Koopmans paint reviewed: professional quality

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 10, 2022
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Koopmans paint is attractively priced and the brand has a long history.

In recent years I personally paint a lot with this brand.

Are you unsure whether you want to buy Koopmans paint for your painting job? You will automatically find out whether this paint meets your requirements by reading the information on this page.

I will explain to you why I like to work with Koopmans paint and recommend it to others.

Why I often recommend Koopmans paint

Koopmans paint is of good, professional quality and you can tell by everything.

I must confess that this product can compete well with the big brands such as Sigma paint and Sikkens paint.

The paint   was first made in Friesland in 1885 by Klaas Piet Koopmans. Five years later, a factory was even set up for the production of Koopmans.

In 1980, the demand became so great that a new and larger factory was built, which is still running at full capacity today.

They have become known for the Perkoleum.

Read all about what Perkoleum is and what you can use it for here

Which brand of paint is used is personal for everyone.

This is partly due to the composition of the paint, the instructions for use, drying time and of course the final result.

In terms of quality, they do not do much less than the other major paint brands.

Indeed, I can confirm that this paint is well on the market. Compared to the other major brands, Koopmans paint is by far the cheapest.

The price difference can have many causes, from cheap production to raw materials. Who’s to say.

View the range and prices of Koopmans paint here

The different types of paint from Koopmans

There are two types of Koopmans paint. First, you can choose to buy a high-gloss paint from this brand. If you don’t like high-gloss paint, choose the silk-gloss paint of the Koopmans brand.

You can read more about the two types of paint from the renowned Koopmans brand in the paragraphs below.

High gloss paint

High gloss paint is a very glossy paint. Due to the gloss of the paint, it emphasizes the surface extra strongly.

It is best to use the high-gloss paint from Koopmans on a smooth surface. This gives a very tight and smooth result.

Do you want to paint an uneven surface? Then this is also possible with high-gloss paint, but keep in mind that the uneven surface is extra emphasized with this type of paint.

If you do not want the uneven surface to be emphasized, it is better to purchase Koopmans’ satin paint.

The high gloss of Koopmans paint has the following properties:

  • it has excellent flow
  • it is weather resistant and easy to work with
  • it has a high covering power and a durable elasticity

The moment you apply the paint, you will see a nice convex shine emerge. A final property is that it has good color fastness.

Koopmans paint is suitable for already treated surfaces such as metal and wood. The base is modified alkyd.

The colors range from white to many choices. At twenty degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of sixty-five percent, the paint layer is already dry after 1 hour. It is tack free after five hours.

You can start painting the next layer after 24 hours.

Of course you have to sand the first layer lightly and make it dust-free before painting. The return is great.

You can paint up to 18 square meters with 1 liter of Koopmans paint. The surface must of course be super smooth.

Koopmans’ high-gloss paint is sold in two pots.

You can buy a pot of paint with a capacity of 750 milliliters, but you can also purchase an extra large pot of Koopmans high-gloss paint with a capacity of 2.5 liters.

Satin paint

Matte paint has no shine at all. High gloss paint has a very strong shine.

Satin gloss paint is, as the name of this type of paint already reveals, in between these two types of paint.

Silk gloss paint does have a gloss, but this is significantly more subtle than the gloss of high gloss paint.

Silk gloss paint is extremely suitable for painting an uneven surface. Because the paint has a less clear gloss, the unevenness in the substrate is less emphasized than is the case with a high-gloss paint.

Yet there is a subtle shine for an extra warm look. Many people find this better than using a matte paint, which is also less easy to clean than a satin paint.

As is the case with Koopmans’ high-gloss paint, the silk-gloss paint is also sold in two different pots. The small pot has a capacity of 750 milliliters and the large pot has a capacity of 2.5 liters.

My favorite Koopmans products

I have been painting with Koopmans paint for many years and I am very satisfied with it.

I prefer the high-gloss line (here in green and blackberry), I always work with that as a topcoat paint.


It is a durable high gloss based on modified alkyd resin for indoor and outdoor use.

This paint has a deep gloss level. In addition, I find it very easy to iron, it flows well.

It is a good covering paint for both indoor and outdoor use. I can paint many square meters with this paint.

In addition, of course I use the Koopmans primer and the showpiece of Koopmans: Perkoleum.

I find these primers very filling and in most cases 1 primer coat is enough.

