Jab saw

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2022
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A jab saw is a saw used for making small cuts and cutting precise features in building materials. It’s usually long and narrow in structure and is also known as a drywall saw, hand saw, keyhole saw, alligator saw, or pad saw.

The jab saw has a pointed nose to push or jab through the soft building materials. This will get rid of the drilling in drywall or plasterboard, and that’s also the reason why it’s called a jab saw.

It’s not just a great saw for drywall and plaster though. It can also be used as a hand saw for trimming, pruning, and cutting through wood (for example, a pegboard).

The sharp tooth technology on a jab saw allows for cuts to be made on both the push and pull strokes. This makes the saw cut up to 50% faster than traditional tooth designs.

The tool is very sharp. You need to make sure you handle it properly and safely. It requires storing in a safe place; out of reach of children or sticking out anywhere where someone could be hurt.

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