7 Best Router Lifts | Reviews and Top Picks

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 27, 2022
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If you need to do some dense routing frequently, then getting a router lift is quite mandatory for you.

That is because, this device will allow you to adjust the height with the least bit of effort, and make woodworking much easier for you.

So, why should you not get this amazing and beneficial tool?


However, getting a suitable one for your work is not that simple. That is why we are here with the best router lifts available in the market, along with all the details that you will be needing.

We have also included a buyer’s guide, which will provide you with information regarding the aspects that you should not overlook when you are searching for an apt router lift.

So, let’s get started already!

Types of Router Lifts

There are two types of router lifts, which are meant for the two types of router. Therefore, before you start to look for a raise, you need to determine the type of router you are going to work with consistently.

Plunge Router Lift

Router lifts tend to work well with plunge routers. That is because, in this case, you won’t be able to remove the motor of the router. However, you can surely fix the router to lift quite easily, while making necessary adjustments as per your requirement.

But you will have to be extra careful about whether or not the router will fit the lift in this case. As the motor is not removable, the tools fitting each other is absolutely essential in this case.

For that, you can go through the manual of a given router lift before you decide to purchase it and check whether or not it is compatible with your router.

Fixed Router Lift

Router lifts work with fixed routers quite well, too, depending on your specific projects or the type of tasks that you will be executing. In this case, surely, you can remove the motor when necessary and make adjustments as per your requirement.

However, such router lifts tend to fit multiple routers, especially the ones that include an adapter. So, this factor will not be a big concern if this is what you are getting.

7 Best Router Lifts Reviews

Looking for router lifts but not sure where to look? Don’t worry, with our top 7 picks and all the details provided, you will face no trouble whatsoever to pick the right one for yourself!

JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift

JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift

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Weight13.69 pounds
Dimensions13.7 x 11.2 x 12 in
MaterialHard anodized
Batteries Included?Yes
Batteries Required?No

Are you looking for a router lift that comes with high accuracy and a top-notch lock feature? In that case, here’s a product that will suit your needs quite well. Find out more about why it is known as the best router lift on the market.

First of all, this product promises durability like no other. The tool is machined from 3/8-inch hard-anodized aluminum, which will last longer than you expect it to, relieving you from the worries of replacing it anytime soon.

On the other hand, the double sealed bearing construction of the tool also ensures it won’t break off or wear down quickly. Therefore, you can rely on it with all your heavy-duty work.

Furthermore, the versatility of this tool will amaze you. It is designed in such a way that it will allow most fixed base routers to fit on it. Hence, you won’t have to worry about whether or not this is compatible with your router.

For added safety and convenience, the tool comes with an exclusive cam locking system. This aspect will lock the router in position and will let you work without any interruptions and safety issues while ensuring a good work session for you.

The product does not come with ample information regarding its installation. Therefore, you may find this process to be quite hasslesome. On the other hand, tightening the router creates friction on the plate, which prevents it from being flat.


  • Machined from 3/8-inch hard-anodized aluminum
  • Double sealed bearing construction
  • Designed to fit most fixed base routers
  • Comes with an exclusive cam locking system
  • Ensures great accuracy


  • Does not include ample instructions
  • Prevents the router from being flat on it

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Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift

Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift

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Weight10.75 pounds
Dimensions13.5 x 11 x 10.38 in
Measurement SystemMetric
Batteries Included?No
Warranty90 day

Great router lifts should include some standard aspects, such as ease of assembly, accuracy, and safety features. Fortunately, this product contains all of these and much more, which makes it one of the best-rated router lifts available in the market.

Speaking of accuracy, the device allows you to make precise adjustments without backlash. This aspect ensures accuracy at all times, which will make routing much more hassle-free for you.

On the other hand, for smooth operation, the product comes with a bearing guided carriage. Therefore, no matter how thick or heavy of a material you are working with, you will be able to execute your task with ease.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about whether or not this product will be suitable for your router. That is because this device is designed to accept more than 20 popular routers without requiring adapters or pads.

More importantly, for fast and easy above-table bit changes, the device includes above-table collet access. This aspect adds convenience to your work so that you can work continuously without any hassle whatsoever.

Sadly, the product does not come with screws that will allow you to level the router plate, so you will need to purchase them separately. Furthermore, the inserts are cheaply made, so you will have to be careful with them.


