Best Work Pants For Carpenters, Electricians & Construction Workers

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 21, 2022
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Looking to upgrade your workwear arsenal a bit? Let’s talk about work pants. Obviously, you are here for that. Now, work pants, the thing is, they need to be durable, comfortable, and supportive. Some work pants can get really hot on warm days while some can’t even keep your crotch warm during winter. If you are an electrician or a carpenter, you know what it feels like doing an honest day’s work in the right clothes. The best work pants will give you a balance between comfort and protection. Depending on what you are doing, you would either want to go with a pant that is configured for a carpenter or want a work pant that is more suited for an electrician. Best-Work-Pants Whatever the case may be, here is a list of products that I think are the best work pants for carpenters, electricians, and construction workers.

Best Work Pants | The Top Picks

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick rundown of some of the best work pants for different trades. Best For Carpenters: Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pant The best in the business. Tough as nails, comfortable and features everything you can expect from a work pant made for carpenters. Best For Construction Work: Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree Pant The iconic double-front dungaree work pant from Carhartt. Made in the USA, top-notch quality, and no bad reviews. Best Overall: Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant Great fit, regular work pants from Wrangler. Good for a lot of reasons, and comfort is one of them.

Work Pant Reviews For Carpenters, Electricians & Construction Workers

Now that you have seen our top three picks, here are the rest of the work pants reviews. It’s not possible to include every brand out there. To keep it short, we have handpicked only the best ones from mainstream brands.

Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pant – Best For Any Tradesman

Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant – Best For Any Tradesman

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The Caterpillar C172 Trademark Pant is, without a doubt, the best work pants for any tradesman. Anything and everything you can hope to expect from a work pant, you will find that the C172 will offer you that and possibly even more. It’s tough as nails, wide, and more. One look at these pants, and you can easily see why these are CAT’s no.1 selling work pants. The C172 has been a fan favorite for a long time. It has a proprietary C2X fabric, and the fabric is Cordura. The best thing about this fabric is that it is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. It’s also very comfortable to wear. There is Cordura fabric on the knees for long-lasting durability. Even if you are a knee shredder, you will have a tough time putting any damage on these knees. Let me tell you, these knees mean business. The gripper tape on the waistband keeps this work pant right where it should be. You also get hook and loop fasteners for attaching a tool belt (like these choices). There are foldout pockets on the front, and the back is made out of oxford denier. This means these pockets are super durable and very long-lasting. You also get a secured cell phone pocket with secure flap closure. Pros
  • Ruler pocket and carpenter loop
  • Unstitched from the bottom for mobility
  • Layered multi-purpose pockets
  • Tough as nails
  • Nothing to nitpick about
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Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ranger Pant

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This is a true workwear designed for carpenters and woodworkers by Wrangler. The RIGGS WORKWEAR lineup of work pants contains some of the best work pants for carpenters and construction workers. These pants are made using 100% ripstop cotton fabric. It’s durable enough to hold up to snags, dirt and can easily withstand all sorts of rough use. At the same time, these pants also offer a good range of flexibility and motion. In addition to that, you get reinforced knees, extra durable fabric, ability to squat, bend, and kneel with ease. Everything on these pants is reinforced for maximum durability. Some of the unique features of this pant are heavy-duty belt loop, hammer loop, reinforced panels with dirt drop vents, Cordura lined back pockets, Room2move comfort & patented tape measure reinforcement. The straight leg opening, and its natural waist rise give you a natural and relaxed fit. Furthermore, it has seven cargo style pockets to keep all your essentials with you. In short, this is a pant that a lot of hobbyist woodworkers and construction workers will definitely love. Pros
  • Ideal work pants for carpenters
  • Triple stitching reinforcement
  • Good range of movement
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Nothing to nitpick about
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Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree Pant B01

