Best sanders for paint jobs: the right one for wall and wood

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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A sander is for sale in many variants.

Purchasing a sander is a great investment. Besides that a sander saves you a lot of work, the end result will also be better.

After all, it is important to sand well so that the (primer) paint adheres well to the substrate.

Sander for paint jobs

There are different types and sizes of sanders for sale. It may be practical to buy 2 sanders.

Besides that you can work with two people at the same time and save a lot of time, it is also very practical to have a smaller sander next to a large model.

A large device does not reach the smaller spaces. You can purchase a sander in my paint shop, among other places.

Further in the article I have highlighted some good models that are for sale.

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Orbital sanders

An orbital sander is a sander with a large sanding “face”. An orbital sander is ideal for large surfaces such as doors, walls and not to be missed if you want to paint laminate.

Belt sander

Do you want to tackle it even bigger and more professionally? Then buy a belt sander. A belt sander is slightly coarser and has a sanding belt instead of a sanding surface. A sanding belt has the advantage that it is clogged less quickly and also finishes a sanding surface a little faster due to the heavier weight.

Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander is arguably the best machine to buy. Especially when it comes to large surfaces. An eccentric sander makes several sanding movements, which makes sanding work faster with most flat and belt machines.

Multi sanders

Buying a multi-sander is definitely recommended. Usually multi sanders have different attachments. Especially the triangular multi-sander is very easy for corners and small edges. You can’t easily get into tight corners and edges with a flat, belt, or random orbit sander. This makes the multi sander an indispensable piece of painting tool.

Delta sander

A delta version is a machine designed to sand well in corners. Usually corners work fine with a multi-sander, but if you want to be fully equipped, a delta sander is definitely a good purchase.

Advice and sanding tips

Would you like to read more about sanding or would you like advice from me as a painter? You have access to hundreds of blog articles via the menu and the search function. You might also like to take a look at my YouTube channel. Here I regularly post useful videos with painting tips and advice if you do not know which products are best to purchase.

Buy sander

With a sander you save considerable time compared to manual sanding.

I try to avoid a sander as much as possible and prefer to sand manually.

You can control the sanding speed by hand and to a lesser extent with a machine.

Unless there is really a lot of paint peeling off and where you have to sand completely bare in some places.

Then buying a sander is of course a solution.

Nowadays you have ultramodern sanders where you don’t even need a power cable anymore, the so-called battery sander.

Buying a sander in many variants

The purpose of sanding is to smooth wood and remove old paint residue.

First you have the orbital sander, this machine gives a vibrating movement.

The machine is very suitable for flat parts such as; wind springs, buoy parts, rebate parts and doors.

You also have a sander with a round disc.

This is also known as the eccentric machine.

This machine also vibrates and the round disc spins around.

With this machine you can sand coarsely and quickly.

Suitable for woodwork that is peeling.

However, you have to be careful with this.

Its high speed also allows you to go off the surface with your machine.

This can cause accidents for yourself or damage the woodwork.

So caution is advised!

An orbital sander

Finally, I mention here the triangle sander.

This works the same as the orbital sander.

The flat barn is smaller and has the shape of a triangle with slightly rounded sides.

This is extremely suitable for sanding difficult and small areas.

We also have sanders for sale in the Paint Shop of Schilderpret

Various attachments

You have different attachments with these 3 sanders mentioned above.

You have clamp attachment.

The paper is secured between the device and the sole by means of a clamp.

In addition, you have Velcro fastening.

This is very convenient and quick to use.

On the back of the sandpaper is a Velcro fastener that sticks to the sole.

Finally you have a combination of 2 above.

Finally, I want to tell you that sanding with sanders is quick and easy.

You have to keep an eye out that your machine doesn’t run away because of its power.

This can lead to major accidents that cannot be foreseen.

Watch out is very much in place here!

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