  • Comes with safety features
  • Allows you to make anti-backlash adjustments
  • Ensures smooth operation at all times
  • Can accept routers without requiring pads or adapters
  • Includes an above-table collet access


  • Does not include screws that level the router plate
  • Inserts are cheaply made

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SawStop RT-LFT Four-Post Router Lift with Lock

SawStop RT-LFT Four-Post Router Lift with Lock

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Weight16 pounds
Dimensions9.25 x 11.75 x 6.5 in
Measurement SystemMetric
Batteries Required?No

Are you looking for a router lift that is innovative and quite different from its competitors? In that case, here’s a product that you’d surely be interested in. Find out more about why it is known as the best router lift plate.

First of all, precision and accuracy is its top priority, which always tends to satisfy its users. This product has been built for heavy-duty precision, which makes it so reliable and accurate in general.

On the other hand, the chain-synchronized four-post lifting system of the tool only adds more convenience for the users. This aspect will allow you to lift this device quite effortlessly and get started with your woodworking session.

Furthermore, the positive locking system of the device will allow you to lock the router bit in its place while preventing it from moving when you are working. Hence, you will be able to work without any interruptions whatsoever.

More importantly, the precision above-table elevation measurement and adjustments will let you make bit changes above the table without any hassle whatsoever.

You will need to have some patience while installing the tool because the process is quite lengthy. On the other hand, the manual of the product does not include a list of all the compatible routers, which is quite an inconvenience.


  • Top-notch precision and accuracy
  • Comes with a chain-synchronized four-post lifting system
  • Includes a positive locking system
  • Allows you to make bit changes above the table
  • Delivers smooth operation


  • Installation takes a lot of time
  • Does not include a list of compatible routers

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Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRL-V2-414 Precision Router Lift

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRL-V2-414 Precision Router Lift

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Weight14.95 pounds
Dimensions13 x 10.25 x 10.5
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

If you want your woodworking session to go well, then you will need a reliable and trustworthy router lift. Here’s a reliable tool for you, which includes all the aspects that you could possibly want in your router lift.

First of all, for instant quick-lift, the device comes with a spring-assisted wrench. This added part only adds convenience for the users of the tool so that you can get done with your work quickly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, you can make height adjustments to the utmost precision, thanks to the thumbwheel provided. This aspect will allow you to make adjustments as per your requirement, whenever you need to.

More importantly, for maximum rigidity, the device comes with a one-piece motor carriage. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about this product bending or breaking due to extra pressure or power during work.

On the other hand, the tool comes with three twist lock rings, which are self-leveling. This is another feature that adds convenience for the users, and not to mention, the low weight of the tool makes lifting it quite effortless as well.

However, you may face some trouble when assembling this device, as it does not come with enough information regarding its installation process. Furthermore, it does not include an adapter, so you may need to buy one separately.


  • Comes with a spring-assisted wrench
  • Makes height adjustments to utmost precision
  • Provides maximum rigidity
  • Equipped with twist lock rings
  • Lightweight


  • Does not include ample information for installation
  • No adapter included

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Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift

Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift

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Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

The primary purpose of getting a router lift is to make fast and effortless height adjustments when necessary. Fortunately, this tool serves that purpose quite well, while providing its users with multiple other benefits.

Also, the aspect that sets this device apart from its counterparts is its quick-gear 4-to-1 gearbox ratio. This feature will allow you to make height adjustments at a four times faster rate than that of a general router lift.

On the other hand, the precision gear will allow you to make adjustments within 0.001 inches. This aspect will make your routing much more accurate and precise than it would have been with other tools.

Moreover, to make things more convenient for you, the device comes with a push-button, which releases the insert ring for quick bit changes. Hence, you won’t have to worry about losing any screws or search for any tools.

For a perfect friction fit, the device comes with two adjustable expansion bars, which are beneath the plate. This aspect will allow the router lift to fit with the table without any hassle whatsoever.

The product does not include an adapter, which can be pretty inconvenient, as you will not be able to use different routers with this. On the other hand, the device itself does not include instructions regarding the installation process of the tool.


  • Allows height adjustments at a four times faster rate
  • Makes adjustments within 0.001 inches
  • Includes a push-button for bit changes
  • Provides perfect friction fit
  • You won’t have to worry about losing screws


  • Does not come with an adapter
  • No instructions regarding its installation

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Benefits of Using a Router Lift

You are probably wondering why you should get a router lift. And that’s a valid question, given to most people, just having a router tends to be enough. However, there are certain benefits to having a router lift that you can’t really overlook. So, we are here to give you more insight into their advantages.


Ease of Use

One of the significant reasons to get a router lift is that it makes routing much easier for all of its users. Adjusting the height of a router bit can often be hasslesome; however, that is not the case when it comes to a router lift, making it preferable by consumers.