As a stain I usually use Impra, a semi-transparent color stain, of which 2 layers are already sufficient on bare wood.

I only apply a third layer after 2 years, so that you only need 1 maintenance every 4 to 5 years to keep your shed or fence or other wood parts in top condition.

I have no experience with the wood lacquers, floor lacquers and latexes of Koopmans, because I use another brand for this that I like so far.

Perkoleum paint from Koopmans

Koopmans paint has become known for its stain. And especially by Perkoleum.

It has become a household name not only because of the name, but also because of the development of this stain. After all, it has to meet certain conditions in order to launch a product on the market.

We don’t always think about this. It’s good that there are organizations that pay attention to this.

The knife cuts both ways here. The less solvents there are in a stain, the better for the environment. And those who have to work with it are much healthier.

A painter who practices his profession every day inhales these substances every day.

What is Perkoleum?

When I used to hear the word Perkoleum I always thought of tar. Nothing is less true.

Koopmans perkoleum is a stain and a moisture-regulating paint.

You can buy it in glossy and semi-gloss. In addition, it is a paint stain that covers well.

The stain is suitable for almost all types of wood. You can use it on frames and doors, garden sheds, fences and other wooden parts outside.

Perkoleum is a stain that you can buy in one color or a transparent color.

This means that you can still see the grains and knots of the wood later on. The authenticity of the wood then remains.

You can compare it with a varnish, there you also continue to see the wood structure. Only a varnish is usually used indoors, for example when painting the counter top.

The EPS system

Koopmans’ stain is an EPS system. A one-pot system (EPS) means that you can use the paint both as a primer and as a topcoat.

You can apply stain directly to a surface without having to apply primer beforehand.

So you can apply it directly to bare wood. You have to degrease and sand beforehand.

Applying three coats is sufficient.

Of course you have to sand the intermediate layers. Do this with 240 grit sandpaper (read more about the different types of sandpaper here).

Perkoleum is moisturizing

Perkoleum has a moisture-regulating function. The moisture can escape from the wood but cannot penetrate from the outside. This protects the wood and prevents wood rot.

It is suitable for woods that must be able to breathe. After all, the moisture must be able to get out.

If this does not happen, you will get wood rot. And then you really have a problem.

In addition to the opaque paint stain, it is also available in a transparent version. With this you will continue to see the wood structure of your surface.

The base is an alkyd resin and linseed oil

You often see this in log cabins, garden sheds and fences.

With fences and other outdoor wood, you should remember that you are not painting impregnated wood. Then you can, but you have to wait at least a year. Then the materials are out.

You can also paint it on your windows and doors.

This product has already proven its durability and is a good addition to the many paint types. And there are quite a few.

Furthermore, Koopmans’ Perkoleum is a stain that has a high yield. With a liter of paint   you can paint 15 m2.

This product is definitely worth a recommendation.

What is the difference between Perkoleum and Ecoleum?

The difference is in the type of wood.

Ecoleum is for the rough woods and Perkoleum for the smooth woods.

The applications of Koopmans paint

You can use the paint of the Koopmans brand on many different surfaces. The paint has many applications.

For example, you can use Koopmans Aqua on windows, but also on doors, frames, cupboards, chairs, tables and fascias.

Even if you want to paint metal, you can do this with Koopmans paint. However, you must first pre-treat the metal for the best end result.

Whatever painting job you have, there is a good chance that you can buy Koopmans paint to carry out this job.

Once you have Koopmans paint in your cupboard at home, you can continue to use the paint for many jobs in the future.


It is therefore not at all wrong to buy a large pot of paint, because the many uses of Koopmans paint mean that this pot will emptied itself once in a while.

Do you want to use your brushes again next time? Then make sure you store them in the right way after painting

The history of Koopmans paint

Koopmans’ paint has since become a household name. Especially in the region where it is produced. In the north of the country. Namely the province of Friesland.

The founder Klaas Piet Koopmans started making Koopmans paint in 1885.

He just started in his house. You have to start somewhere.

The first Koopmans paints he made were made of pigments and natural raw materials.

Only five years later, things started to take shape and started a factory in Ferwert with a colleague painter. A factory has already been set up for the production of this paint.

This so that Koopmans paint could also be produced and sold on a large scale.

Then all kinds of new products from Koopmans paint came on the market. Primers, lacquers and stains.

In 1970 Koopmans introduced a completely new product: Perkoleum. You can compare perkoleum with a stain. It has a moisture-regulating function.