Carhartt Men's Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree Pant B01

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Up next, we have the legendary double-front work pants from the famous workwear brand, Carhartt. Available in four different colors and wide range of sizes, these super durable pants still live up to Carhartt’s standards. This double-front dungaree can really take a beating. Whether you are putting rebar into cement, pounding nails into floors, or crawling on roofs, these reinforced pants will make sure your legs are protected. These pants are made in the USA using 100% ring-spun cotton duck. The cleanout openings on the knee section can accommodate knee pads for extra safety. In addition to that, heavy-hauling reinforced back pockets, left-leg hammer loop, and multiple utility and tool pockets for convenience. Even with all of these features, these pants offer easy movement. There are incidents where these work pants protected a person’s leg from a chainsaw. That goes to show you how durable and thick these dungaree pants are. I will easily recommend this pant to someone who is looking for a durable work pant that can rough abuse in the welding industry. Not only are these pants thick and durable, but they are also very comfortable to wear. Pros
  • Thickest and toughest work pants on the market
  • Impressive quality and very longer lasting
  • Fits true to size
  • Made in the USA
  • None
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LEE Men’s Loose-fit Carpenter Jean

LEE Men's Loose-fit Carpenter Jean

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Halfway on this review and we finally got a chance to add a carpenter jean from the famous LEE. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and twelve different colors. It’s a work pant designed for carpenters to handle daily wear and tear in the workshop. This jean uses 100% cotton fabric for comfort and durability. There is also a pole blend version, which is slightly cheaper and softer than the 100% cotton version. This carpenter jean is designed to withstand the rough abuse of a carpenter’s daily work while providing the comfort you need. These jeans can easily resist stretching, wrinkles, and abrasion. It’s also lightweight. I really like the quick-drying feature of these pants. Although it’s lightweight, this pant is plenty strong and durable. It’s a mid-rise pant that sits below the waist. As for the fitting, it has a loose overall fit and a straight leg design. The leg opening is 18-inches and covers shoes really well. So, you do not have to spend time by going through the process of cleaning the work boots frequently. There are total 6 pockets which should be more than enough for a carpenter. A lot of people think that pole blend jeans are scratchy. While this isn’t very far from the truth, but surprisingly, the poly blend carpenter jean from LEE isn’t like that. In fact, it’s actually more comfortable and pure cotton jean. Pros
  • Good combination of durability and comfort
  • Adequate room for easy movement
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Quick drying carpenter pants
  • Not true to size
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Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant

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Dubbed as the “Perfect Dickie”, this double knee work pant is special. This isn’t the sort of work pant you would find at stores like Walmart. It’s not some cheap replica either. It’s a loose fit, original Dickie that uses thicker and heavy-duty fabric for durability. This work pant has a better fit, it’s true to size and very comfortable too. Just by looking at these pants and you will instantly notice the difference. If you are the type of guy that prefers relaxed fit pants, this is the perfect Dickie for you. Although it has a loose fit style, the looseness is perfect. This pant isn’t that baggy either. The bottom portion of the pant covers the shoe nicely and don’t taper at all. You can wear these pants with work boots, and these pants will cover most of the boot, keeping your precious workwear cleaner. As for the durability, these pants are known to hold up well. You can easily use these pants every single day in working environments. This pant can tackle just about anything. However, they are not fireproof. So, if you are a welder and do a lot of welding works, this might not be the pant you are looking for. Pros
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Suitable for regular work
  • Loose fit style
  • Reinforced knees
  • Lack of quality control
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CQR Men’s Ripstop Work Pants, Water Repellent Tactical Pant

CQR Men's Ripstop Work Pants, Water Repellent Tactical Pant

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This is a decent, everyday cargo pant from CQR that also doubles as a work pant. It’s a tactical style work pant that is made out of Duratex Ripstop fabric. This means, this pant has a good combination of durability and comfort. It’s also dustproof coated. In addition to that, it can also withstand extremely harsh conditions. As for the additional features, it has multi-pockets for utility use. These pockets are multi-configuration and contain several large cargo style side pockets along with Velcro strap. In total, you get ten pockets for various storage options and utility use. For attaching hammers, it also features a Velcro loop. On the back, the rear section has two mid-sized insert pockets. There are reinforced belt loops to provide a hassle-free and secure fit. I would say this pant will be the ideal replacement for those of you that are looking to replace your current cargo pants. As for the weight, these pants are more on the lighter side. This means they will be great for hot weather. You won’t notice any stretches or wrinkles, either. The sizing is good too. These pants are roomy in the waist section, which is a plus, in my opinion. Pros
  • Affordable cargo pants for regular use
  • A good collection of pockets
  • More room in the waist section
  • Lightweight and durable fabric
  • Doesn’t have knee pad pockets
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Timberland PRO Men’s A1OWF Grit-N-Grind Flex Jean

