How to Cut a Pegboard?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2021
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You can cut a pegboard in so many ways. There’s a lot of tools available like utility knives or different kinds of saws. So here we will describe every possible method to cut a pegboard and find you the most efficient one.

Which Side of the Pegboard Faces out?

The side of a pegboard doesn’t matter as it is the same on both sides. In case of making holes in the board, one side will get rough. So choose one side to make all the holes and use the other side as the front. If you want to paint the board then paint only the smooth side and keep it facing out. You can hang a pegboard also. But you will have to add some frames to make them durable.

Can You Cut Pegboard with a Utility Knife?

Yes, you can cut pegboard with a utility knife. Though using a jigsaw or circular saw will save a lot of your time and effort but utility knife will be enough also. To cut the board with a knife do your measurements first. Mark your measured area. Cut a few inches from the top and using that part to try to break the board around the marked area. Applying a little force you will be able to break and you are done.

How to Cut a Pegboard?

You can use a jigsaw or circular saw to cut a pegboard quickly. Besides, the cut will be smoother with the saw than any other cutter. Make the measurements and draw marks on them. Marking will increase the accuracy of your work. Before cutting you can lay the board on any suitable table or a bench. Make sure that you have taken the correct size blade. The teeth of the jigsaw blades or circular saw blades are important to have a finer cut. Keep the board stable by putting some weight on it. Take your suitable saw and cut slowly following the markings you have made before.

Cutting Metal Pegboard

Cutting metal pegboards is more tricky than other boards. Here your measurements are really important. So firstly take all the equipment for measurement like tape, ruler, marker, etc. Cover the area with frog tape, it will help you to do markings. Make measurements and make marks on the tape. Before cutting don’t forget to double-check according to the set up if your measurements are correct or not. You can use a Dremel tool or grinder tool to cut your metal pegboard properly. The edges will be harsh and harmful too. So, smoothen the edges with sanding paper and your pegboard is ready for the setup.

How Do You Cut a Hole in a Pegboard?

Usually, hole-saws are used to make holes in the wood or different boards. There are several hole-saws available in the market but sometimes they make rough edges and burn out the inner layer. But hole-saws are easy to use and work faster than other tools, especially on slat walls. In fact, this is a key difference between a Slatwall and a pegboard. To make holes on your pegboard get a hole-saw and a drill press. Mark the points you want to make holes and drill slowly raising the saw up and down. The drill stops and checks if the teeth are clogged. Clean the clogged teeth and do the rest. On the other hand router jig makes perfect holes in any wood or board no matter how big or small you want. The drawback is it takes a longer time for the setup. For basic setup you can remove the router base and place your board there then you can put the set up on a board that will be used as a base. For more professional work you can use router jig.

How do You Screw into a Pegboard?

You can use a wood screw or lathe screw whatever you want. Lathe screws will work better as it prevents any tear on the board. You can use any screwdriver you want. Make sure the screw is tightened enough. Don’t overdo the mounting otherwise excessive pressure will break the board. But note that you can hang pegboard without screws too.

How to Attach Pegboard to Workbench?

Measure the area that you want to cover with pegboard and get the necessary pegboard sheets. You will need to cut some sheets so measure them and do the markings. As we have described before you can cut the pegboard sheets using a jigsaw or circular saw. Paint the front sides of every sheet. For painting, spray paint will be the best option. According to the size of the pegboards cut some woods that will be used to make the frame while the workbench receives it. You can use the miter saw (like some of these best ones) this will increase accuracy. Get some wood screws and attach the frames to the wall and inside the frames place the pegboard sheets. Use as much screw you need but make sure the boards are secured with the frame and your installation is done.


Q: Does Lowes cut the pegboard? Ans: Yes, Lowes cut the pegboard. Their editorial team will do the installation if you want. Q: Will Home Depot cut pegboard? Ans: Yes, Home Depot cut pegboard. Q: Is the formaldehyde in fiberboard unsafe? Ans: Yes, formaldehyde is unsafe. Fiberboard can be used safely if you do not cut or break it.


Cutting pegboards is a very common task but many of us have faced problems in doing so. So we thought of providing some methods that will require minimal effort from you. We have talked about all the methods and tools we will need. Regardless of the fact whether you are a beginner, our methods will surely help you to build a proper storage solution by yourself.

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