Bosch vs Dewalt Impact Driver

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 19, 2022
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Impact drivers operate by striking backward with a hammer to produce a strong, sudden rotational force and forward thrust. Mechanics frequently use this method to loosen large screws (bolts) and nuts that have become corrosive or torn. They are designed for driving long deck screws or carriage bolts expertly. However, there are many impact drivers available in the market. Bosch and DeWalt, however, are renowned brands. Let’s look at these brands’ impact drivers to compare and know which one is the best.


What are the Differences Between Bosch and Dewalt Impact Driver

DeWalt and Bosch are often similar in terms of features and price but have some distinct differences as well. Both are cordless, lightweight, and formed to function with brushless motors. Therefore, each company offers different warranties and product portfolios, but they are good at different things.

However, warranty is a considerable and important matter in electronic products. Here you can get a general idea of the warranties, even if they may change over time and countries. While Bosch offers only a one-year limited warranty, DeWalt offers an average three-year limited warranty and one year of free service.

Let’s look at the other aspects for a better understanding.

What is Special in Bosch Impact Driver

There are a few well-known brands on the market for producing good power tools, including impact drivers, and Bosch is one of them.

Bosch has a deep history of 130 years. In 1932, the company introduced its first tool, the hammer, to the tool market. Since then, Bosch has increased their business in various sectors, like mobility solutions, industrial technology, etc. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a very trusted and popular brand worldwide.

Let’s look at the Bosch impact driver thoroughly to know what it is going to offer you.


In the case of versatility, the model is very remarkable because it provides a socket that is capable of using a half-inch square drive and a one-fourth-inch hex. Therefore, you can always switch between the two, relying on where you require it. With this more flexibility, you have the opportunity to manage more jobs. Moreover, the user has the opportunity to select the torque setting. You can always choose an upper torque setting if you find a tough job.


Bosch impact drivers are restricted by battery life if it is cordless. For the better and longer performance of this unit, it has an EC brushless motor and 18V batteries. The motor gives good battery service and better efficiency without any maintenance. You can use it for age-long hours without the worry of overheating it. And also, the batteries take very little time to get fully recharged and are long-lasting.


Considering that you are going to use it for several purposes, you would want a firm and stable model to continue with the working demands; that’s why the build quality you find with the model is all about improving durability. For stopping the overloading and overheating of the driver, there is a cell and electronic protection system on the motor. So the Bosch impact driver is best for long-term use.


For increasing usability, there is a diameter that features a handy clutch to allow the unit to fit properly and effortlessly in your grip. It is also slip-resistant, so if you need to work in a slobbery condition, it helps you to get a good grip and makes it really easy to grab and monitor the model.

Range of Applications

The Bosch’s Socket Ready half-inch drive makes this tool much more user-friendly for socket use, where you do not require an adapter.

Key Features of DeWalt Impact Driver

The DeWalt impact driver has been on the market for some years now. If we look back, they started their journey in 1992, and only after two years, they got engaged in manufacturing the new ‘revolutionary’ ideal of cordless tools.

Their impact drivers are reasonable without compromising quality. Furthermore, it is accepted and praised all around the world for its impressive customer service and product quality.

Improved Motor

It is a must to have a brushless motor in an impact driver nowadays, but it has improved in it. Its brushless motor gives 75% more runtime than other models, which is very impressive compared to unimproved brushless motors.

Smart Features

This is one of the enticing parts of the DeWalt impact drivers. They can connect with your phone through the DeWalt Tool Connect app. With the app, you can look after and monitor everything within Bluetooth range.


Impact drivers’ performance is always determined by their torque and speed. The maximum model offers an impressive speed of 887 RPM when they are not loaded. And when they are loaded and reach their full speed, they give 3250 RPM.

So this is evident this brand impact driver gives an engaging performance in speed along with the torque of 1825 in-Lbs. Moreover, its batteries are 20V and quickly rechargeable.

Weight and Shape

The impact driver is a solid and strong unit but also lightweight. It doesn’t take much room in your toolbox as it comes with a handy shape; that’s why it is recommended for professionals and DIYers as well.


Both models provide great performance and come with an ergonomic design. Special mention to Bosch’s unique cooling technology that ensures the unit remains cool and works for a long time. On the other hand, DeWalt offers a cool monitoring app.

The Bosch’s price is a little more than Dewalt but comes with default batteries and a charger. Wherewith the DeWalt driver, you have to buy it separately.

Though it is really confusing to choose between these two models, in the end, it highly depends on the project you’re working on. Therefore, pick the one that appeals to you and by which you can get your jobs done comfortably.

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