Gamma paint is also of great quality | 5 reasons why I buy paint from Gamma

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 11, 2022
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When I heard gamma paint in the past, I would turn and run away.

But times change and so does quality. Gamma paint has meanwhile grown into a solid paint. You can get a good end result with Gamma paint.

Why Gamma paint has become a great paint

As a painter he always worked with other brands, such as Sikkens paint or Sigma paint. I didn’t want to know anything about paint from the Gamma.

This was also due to the fact that the well-known brands had long established a status of trust. In addition, I had a bad experience with Gamma paint in the past with regard to durability.

I always respect the customer’s wishes and which paint they prefer. However, when a customer came up with Gamma paint, I advised not to use it.

Now 30 years later, the Gamma is doing quite well in the paint segment and has improved considerably in that regard.

Naturally, a Gamma also does business with Akzo Nobel or Koopmans. In addition to the paints that Gamma now sells, they also have Gamma wallpaper in their range.

There are several reasons why I now use and recommend paint from Gamma hardware store.

The hardware store has a wide range

Gamma has a huge range of products both online and in hardware stores.

You can go to the Gamma for brushes, paint scrapers and masking tape.

You can also contact the Gamma for paint well-known brands such as Histor paint, Flexa and Wijzonol.

In addition, the Gamma also has a cheap paint of its own house brand. However, I can’t comment on this because I’ve never used it.

I have used the more expensive paint from Gamma (more on that later).

You will find different house brand categories there:

For example, are you familiar with the GAMMA Wood&Wall line? Or the one-time opaque latex from your own brand?

All in all, it’s just nice that you can buy all your supplies for your painting project in the same place. That is why I often visit the Gamma, also for paint.

Positive experience with Gamma paint

I had to paint a holiday home 2 years ago. The customer had purchased the paint himself.

This turned out to be a Gamma paint under the name Gamma Professional Lacquer.

I must confess that this paint flowed well and gave a streak-free result.

However, in terms of covering power, I found it slightly less compared to the more expensive brands. But a lot of improvement compared to before.

Paint from Gamma is affordable

I certainly understand that not everyone can buy an expensive paint. In this respect, paint from Gamma is a godsend.

The private label, or for example the Gamma Color or Gamma Wood line, is certainly affordable.

You can mix your own paint at Gamma

The mixing service of Gamma is also recommended. Sometimes you have a project that you just need a special color for.

With a color code or color name you can easily order your favorite mix, in the desired quantity.

You can even do this online!

Read all about color advice and the use of the color fan here

Good service and advice

What I also think is a strong point of Gamma DIY store that they also give DIY advice.

Either poured into a folder or you can view the DIY advice yourself via the Gamma site.

There are many advices on display, from applying stain to removing paint.

The service is also a big plus with the Gamma. If you ask an employee on site for advice, you will receive a professional answer.

Worthy of a recommendation!

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