The moisture evaporates from the wood but does not penetrate. You should think of garden houses, fences and the like.

Koopmans paint has made fame with the name Perkoleum.

Later, a stain was specially made for raw wood: Ecoleum. Ecoleum has a strong impregnating function for dried and treated wood.

In 1980, almost 100 years later, the demand for this paint was so great that a new and larger factory had to be built in order to continue to meet customer demand.

Demand was enormous and the Koopmans factory could no longer cope with this. In 1997, a brand new factory was built that is still running at full speed .

Koopmans paint is now known throughout the Netherlands.

A few years later it got even better. Perkoleum was rated best buy by the Consumers’ Association. You can imagine that the turnover of this product went up considerably.

Koopmans went even further: taking over Drenth paints from Winschoten. This was revived again.

In 2010 the name Koopmans became even more famous. Thanks to the sponsorship of Rob’s garden stain, Koopmans paint has become a true household name.

This has remained unchanged since then.

Koopmans paint is pleasantly priced

Compared to other major brands, Koopmans paint is by far the cheapest. However, they don’t do much different in terms of quality.

How can the price be so low? This is probably due to the production process in combination with the durability and yield of the product.

The paint does not discolour and the shine is not lost, which is of course extremely important.

If you paint something in a certain color or want to have a shine effect, you don’t want it to fade in a short time.

Looking at the price, it is mainly about what you spend on paint per square meter. This can vary considerably per brand, as is the case with this paint brand.

If you look at an expensive brand, you pay an average of six euros per square meter. At Koopmans this is an average of four euros.

Koopmans’ atmospheric impressions

As the author of Schilderpret, I can say that Koopmans is one of the best paint brands. In addition to quality, Koopmans has beautiful colors in its range.

A color is always something personal. What one person thinks is a beautiful color may not be beautiful for another.

It’s not just about what you like, but also the taste and combinations of certain colors. Which colors go together?

To get an idea, Koopmans has put together practical color combinations in atmospheric impressions with which you can visually compare color combinations.

Often houses are painted in multiple colors. For example, you see the fixed parts in a light color and the opening parts in a different color.

To determine that color you will have to look at the stones of the house.

Not only the wall is important, but also the roof tiles. You will choose colors based on that.

If you cannot do this yourself, have an expert or painter come. Then you know for sure that you have a good color combination.

Koopmans paint colors offer something for everyone.

For example, the colors of Koopmans paint really have their own colours. The color cards of Koopmans paint are unique.

Their color fans have colors that are region or region bound. No standard RAL colors so..

Just think of the village of Staphorst. All wood parts have a green color. For example, each region or region has its specific colors.

Koopmans is also very adept here when it comes to monuments. The well-known monuments green have probably been heard.

Need inspiration? Be inspired by the atmospheric impressions of Koopmans paint colours.

Koopmans has the following atmospheric impressions in its paint range:


With natural you should think of cozy and above all warm. In addition, rest and a memory is also a point.

With this impression you can fill taupe, brown and fur.


With robust you are tough and very lively. It also radiates power. The color you can choose is sea blue.


We can be brief about sweet: fresh and soft. It usually gives a cozy atmosphere with a romantic hue: purple, pink and gold.


The national theme of merchant paint contains many points of departure. This is partly due to the region of Friesland itself.

For example, Friesland has its own characteristic farms: head, neck, rump. The farms are marked with certain colours: antique colours.

The hood shed is also part of this. It often has a natural look.

When you think of rural life, you should think of the color of the clear sea: sky-blue water. The barge and the watermill also fit in with this theme.


Contemporary prefers something new. As it were, contemporary is a trend follower.

It is dynamic and innovative. It gives a warm and vibrant atmosphere in your home. Black and red indicate a sleek design.

Outdoor living

The outdoor life of Koopmans paint describes a log cabin, veranda, garden, flowers and wood. It gives you an active adrenaline and joy.

Being outside is always good.

With that outdoor life you can also combine the colors you want. The aroma really hits you.

Especially if you like water. Take a sloop and go down the Frisian lakes. You can’t beat your luck then.


The final impression of Koopmans paint is clear. Clear stands for fresh and fruity. In addition, light and spacious.

It is therefore a neutral theme that fits well with candlelight in the evenings. Gray tones and bright whites go well with this impression.

