How To Clean Dust Collector Filter Bags

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 15, 2022
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Replacing a dust collector bag with a new one can cost a lot of money. Even replacing it with a new one seems old-fashioned and unwise nowadays when there are a lot of reusable filter bags available in the market. And when someone buys a reusable bag, the next thing that causes a headache is cleaning the bag when it gets dirty. Many users of it have been looking for an answer to how to clean dust collector filter bags.
Therefore in this write up we will illustrate some easy steps of cleaning your dust collection filter bag and everything else you need to know in that regard.

Cleaning The Dust Collector Filter Bags- The Process

  1. First, try to clean up the dust from the outside of the filter bag with your hand or any tool to tap on the bag. Whacking against the wall or other tough surfaces can give you a better clean up too.
  1. You must dispose of the dust layer inside the filter bag using your hands or tools. You have to clean the bag inside out because in this way the bag will lose the caked-on dust that was reducing the suction power of the vacuum.
  1. When you are done cleaning up the inside portion, shake the bag well to remove all the leftover residue dust on the bag.
  1. After that, if you feel the bag needs a bit more clean-up, use a shop vac (like these) or dust vacuum. It will remove all the dogged dust left in the dust collecting bag. Use a vacuum on both sides of the vac to ensure a clean surface of the bag.
All done. There is nothing left you can do to make the filter bag cleaner. Oh no!!!

What About Cleaning The Dust Collector Filter Bag With Water?

If you are wondering why the process didn’t mention cleaning the filter bag in the washing machine, your concern is right. But the thing is, it’s not a proper way to clean your filter bag in the washing machine without getting rid of all the dust and small particles from inside and outside of the filter. Also, it is not recommended to wash in a home-used washing machine unless the machine is industrial standard. For home-use washing machines, there is a chance that the dust will be wriggled into the machine and damage it. Whether you can wash your filter bag or not mostly depends on the manufacturer’s suggestion. Some fabrics are not compatible with dry wash. In that case, you should not put them in the washing machine. Therefore make sure you read the washing guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If you are not satisfied with the clean-up after using a vacuum or shop vac, you can put the filter bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. But remember you are not suggested to put it into the washing machine directly.

Things Must Be Remembered

  • Don’t hang the bag under direct sunlight after the wash.
  • Check if the fabric is compatible with a water wash.
  • Use light detergent for washing.
  • The performance of the filter bag may subside due to the wash or clean-up. But that would be worth not spending money on a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Clean My Dust Collector Filter Bags?

There is no proper way to put this whether you should clean your filter bags or not. Because when there is a coating of dust inside-out of a dust collector bag, it gives the filter bag the compatibility to trap even smaller particles created by sanding, table saw and woodworking equipment. In that case, it would not be a wise decision to wash your filter bag. On the contrary, if the dust coating outside of the filter bag reduces its suction capacity or the excessive dust loses its hold on the filter bag and falls on the ground, you better think of a way to clean the dust bag to make it more efficient and usable.

Can We Use Detergent to Wash Filter Bags?

wash filter bags
If the manufacturer suggests washing the reusable filter bag, you can use detergent to wash it. But a bit of light detergent will be preferable.

When Should I Replace the Dust Collector Bag?

When a filter bag accumulates a lot of dust that prevents air ventilation, you must change the dust collector bag. Also after tearing up any portion of the bag requisites replacement.

Final Words

Just by cleaning up the filter bag, you can enhance the suction power of the collector. And we just provided you with the simplest process for cleaning your dust collector filter bag ensuring efficient filtration and collection of dust. Don’t waste your money replacing the filter bag more often. Following the instructions, you can perfectly clean your dust bag and save money.

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