You can paint with acrylic with THIS technique

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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Acrylic painting is a popular type of paint and acrylic painting has a fast drying time.

Painting with acrylic was quite difficult for me in the beginning.

I always paint with oil-based paint, the so-called alkyd-based paint.

Acrylic paint

If you always paint with that, you automatically learn how to deal with it.

Painting with acrylic, by which I mean painting with acrylic paint requires a different technique than painting with an oil-based paint.

Acrylic paint has water as its binding agent.

When the paint dries, the pigment remains on your frame or door.

What is a big advantage of acrylic paint is that it hardly discolours anymore.

This paint is less harmful to the environment and is better for your own health because it contains almost no solvents.

The colors are also more beautiful.

I only use acrylic painting inside.

Outside I use oil-based paint.

Painting with acrylic has a fast drying time.

Painting with acrylic has a fast drying time.

That is why you have to use a different painting technique.

If you paint with oil-based paint, for example, if you paint a door and you have completely painted it, you can still roll it over.

When painting with acrylic, this is absolutely impossible because you have a quick drying time.

If you do this, you will see deposits in your painting, which will not give a nice end result.

The open time of acrylic paint is only 10 minutes.

This is the time between application and curing of the paint.

So painting with acrylic does require discipline and skill.

You can’t paint if it’s too hot, because then your paint will dry immediately upon application.

A nice temperature for this is 18 degrees.

This paint certainly has many advantages, but I also personally have my doubts for outside.

Have already converted a few houses from acrylic to oil-based, because the paint peeled off pretty quickly.

Cleaning brushes is easier with acrylic paint.

You just rinse them under the tap.

Of course it is a good thing that people paint more with this paint.

After all, it’s better for your own health!

Painting with acrylic paint is water-based painting

Painting with acrylic paint is a plus.

Painting with acrylic paint

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is an art and painting with acrylics must be mastered.

Today there are many types of paint and brands.

I don’t want to use the word old because it suddenly sounds so old.

But let’s say before that you had only a few varieties of verse so that you could still see the forest for the trees.

Now in 2015 this is very different.

Of course I am happy with the new developments.

All new inventions whether by a manufacturer or by a painting company only benefit our environment.

And not only for the environment, but also for ourselves as painters.

I mean, among other things, painting with acrylic.

Painting with acrylics is water-based paints.

Painting with acrylic paint is water-based paint.

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You should of course know what acrylic paint is before you start painting.

I’ll explain it to you here.

It is a water-dilutable paint that is synthetic.

This acrylic paint has two main components.

One part of the acrylic paint is pigments, which creates a color.

The second part is acrylic or water.

This water is a binding agent.

When painting with acrylic, this water causes it to evaporate, causing the paint to harden.

Painting with acrylic paint and its benefits.

Painting with acrylics certainly has its advantages.

The first advantage is that the paint dries quickly.

You can use this to your advantage when painting a door, for example.

You can close it more quickly if it was painted with an alkyd paint.

Another advantage is that with light colors there is no yellowing.

So the color retains its originality.

It is also worth noting that painting with acrylic adheres to almost all surfaces.

Provided, of course, that you degrease and sand well beforehand.

When you have finished painting, you can simply clean the brushes and rollers with water.

Then make sure to keep the brushes dry.

Read the article about storing brushes here.

Painting with acrylic paint is a matter of practice.

If you have never painted with acrylic paint, this is a matter of good practice.

Because the acrylic paint dries quickly, you have to act quickly.

When you want to paint a surface, make sure you don’t iron after.

I mean by this when you have applied the paint with a roller and have gone back and forth well on a piece of surface then it does not touch anymore.

If you do this, you will see deposits in your painting afterwards.

The drying time of acrylic paint is only a few minutes but never more than ten minutes.

So you have to take this into account.


is it good practice?

After all, practice makes perfect.

Painting with acrylic paint is odorless.

Painting with acrylic paint is often used indoors.

After all, it does not have to be resistant to weather influences from the outside.

The quality of the paint is no less.

Acrylic paint also has scratch-resistant and wear-resistant paint.

In addition, it is “healthy” to paint with.

It is almost odorless.

I sometimes think it smells delicious.

I sometimes smell a soap flavor that is pleasant.

Also outdoor applications.

Certainly there are now also acrylic paints for outdoor applications.

With these paints, a special technique has been designed that makes the paint resistant to weather influences.