Advice on colors at Koopmans

Koopmans also gives advice on how to use colors.

For example, on the sunny side it is better to choose lighter shades. Where there is little rain and sun, dark colors are often recommended.

The colors that Koopmans paint has developed and which have become widely known are: antique green, canal green, antique blue, antique white, ebbe black, antique red.

And so there are many colors of Koopmans paint to mention. These are the colors that are usually used outdoors.

Of course, Koopmans has also developed specific colors for indoor use: Frisian clay, holly, Hindelooper blue, Hindelooper red, green, and so on.

So you can see that Koopmans paint has a wide choice of colors.

The extensive range of Koopmans

Koopmans has an extensive range of products for both indoor and outdoor use.

In the overview below you can see exactly what is in the range, so that you know exactly what you can go for here.

The outdoor range

  • Perkoleum for garden wood, fences and garden sheds. You can purchase this opaque paint stain in both high-gloss lacquer and satin gloss and comes in a 1-pot system. The product can be applied directly to the substrate.
  • Stain for raw wood, a strong impregnating stain for raw wood. This is the replacement for carbolineum. It is an alkyd paint that is available in high gloss and satin gloss, and can be used for windows, doors and panelling, among other things.

For indoors

  • Floor and wood lacquers based on alkyd and acrylic
  • Varnishes for lath ceilings and panelling
  • Fixation and latex for walls and ceilings
  • Primers
  • primer
  • chalk paint
  • aluminum paint
  • blackboard paint

High quality, weather resistant and affordable

Koopmans specialized in producing high-quality paint years ago.

The paint of the Koopmans brand, also called Koopmans Aqua, can be used both indoors and outdoors. The paint is weather-resistant, skin-grease-resistant and wear-resistant.

In addition, you can clean the paint very easily and quickly. You only need a slightly damp cloth for this.

Because dirt does not adhere well to Koopmans paint, you can remove any stains on the painted surface in no time.

Another advantage of Koopmans paint is the fact that this paint dries very quickly. Even in damp weather you don’t have to wait long for the paint to dry completely.

And because the paint has a good flow, you can apply it very easily and quickly. By using Koopmans paint in your painting job, you can finish painting in no time.

Furthermore, Koopmans paint has very good coverage. If you want to paint your frames with Koopmans paint, you only need to apply two thin layers of the paint to the wood.

This is different with many other types of paint. You have to apply this twice thick or even three times to the wood for good coverage.

Because Koopmans paint covers well, you don’t need much of this paint to cover your frame and, paint doors or other surfaces.

This means that you can save a lot of money if you choose to buy Koopmans paint.

In addition, the paint has a low price. Even if you do not have such a big budget for your paint, you can buy Koopmans paint.

Where to buy Koopmans paint

Do you want to know where Koopmans paint is for sale? Koopmans paint is sold online, view the range here.

If you want to use this paint for your job, you have to order it online. This brings a great advantage, because it means that you do not have to go out to buy the right paint for your painting job.

You simply place your order from the comfort of your home and before you know it, you have the suitable Koopmans paint at home. Now you can quickly get started with your painting job.

Koopmans linseed oil

Koopmans linseed oil is an oil that has a strong impregnating function.

Impregnation ensures that you provide bare wood with this oil so that no moisture can penetrate into the wood.

This merchant’s oil has a second function. It is also suitable as a thinner for your oil-based paint.

You can see the oil as a kind of binding agent. From there again as a goal to increase the impregnation capacity.

You can easily apply this yourself with a brush or roller.

Save paint

You can also store the raw linseed oil from merchants in your brushes. For this you take a Go paint pot.

The pot is made of PVC and deep enough to store your brushes. There is also a grid where you can clamp the brush.

Pour in 90% raw linseed oil and 10 percent white spirit. Mix this well so that the white spirit is well absorbed in the raw linseed oil of merchant paint.

You can store your brushes in the Go paint for both a short time and a longer period of time.


When the mixture of white spirits and raw linseed oil from Koopmans is ready, you can put the brushes in it. However, make sure that you clean the brushes well before putting them in the Go paint.

Your mixture will then become dirty and the brushes will no longer stay clean. Dip the brush in white spirit beforehand and just until all paint residue is gone.

Then the brushes can be put in the Go paint of Koopmans. You can store the brushes in this for both a short and a longer period of time.

The advantage of raw linseed oil from merchant paint and white spirit is that your brush hairs remain flexible and you get a nice result in your painting.

