Dewalt DWp611PK Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 3, 2022
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Working on woods is not as easy as it may look, you have to put a lot of dedication and heart to it to make it look perfect. Just to help you make your working with wood even enjoyable and precise, the invention of routers took place.

A router is a device that is used to hollow out spaces on hard materials such as wood or plastic. They are also there to trim or edge the wood pieces you would be working on.

Keeping that in mind, a Dewalt Dwp611pk Review is brought in front of you. This model is produced to modernize and develop the routing.


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It offers many different features and properties that would just charm you to purchase it right away as this article ends. So, without much ado, let’s dig deeper and get all the knowledge that this article can provide you about this router.

Dewalt Dwp611pk Review

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Weight8 pounds
Dimensions19.25 x 10.25 x 6.7 in
Power SourceAC
Voltage120 volts
Special FeaturesPlunge

Purchasing any router is easy; all you have to do is run to the nearest store and buy it. However, if you wish to buy the best one out in the market, then you require to put some effort and research into the best.

Nonetheless, this article will provide every little detailed information about this router, which is known to be one of the best in the market.

The features and benefits prove that the device is durable and stable enough to maintain any kind of task that you would want your router to complete. As you would proceed with the article, you will be able to realize how it is so.


The factor that depends on smooth routing is speed. Speed needs to be on an appropriate amount for you to have a perfect routing. Keeping that in mind, this product has a motor power of about 1.25 horsepower, which just makes working in tough applications more accessible.

This product is made basically with the thought that it should be able to use in any kind of task, in any kind of hard materials, and this router would be able to cut through them easily.

Although it has a speed range of about 16000-27000 RPM, these variable speeds allow changing speed range whenever there is a change in application.


To keep the speed of the motor in control, there is a different feature installed along with the device. It is like electronic feedback, which allows you to keep the speed of the motor in a track by letting you stay informed full time. The features of this product are unique.

Fixed and Plunge Base

Two bases that are provided, one known as the plunger base and the other a fixed base. The plunger base usually can handle almost all kinds of tasks that are done in the wood workshop or your house.

On the other hand, the fixed base is there to mostly trim and edge the woods. The router usually moves easily because of these bases are present.

Dual LED and Adjustable Rings

The features just keep getting advanced and versatile as you are proceeding deeper into this article. Let’s talk about one more. The router comes along an LED light with clear sub-base, which ensures the finest visibility.

Bringing back the topic of a fixed base, there is another feature that just adds to it. That would be the adjustable ring property; it enables us to keep the depth change in control within 1/64 inch.

Furthermore, these adjustable rings also keep the depth travel to almost 1.5 inches for along a standard base and about 2 inches with a plunge router base.



  • Light-weight
  • Compact design
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Ergonomic design ensures any hand or arm fatigue
  • Adjustable rings
  • Enhanced performance with the use of accessories


  • The ¼ inch collect are hard to reach
  • The guide for edging is not included
  • Side handles not provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into the frequently asked question asked about this product.

Q: Does the router come with a bit? Is there any particular kind of bit recommended for the router?

Ans: No, it does not come with any bit. However, if you are likely to purchase it along with your router, then you require a ¼ inches bits, but there are other selections as well. For example, the ½ inches bits, but those are used for heavy-duty routers. 

Q: How do you change the depth of the router?

Ans: There is a depth cut, which is the space between the lowest of depth stop rod and the highest of the turret stop. The thing you are required to do is rotate the turret stop and set each one.

Then you have to set the depth that is necessary on the lowermost screw. Then proceed the same way with the other stops as well; however, it is required. And you are good to go.

Q: What is a router guide?

Ans: It is a steel collar that is mounted on the base of the router. Expanding from the router is a short steel tube, this tube is through which the bits are extended. These tubes guide the way of the edge and allow you to make a quick cut on any size or shape.

Q: What is the longest router bit?

Ans: The longest bit that has been found in the Freud 2 ½ inches bit, ½ shank and a ½ inches cutting diameter.

Q: Where is the date code on a Dewalt grinder?

Ans: It is mostly found at the bottom where the battery is put on.

Final Words

As you have made to the end of this Dewalt Dwp611pk Review, you are more or less well aware of all they do and don’t, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of this router.

So, it is hoped that with the help of this article, you will able to decide if this is the right product for you. If you have already made your decision, why wait? Purchase the router right away, and rout into the world of wood.

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