Timberland PRO Men's A1OWF Grit-N-Grind Flex Jean

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Finally, we have the Timberland PRO Men’s A1OWF. These are the type of jeans that you can use on different occasions. Many people like them as regular wear. If you are the type of guy that tears through pants like crazy, the Grit-N-Grind Flex Jean is for you. It’s also great for motorcycle riding. However, these jeans have a common problem. They tend to get tight when you wash them and need a break-in period. It usually takes around a day of wearing to restore the pants original size. It doesn’t matter if you wash them in cold or hot water, the problem remains. If that doesn’t bother you, then there isn’t much to talk about. The quality is there. Unless Timberland PRO fails at quality control, these pants should last quite a while. These pants look good and feel well. The measurements are also spot on. However, these pants do run a little short on the inseam. Go +2 for inseam if you want to have a perfect fit. Even with the non-flex version, you will have more than enough flex to move and work in. While not using these pants for work, you can use them as riding pant. It looks really good on people with built legs. Pros
  • Multi-purpose work jean
  • Flex and non-flex model available
  • Durable jean fabric
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t have many options for bigger people
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Choosing The Best Work Pants | A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

The job of a work pant is to handle tough jobs while giving your protection and comfort. Now, comfort is something not all work pants can give. To make these pants durable and longer lasting, some compromises are needed. However, there are a lot of workwear out there that can give you a good combination of both security and comfort. Whether you work in landscaping or carpentry, this guide will help you find the best work pants for your job. You can also use this guide to find work pants for your DIY home projects like – DIY plant stand projects, DIY desk projects, DIY workbench projects, etc. When assessing workwear, how well these pants will last under different conditions. One week, you may be climbing poles, and the next week, you might be bushwhacking through thorny patches. You never know where you might find yourself the next day. Amazingly, these pants are designed for those kinds of scenarios. Now, a lot goes into making these pants. To assess the best one, you need to consider the durability, the pricing, price to value ratio, the overall construction of the pant, and comfort. This will be a long guide, so sit tight, grab a cup of coffee, and read one. At first, we will talk about only the things that matter the most when it comes to buying work trousers for the first time.
Durability Without a doubt, the most important feature that you should look for in a work pant is durability. These pants aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on pants that will tear in a month. Most of the pants on this list have a similar price point. It doesn’t matter which brand you go with, if you can use it for a couple of years, then all of the investment would have paid off. Now, in general, good work pants will usually last a year or so. It depends on the usage and the nature of the job that you do. A durable pant will also provide protection during accidents. There are pants in this list that can easily withstand welding flames while others can provide protection against rough objects. Keep in mind that work pants are not a suitable substitute for proper safety gear. However, against a certain type of injury, these pants will provide above the average line of defense. To further enhance your protection, there are pants that allow you to add knee pads. If you are looking to further enhance safety features and durability, go with a work pant that is woven in a way so that the pants become tear-resistant and waterproof. Comfort Now, this a key factor. Comfort is the only thing that most first-time buyers will tend to neglect. Why? It’s because of a general misconception that work pants can’t be comfortable. Let me tell you; this isn’t true at all. When shopping for a construction work pant, there are pants out there that are very comfortable and breathable. Comfortable workwear will make your day a whole lot easier.
  • Size/Fit
A good, comfy pant will vary from person to person. The first thing you should ensure is good fitting. There are brands out there that make pants that are consistent in size. This will allow you to get a good idea about the size of the pant and how well it will fit. However, there are pants out there that will shrink after the first wash. So, it’s a good idea to get a size longer. Again, you can look at the size chart to find the perfect fitting for your body shape. In theory, buying work pants online might look very easy; however, in reality, this process can become a nightmare. Some pants might run a bit on the smaller or larger side. There are also pants that have inconsistent sizing. A lot of things can get wrong. Take your time, check the reviews, and do a proper measurement before you hit the buy button.