When you remove a brush from the Go paint, you must also clean the brush with white spirit before painting.

Rob’s garden pickling from Koopmans

Koopmans paint has recently also acquired Rob’s garden stain. It concerns Rob Verlinden of the well-known television program Eigen huis en Tuin.

Koopmans Paint and the SBS program have come up with a concept together that resulted in Rob’s garden stain. Partly because of the program on television, a lot of promotion was made for this product.

Rightly so. It is a strong impregnating color stain for woolmanized and impregnated. It is also very suitable for already treated wood species.

The properties of Rob’s garden stain

The stain has many good properties and a wide range of applications. The stain serves as a protective and to give a new color to wood that is made of pine and spruce.

You should think of staining fences, pergolas and canopies in your garden. It is not for nothing that it is called Rob’s Tuinbeits.

A first property is that it has a strong impregnating effect. In addition, it gives a deep color to your woodwork.

It gives good protection for years and it contains linseed oil. This linseed oil strengthens the impregnating capacity again. So all in all a super stain.

Koopmans floor varnishes

Koopmans’ paint floor coatings can be divided into two categories. There is an acrylic based lacquer and an alkyd based lacquer. †

You can choose the alkyd-based lacquer for a clear lacquer or an opaque lacquer. If you want to continue to see the wood structure, choose a clear coat.

If you want to give it a color, choose an opaque color. Varnishing or painting a floor must be done according to a procedure.

First degrease and then sand. Then comes the most important thing: the removal of dust. After all, nothing should be on the floor.

First start with a vacuum and then take a tack cloth. The advantage of such a tack cloth is that the last fine dust adheres to it.

What you should also pay attention to that you have to close windows and doors while painting the floor

Parquet lacquer PU

Parquet lacquer PU is available in white gloss. It is a very wear-resistant and super strong lacquer. In addition, the paint dries quickly.

This PU lacquer is widely used for parquet floors, the steps of a staircase, but also for furniture, doors and the top of a table.

Wood lacquer PU

The wood lacquer PU from Koopmans is also available in all kinds of colors in addition to a clear lacquer, such as: dark oak, walnut, light oak, mahogany, pine and teak.

It is therefore a semi-transparent lacquer. The lacquer is suitable for parquet floors, table tops, window frames, doors and ship panelling.

Acrylic parquet lacquer

A water-based lacquer that is very scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. In addition, the lacquer is not yellowing. Suitable for table tops, parquet floors and stairs.

Floor lacquer PU

Koopmans floor coatings; The floor lacquer from Koopmans Paint has a very high wear resistance of the first class. The paint can be ordered in different colors and has good coverage.

In addition, the floor lacquer is very scratch-resistant. This is due to the substance thixitropic.

Koopmans chalk paint

Koopmans chalk paint is a trend, everyone is full of it.

Chalk paint is a lime substance with pigments and can be thinned with water.

If you mix chalk paint with fifty percent water, you get a whitewash effect. A whitewash effect gives a bleached color.

In addition to whitewash, there is also greywash.

Chalk paint, on the other hand, is opaque. The advantage of chalk paint is that you can apply it to many objects.

You can apply it to walls and ceilings, woodwork, furniture, wallpaper, stucco, drywall and so on. You don’t need a primer to paint with chalk paint.

When you apply it to furniture, you will have to apply a varnish afterwards because of the wear.

Apply chalk paint

Koopmans chalk paint is applied with a brush and roller.

If you want to give the wall or wall an authentic appearance, there are special chalk brushes for this. The clack brushes give a streaky effect.

Koopmans sells two chalk paint products: the matte chalk paint and the satin chalk paint.

Both chalk paints are moisture-regulating. This means that this paint breathes. This means that the moisture can evaporate from the substrate.

The moisture from outside cannot penetrate. This prevents situations such as wood rot spots in your woodwork.

Koopmans chalk paint is therefore very suitable for outdoor use.

Partly due to the moisture-regulating function, the chalk paint from Koopmans’ paint is therefore very suitable for sanitary areas such as bathrooms.

Another place in your home where a lot of moisture is released is a kitchen. After all, there is cooking and vapors are constantly present there.

Ideal for applying chalk paint there too.

Before applying the chalk paint, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface or object. This is called degreasing.

The dirt must be properly removed. This is to get a better bond.

You can then apply the chalk paint directly to almost any surface.