I recently cooperated with a client who insisted on painting with this paint.

It was a paint of sigma paint, the Su2 Nova.

I must confess that this paint spreads well and showed a nice degree of gloss.

This was two years ago and the paint layer is still holding up well.

So painting with acrylics can be quite good for outdoor painting too.

A water-based paint for indoors

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint what is it and where should I pay attention.

What is acrylic paint and what should I pay attention to with   to get a good result.

I also paint inside with acrylic paint and I have to admit that in the beginning this was difficult to get a good result.

To get a good result with an acrylic paint you have to work quickly.

This has to do with the open time you have.

With an alkyd paint you have more open time than with a water-based paint.

The open time of an acrylic paint is only 10 minutes!

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What exactly is acrylic paint?

It is a synthetic water-dilutable paint.

It only consists of 2 parts compared to the alkyd paint.

The binder is acrylic (water) and the various pigments.

Because water is used as a binding agent, the drying time is very fast.

I do recommend that you only use this acrylic paint indoors because the durability compared to alkyd for outdoor painting is only 3 to 4 years.

With alkyd, this is 5 to 6 years, provided the preparation has been carried out properly!

Acrylic paint pigments
What are the advantages of water-based paint?

I find that water-based paint has many advantages over alkyd paint for indoor use.

The fast drying time is a big advantage in addition to the advantage that the more layers you apply, the more the appearance of the colors becomes more beautiful.

What I also find an advantage that this water-dilutable paint adheres to almost all surfaces.

In addition to the purchase, which is not expensive, you can also make additions to this paint.

For example, retarders.

After you’ve finished painting, you can easily clean your brushes and felt rollers with water and keep them dry!

My advice how to work with the paint

I recommend always applying a primer beforehand!

Do not deviate from this so that you are sure of a good end result!

Before you start, degrease well and then roughen it with sandpaper grit 100 (grooved surfaces preferably with grit 80), then sand again with 220 grit.

Once you’ve cleaned everything up, you can start painting.

I’ll take a door as an example: apply the paint in 2 strokes and smooth it over lightly to prevent sagging or an orange effect.

Then another 2 lanes and in this way you continue to the end of the door.

When you’ve done the whole door DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF FINISHING IT.

Here it is: work quickly and no more ironing because acrylic paint only has an open time or, in other words, a processing time of 10 minutes.

The lacquer is then, as it were, no longer “open” to be ironed in again.

If you do this, you will see those so-called deposits in your painting!

Good luck with the job

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Gr Piet

Acrylic paint is water-based and mainly for indoor use
Buy acrylic paint

Buying acrylic paint for indoor painting and nowadays also for outdoor painting is done for various reasons. Acrylic paint is always used for interior painting. This is also called wet water-based paint. Nowadays, a professional painter is no longer allowed to apply paint on a turpentine basis, in accordance with the ARBO law. Click here to buy water-based acrylic paint in my paint shop.

About Acyl-based paint

You use acrylic paint for the following reasons:

To cooperate is healthier

To be diluted with water

The paint dries quickly

The paint is almost odorless or odorless

The paint layer does not yellow quickly

The gloss lasts longer from the water-based paint

The paint is more elastic

Brushes and rollers are easy to clean with water.

acrylic paint offer

In many hardware stores you can buy acrylic paint with many offers. When

If you pay attention to the brochures, you can find discounts of up to forty percent. These are promotions that are valid for a certain period. If you want to paint in the future, you can make good use of it and take advantage of it. So keep an eye on the mailbox.

You can also find offers on different types of paint such as latex, turpentine-based lacquers, primers, primers and much more via the internet. It then pays to compare the offers. First, you compare the price with the correct content of the product. In addition, you will read carefully whether they are the same. Then you look at the payment terms and conditions. Finally, you pay attention to the shipping costs of the product. Some shops online do not charge shipping costs above a certain amount that you order. And last but not least  you will compare the shipping time. There are even shops online that deliver the goods the same day. Normally this is within 24 hours. Which now provides extra security that you only pay after the goods have been delivered: AfterPay. When you enter the e-mail address, you will receive a track and trace number so that you can follow the shipment from packaging to home delivery. A great tool.

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Disadvantages acrylic paint

Of course, there are also disadvantages to the paint:

Due to the rapid drying, there is a risk of visible deposits.

Corrections during painting are no longer possible due to the fast drying time.

Curing takes at least three weeks.

Apply multiple layers for coverage.

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