  • Things To Avoid
Avoid buying work pants from no-name brands, especially if they have a bad record of making inconsistent pant sizes. A lot of things can go wrong. For example, you might order five pants and discover that two or three of them are larger or smaller. You can always return them, but there is no guarantee that you will get the proper size next time.
  • Finding The Correct Size
If you are buying from a local store, you can try it out first. But when your shopping online, there is no way to know the size. Fortunately, there are brands out there that have a solid reputation for making pants of the same size consistently.
  • Breathability
If it isn’t breathable, it isn’t comfortable either. That’s why breathability is a comfort factor when it comes to working pants. In the hot summer days, you will be sweating a lot and having a breathable pant is a must. If you sweat a lot and the pants you are wearing are trapping heat, your whole workday will turn into a disaster. When the weather outside is sticky and hot, cool and breathable pant will keep you comfortable. Weight Nowadays, work pants are made using better materials and advanced spinning methods. As a result, these pants don’t weight that much. However, you still have the option to go for bulky pants if your job requires you to do so. Pants that use modern fabric and material won’t weigh more than a few pounds. Speaking of weights, it’s a good idea to also determine what tools you will be keeping in your pants. Some work pants offer a lot of pockets to keep all sorts of tools. However, that doesn’t mean that these pants can replace the need for a tool belt. Having a lightweight pant will put a lot less strain on you during a busy day of work. You will also feel more comfortable during the hot summer days. The Right Work Pants For The Right Job Work pants that are made for construction workers might not be suitable for home DIYers. There is also the matter of price. Try to figure out what your workplace needs, like in terms of protection, features, comfort, etc. If you only work with woodworking tools, you won’t need to buy a pant that is fire resistant or waterproof. Take some time to find the right pair of work pants that will closely fit your requirements. Also, check the price. Don’t pay more than what the pants are worth. These are work pants. They are bound to get damaged sooner or later. So, get something that will offer the right value for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most important factors to look for in quality work pants? Ans: The job of a work pant is to provide protection, withstand tough working conditions, and to keep your legs secure. In addition to that, work pants should keep you comfortable throughout the day. It’s crucial that the pant you wear for your job allows you to move effortlessly throughout the day. Q: What type of work pants will look best in the workplace? Ans: In general, you will find four different types of work pants. The most sought-after style is the cargo style work pant. The key feature of this type of work pant is that they have larger and more open style flap pockets. Due to the pocket space, these pants are very popular amongst different tradesmen. Most high-end cargo work pants will be made out of quick-drying cotton blends. The best ones will feature ripstop material. As for the carpenters, freedom of movement is more important than having larger pockets. That’s why you will see more carpenter prefer pants made from soft denim. Q: How should a work pant fit? Ans: In addition to having protection and other necessary features, the work pant you will wear should feel comfortable. Especially in the hot summer days, breathable work pants are a must. However, comfort is a matter of personal preference. For example, some people prefer loose fit pants while others will prefer a more relaxed style fit. Go with the size that makes you comfortable. Q: What are the essential features in a work pant? Ans: When it comes to workwear, there are some features that men love in work pants. While I’m not going to state them all, however, I will go through some of the most preferred ones. The first and foremost feature is a place to put the knee pads. Alongside utility pockets, you will also need pockets to hold extra knee pads. If you have to carry a lot of tools, having large, cargo style pockets will allow you to store more tools in your pockets. As for the ease of movement, the stretch fabric will go a long way. To improve comfort in the crotch area, the gusset is a must. A gusset is a piece of fabric that eliminates seams from coming together in one spot. It is a diamond-shaped fabric that prevents the pant from pinching your junk.

Final Thoughts

Effortless movement, protection, and style, these are the combination that the best work pants will offer. A lot of manufacturers are making work pants to meet the needs of tradesmen that are in tough working conditions. That’s why it’s important that you stick with only the most reputed brands in the industry.

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