Koopmans pre-treatment

As with any paint job, you must give a pre-treatment. You can’t just paint blindly without doing preliminary work.

The importance of preparation is essential for all paint brands. So also for Koopmans paint.

A pre-treatment consists of cleaning the surface and then sanding and then making the object or surface completely dust-free.

If you do it right, you will see that reflected in your final result.


First, it is a requirement that you properly clean the surface. In the jargon this is also called degreasing. Remove all dirt that has adhered to the surface over time.

There is only 1 rule: degrease first, then sand. If you do it the other way around, you have a problem. You will then sand the fat into the pores. This means no good adhesion of the paint layer afterwards.

Actually this makes sense. So the same rule also applies to Koopmans paint.

You can degrease with various cleaning agents: water with ammonia, St. Marcs, B-clean, Universol, Dasty and so on. You can buy these resources in regular hardware stores.


When you’re done degreasing, you start sanding.

The purpose of sanding is to increase surface area. This makes the adhesion much better. The surface determines the grain size that you should use.

The rougher the surface, the coarser the sandpaper. You also remove imperfections by sanding. After all, the function is to equalize the surface.


Also with Koopmans paint, it is important before you start painting that the surface is completely free of dust. You can remove dust by brushing, vacuuming and wet wiping.

There are special tack cloths for this wet wipe. You remove the fine dust with this so you can be sure that the surface is completely dust-free.

You can also choose to sand wet to avoid dust.

After this you can start painting the surface or object.


The stain of Koopmans paint is a very environmentally friendly stain. It contains almost no solvents and is also sold as low-solvent. As a result, Koopmans Paint has increased its brand awareness. And bring a stain to the market that is also environmentally friendly. Koopmans has set the trend with this.


Durable and consistent quality is the stain of merchant paint. The durability is decisive when you have to carry out the next maintenance. The longer it takes before you have to perform maintenance, the better it is for your wallet. The durability of percoleum is very good.

Colors and more features

The base is alkyd resin with linseed oil. Rob’s garden stain is available in a number of colours. If you choose that you want to continue to see the wood structure, choose the transparent stain. Then available in the colors black, white, light grey, dark grey, dark green and red. At a temperature of twenty degrees and a relative humidity of sixty-five percent, the stain is dust-dry after two hours. After 16 hours you can apply a second coat of merchant paint. The yield is approximately one liter of stain with which you can paint nine square meters. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate. If it has already been treated before, you can easily achieve this return. Before pickling, the surface must be free of grease and dust.

Iron red paint from Koopmans

Iron red paint from merchants; If you have a bare surface and you want to paint it, you will first have to apply a primer. After first doing the preliminary work, you can then apply the primer. The preliminary work consists of: degreasing, sanding and removing dust. You can’t just apply a primer to any surface. That is why there are different primers for those specific surfaces. There is a primer for wood, metal, plastic and so on. This has to do with voltage differences. A primer for wood gives good adhesion. A primer for metal gives good adhesion. And so each primer has its specific property to properly balance the adhesion of the substrate and the next coat of paint.

Adhesion to metal

Iron red paint from Koopmans’ paint is such a specific primer. This primer is specially intended to ensure good adhesion between metal and lacquer. A condition is, of course, that you make that metal rust-free before applying a primer to it. You can make this stainless with a steel brush. Scrape off the rust, as it were, and then brush off the dust. The main thing is that you remove all the rust. Otherwise it is useless. Then you start degreasing, sanding and dust removal and then apply the iron red. Don’t forget to wear gloves when painting.

The iron red lead of merchant paint has many properties. The first property is that it is easy to work with. The second property is that the paint has an anticorrosive effect. As a final feature, this paint is pigmented with iron oxide. The base is alkyd and the red lead has a reddish brown color. After application, the red lead is already dust-dry after two hours and tack-free after four hours. After twenty-four hours you can repaint the surface. The return is very good. You can paint sixteen square meters with one liter. The finish is semi-gloss.


Do you want to buy high-quality, well-covering and weather-resistant paint, but don’t want to spend too much money on this? Then I recommend Koopmans paint.

Paint from the Koopmans brand is of excellent quality and can be used for almost any painting job.

The paint is extremely weather-resistant, skin-grease-resistant and has good cleanability and wear resistance.

Also good to know: you do not need a large budget to buy Koopmans paint, because this high-quality paint is very affordable.

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