How to Build a Fence from Pallets

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 12, 2022
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If you are thinking of building a fence from pallets the first question comes in your mind is that from where you will collect the pallets. Well, here are some possible answers to your question.

You can find pallets of your required size from hardware stores, specialty stores, online or you can check out lumber firms for finding pallets. You can also buy second-hand pallet from supermarkets, warehouses, and other industrial places or commercial locations.


But collecting only pallets is not enough for making a pallet fence. You need some more tools and materials for converting the collected pallets into a fence.

Required Materials and Tools

  • Reciprocating saw or a multipurpose saw
  • Crowbar
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Four-inch nails
  • Tape measure [Do you love a pink tape measure too? Kidding! ]
  • Marking tools
  • Paint
  • Wooden stakes

For ensuring safety you should also gather the following safety equipment:

6 Easy Steps to Build a Fence from Pallets

Building a fence from pallets is not rocket science and to make the whole process easier to understand we have divided it into several steps.

Step 1

The first step is the decision making step.  You have to decide how many steps you want between the slats of your fence. Depending on your required space between the slats you have to decide whether you need or need not remove any of the slats.

You will notice that some pallets are constructed with nails and some are constructed with sturdy staples. If the pallets are constructed with staples you can remove the slats easily but if it is constructed with sturdy nails you will need to use a crowbar, most types of hammers, or saw to remove the nails.

Step 2


The second step is the planning step. You have to plan the layout of the fence. It is completely your personal decision that what style you would like to have.

Step 3


Now pick up the saw and cut the slats according to the layout you have made in the previous step. This is one of the most important steps performed carefully.

If you cannot perform this step properly you may end up by spoiling the whole project. So give enough concentration and care while performing this step.

The right way to shape the picket into your desired style is to mark on it and cut along the marked edges. It will help you to shape the layout into your desired style.

Step 4


Now pick up the mallet and drive the pallet fence stakes into the ground to provide stable support for each of the pallets. You can also collect these from some hardware store.

Step 5


It is a better idea to maintain the fence about 2-3 inches off the ground. It will help to prevent the fence from absorbing groundwater and rotting away. It will increase the life expectancy of your fence.

Step 6


Finally, paint the fence with your desired color or if you want you can keep it uncolored also. If you do not paint your fence we will recommend you to apply a layer of varnish over it. Varnish will help to protect your wood from decaying easily and increase the durability of the fence.

You can also watch the following video clip to understand the process of making a fence from pallets easily:

Final Verdict

While doing the cutting, nailing or hammering job do not forget to use the safety gears.  Making a fence from pallets is included in simple woodworking projects since you do not have to make any complex shape and design in this project.

But, if you want and if you have good expertise in woodworking you can do also make designer pallet fence. The time required for making pallet fence depends on the length of your fence. If you want to make a long fence you will need more time and if you want a short fence you will need less time.

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