Makita vs DeWalt Impact Driver

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 19, 2022
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You may find it difficult to select the right brand as new power tool companies appear on the market regularly. Most companies are upgrading themselves and introducing new technologies, which also causes this to happen. In such a way, they are advancing in making impact drivers too.


Most likely, you have already used these companies’ products if you’re not new to the use of power tools. They have been delivering innovative and quality impact drivers to satisfy the customers for a long time.

Today, we’ll compare the features and quality of Makita and DeWalt impact drivers.

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Brief About an Impact Driver

An Impact driver is sometimes called an Impact drill. It is actually a rotational tool that delivers a solid and sudden rotational force and gives a thrust forward or backward. If you are a builder, impact drills are perhaps among the most important tools for you. You can easily loosen or tighten screws and nuts using this.

An impact driver can do a lot of things in building and constructing jobs. You will get a sizeable amount of power packed in a small package. Little drilling tasks are a lot easier with an impact driver, and you can increase your work efficiency. If you try it for once, you may never be able to work without an impact driver again. Who does not like to make his work smoother?

There are plenty of options for choosing an impact drill. And, you will obviously go for a drilling tool that is from a reputed brand, right? Besides, you will have to look at the durability and accuracy of the product.

Basic Comparison Between Makita vs DeWalt Impact Driver

If we look at the choice of most people, there are many who keep Makita and DeWalt in the first place. They have made names among the consumers by providing quality and reliability. So, we have shortened the list for you by choosing these two.

DeWalt is an American company that was founded in 1924. Contrarily, Makita is a Japanese company that was started in 1915. Both of them have remained reliable till now. They provide impact drivers almost similar to look. Let’s have a closer look at them to check their quality and consistency.

When we tested the flagship impact drivers of both companies, Makita outperformed DeWalt. Besides, Makita brings more compact and lighter designs than DeWalt.

The length of the flagship impact driver of DeWalt is 5.3 inches, and the weight is 2.0 lbs. On the other hand, Makita’s flagship impact driver has a length of 4.6 inches and a weight of 1.9 lbs. So, Makita is comparatively lightweight and more petite than DeWalt.

Anyway, both of them have electronic controls features with 4-speed models. DeWalt has an app-based Tool connect system, whereas Makita does not require any app to customize and run the impact driver.

Warranty Service and Battery Condition Comparison

DeWalt is tremendous at maintaining its customer service. You will get their feedback within a satisfactory period. But, Makita takes a little long time to reply, and there is a possibility you will feel uncomfortable.

Makita impacts drivers charge faster than DeWalt. Makita gives lithium batteries that last more, and you don’t need to charge very often. DeWalt has more emphasis on production. As a result, their battery capacity remains low, and you need to charge more. Its slow charging can be inconvenient for you.

Final Sentence

Finally, it may be concluded from Makita vs DeWalt impact driver comparison, DeWalt provides the best customer services, durability, and torque, whereas Makita has better production, pleasant design, and good battery performance. In general, DeWalt is more prevalent among consumers because of its durability and power, and people choose Makita when they need a lighter impact driver but excellent performance.

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