activities. It can also be used for plumbing, remodeling & cutting plastic/soft metals.


The durability of the blades is certainly put to question. They are designed to cut wood but you can use them for other purposes but it will be damaged very soon. So heavy duty cutting is really not recommended.

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6. 24-Piece Oscillating Multi-Tool Saw Blades and Accessories Set

Why this one?

These 24pcs Oscillating Multi-Tool Saw Blades and Accessories Set has been introduced by WORKPRO. These blades are constructed with high-quality materials for ultimate user satisfaction. The high-quality premium steel blades will withstand any cutting activity you perform.  Every blade in the kit will serve its purpose.

The whole WORKPRO kit contains 24pcs of accessories including bi-metal, scrapper, precision, semi-circular, standard flush saw blades. It also has sanding pads & sandpapers for woods. These varieties of blades & accessories will come in handy for users who wish to overcome all cutting obstacles smoothly.

WORKPRO has provided a whole package in their kit. You can use sanding for hardwood, doing the floor or tiles, removing paint job, the blades itself will accurately cut through plastic, wood, soft metals. You will be able to finish up any cutting task or wood task with the whole kit. You won’t have to rely on anything else to do the job.


The WORKPRO kit is certainly a decent choice but as there are a lot of varieties if you one particular type of blades are worn out, then you would again have to buy the whole kit.

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7. Bionso 31 PCS Oscillating Saw Blades, Premium Multitool Blades Kit

Why this one?

Bionso has introduced a 31pcs Oscillating Saw Blade to its users which are constructed of high-quality carbon steels, bi-metal steels & thick gauge. Bionso ha produced these blades with their technologies for the blades to have better wear resistance & longer life span of the blades. It is a complete package considering the accessories with it.

The 31psc Oscillating Saw Blade kit consists of 9 different saw blades. It has 3/8 inch wood & plastic, Bi-metal, and ¾ inch wood & plastic too. It also has 5/8 inch & ½ inch options for blades with two clip adapters. As stated earlier that this whole kit will cover your cutting tasks permanently. It also has both side length markings to it.

A large number of saw blades would put you in a good position for a lot of tasks. The efficiency of the blades is noteworthy. There is a wide variety of saw tooth sizes & shapes which makes your options more when it comes to being comfortable with the right size. This certainly proved to be value for money with its large variety & quality materials that it’s constructed with.


The downside of these blades may be that using them consciously in the heavy tasks will wear them out gradually.

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Best Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Brand? Let’s find out!

How do you choose an oscillating tool or multi tool blade?

Are oscillating tools worth it?

Are oscillating tools worth it in general? For the most part, yes. In two out of the three tests (cutting and sanding), even those on the bottom of the oscillating pile were more effective than the control tools..

Will Dremel oscillating blades fit Dewalt?

Dremel has come out with 3 new universal oscillating multi-tool cutting blades. … Because of this, they fit Fein, Bosch, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Makita, and Rockwell oscillating tools, and also Dewalt and Porter Cable.

Is a Dremel an oscillating tool?

Dremel oscillating tools are perfect for contractors, do it your self projects, crafters or any project around the house. Dremel has created multiple accessory kits and a wide range of individual accessories for your oscillating tool.

How deep can an oscillating tool cut?

between 1 and 3 inches
Oscillating tools can cut as deep as their blade is long. That’s typically between 1 and 3 inches.

Will oscillating tool cut nails?

The bi-metal oscillating tool blades can be good for cutting nails and screws, and are especially good for jobs that involve cutting both wood and metal. If you are looking to make a straight cut into a piece of high quality metal, then you may want to go with semi-circular metal cutting blades.

Can oscillating tool cut 2×4?

Oscillating tool is the only option. I do the same as Bud, cut thru the drywall and stud. A reciprocating saw (demo saw) will work here. I prefer a quality jig saw with extra long blade, or plunge cut blade if you can cut from both sides.

Are multi-tools worth it?

Because of its versatility and multi-functionality, a good multi-tool can be your go-to power tool for hundreds of household tasks. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur DIY tinkerer, or a seasoned professional tradesperson, a power multi-tool is an essential purchase that is well worth a space in your toolbox.

Will Bosch multi tool blades fit DeWalt?

Compatible Multi-Tools

Fit ALL multi-cutters. This includes Bosch, Fein, Makita, Metabo, Hitachi, Milwaukee, AEG, Einhell, Ryobi and Skil. DeWalt multi-tools require an adapter.

Can you sand with an oscillating tool?

An oscillating mutlitool’s sanding, grinding, and saw-blade attachments provide for all of these. … The triangular sanding head on an oscillating multitool helps you smooth rough wood in corners, sand down wood filler, and smooth over jagged edges of scraped paint.

Are oscillating tool blades universal?

Universal blade fitting. compatible with most brands of multi tool.

Can an oscillating tool cut steel?

With an oscillating power tool like the 20V Maxlithium Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-tool, you can cut through metal with no problem. … When cutting metal with oscillating saw blades, it is a good idea to start the tool off at a lower speed.

Do Dremel accessories fit all Dremels?

Does the Dremel 8220 work with all of the High Speed Rotary Tool Attachments? All of the Dremel High Speed Rotary Tool Attachments are compatible with the 8220 but you may experience reduced run times on the battery when using certain attachments.

Q: What is an Oscillating Multi-Tool?

Ans: An Oscillating Multi-Tool can be considered as a one in power tool where you can saw, scraper, sand, grind, polish & many other operations with just one device.

Q: How does an Oscillating Multitool work?

Ans: An Oscillating tool works mainly on the moving of the blades at high speed in a rotating motion or a back & forth motion. But this movement is done with precise control & minimal vibrations so that you can control the machine with stable operation.

Q: Where do the Oscillating tool blades come to work?

Ans: The machine is the oscillating multi-tool where the blades are placed in front of the tool so that it can perform its operations smoothly.

Q: Does every blade fit every multi-tool?

Ans: No, every blade does not fit every multi-tool. Every blade is designed in a different way. So you have to see the specification very carefully to see if it fits your machine.

Q: What do teeth mean in saw blade?

Ans: There is a general rule that the more the teeth mean the smoother & faster the cuts would be. There are fine tooth & Coarse tooth blades.


Every oscillating blade has been built for its own purposes. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your oscillating multi-tool & the task that you are working on. These two factors are the most important facts you have to keep in mind.

If you are considering to work with only wood type materials where there involve no heavy-duty tasks, then you can consider Hottest 50pcs Oscillating blades as they are providing more blades for a single task.

If you have a wide variety of tasks that include many blades then you can consider Vtopmart 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multi-tool Blades or WORKPRO Oscillating Multi-Tool Saw Blades as these manufacturers offer more variety to fulfill your every need.

Best oscillating tool blades are the ones that offer you most features yet smartly excludes the ones you aren’t counting on.

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