Having a router lift can significantly increase the accuracy of your work. How? Well, technically, this product comes with a ball bearing system, which makes the adjustment of height very smooth and accurate. Hence, you can alter the height to a fraction of an inch with utter ease.

Solid Base Plate

Every router lift comes with a solid base plate, which ensures stability and less vibration while you are working. Router tables are generally not as stable, which is why getting a router lift is recommended.

Standard Mount

This feature makes the assembly of a router lift with that of a router much more manageable. All you will have to do is just bolt the router insert plate on, and you are done.

What to Look for in a Router Lift?

If you have no experience in purchasing a router lift before, then there are some factors that you should become familiar with. These essential features should be present in a good router lift, and should also be focused on.

Overlooking these factors would not be a good idea, as you wouldn’t be satisfied with your purchase otherwise. That is why we have made a list of all the key aspects that you need to look out for when you are about to purchase a router lift.

Along with the aspects, we have also provided some details to give you a better insight into those factors. If you adhere to these, then you are sure to find the right router lift for your work.


The first and foremost aspect that you should look out for is whether or not the tool is compatible with your router. If those are not fully compatible, then there’s absolutely no point in getting it.

So, before you make the purchase, go through the manual of the lift and then check as to whether or not it is compatible with the model of your router. If it is, then proceed to look for other features and aspects that you’d want in it.

Height Adjustment

The primary purpose of a router lift is to make height adjustments, and that is something it should be able to execute well. These devices make adjustments in two ways – through a crank handle or a thumbwheel.

It’s up to you as to which one you’d find more comfortable to work with. Therefore, you should try out of these mechanisms before you purchase a router lift.


Of course, the construction of a router lift matters a lot more than you’d think. That is because the sturdier the product, the more stability it will be providing, and the longer it will last.

Hence, you should not go for materials such as plastic because router lifts made of this will not last long, forcing you to get a new one. Try to go for those that are made of heavy-duty metal.

Locking Mechanism

This aspect is necessary because you will need to lock the router bits right after making adjustments. Or else, the router bits will move around and interrupt your work, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Therefore, look for a reliable locking mechanism, which will serve its purpose quite well. Furthermore, go for bolt or lever locks, as they will provide both accuracy and versatility.


While having a sturdy router lift is highly recommended, having a heavy one is not. That is because, no matter how great the features of the product are, if you are unable to lift it, then there’s absolutely no point in getting it.

Therefore, make sure the lift you are getting is heavy-duty as well as light enough for you to lift it when necessary comfortably. Getting a heavy one will only provide more hassle for you, which you wouldn’t want.

Included Adapter

Some router lifts come with an adapter, and that is more beneficial than you can think. That is because the purpose of an adapter is to make sure different routers fit the tool without any trouble.

Therefore, even if you feel like working with a smaller or larger router for a change, then you can easily do so.

Your Budget

You will find router lifts at a variety of price ranges, so finding an apt one within your affordability wouldn’t be so difficult. Therefore, at first, you need to fix a budget for it and then start looking in accordance with that budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a router lift do?

Ans: The purpose of a router lift is to hold a router in its place. For that, it comes with an attached carriage that holds the router. In other words, this is a router-table mounting plate, which provides overall stability to your mounting.

Q: Is a router lift really worth it?

Ans: That depends on the type of woodworking you will have to do. If most of your woodwork is handheld, then getting a router lift wouldn’t be worth it. However, if you have to make frequent set-up changes or height adjustment, then this will surely be worth the investment.

Q: How much do router lifts cost?

Ans: The prices of router lifts vary widely. For instance, most of them cost around 250 to 400 dollars. However, if you want, you can get something that is more expensive or something that is much more affordable. It mostly depends on the brand of router lift you are willing to purchase.

Q: How long do router lifts last?

Ans: This aspect depends on the brand as well as the product itself. If you buy a sturdy and long-lasting lift, then it will probably last for 5-6 years. However, if you buy a router lift for temporary use, then it will probably only survive for a year or two.

Q: Can I make my router lift?

Ans: Yes, you most definitely can. If you want a handy router lift and save some costs in the meantime, then you can build one right at your home. All you will need is ample information and all the necessary hardware with yourself.

Here is a relevant guideline for you about – How to Make a Router Table for a Plunge Router?

Final Words

We hope you have found the right product for the best router table that you own among the best router lifts that we discussed in this article. However, if you haven’t, then just keep the essential features and factors in mind, and you will get there pretty soon.

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