Painting a dormer window means staying alert

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2022
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Painting a dormer window is a must and when painting a dormer window you have to use the right order.

Painting a dormer window is not the best job you can imagine. However, you cannot avoid doing this regularly.

After all, a dormer window catches a lot of wind, sun and rain and is therefore constantly under these weather influences.

Painting the dormer window

This means that you have to perform maintenance every three or four years or even paint the entire dormer window. Of course it also depends on who, for example a painter, has executed this.

Cleaning is a must when painting a dormer window

To limit maintenance when painting a dormer, you will have to clean your dormer at least twice. Do this with an all-purpose cleaner or a good degreaser (check these top choices). Read the article about all-purpose cleaner here. You will then have to clean all parts. The parts that you have to degrease are the fascia parts, sides, window frames and any remaining wood parts. If you are afraid of heights then I understand you should let this be done. It really doesn’t have to cost that much. You save in your painting costs. After all, they are much higher than cleaning costs

Painting a dormer window requires prior inspection

What is also important when painting a dormer window is the regular checks that you have to perform. You can easily do this from within. You can open the window if necessary and immediately see what is going on. Watch out for blisters on the paintwork. What you should also pay attention to is the cracks that often appear in the corners of the window frames. Finally, you can apply a piece of painter’s tape to the coat of paint. After that, you can take it off in one go. If there is paint on the tape, it means that you have to paint. You can check the buoy parts and the sides from the outside. Stand on a kitchen step so that you can visualize this well. I always take binoculars and immediately see the flaws.

Painting a dormer window doesn’t have to be expensive

You can of course first try to paint a dormer window yourself. I understand very well that you don’t dare. Then you will have to have it outsourced to a painter. Then have a painting quote drawn up. Do this with at least three painters. Choose from a painting company that suits you. Do not only look at the price but also whether there is a click with that company. Depending on the width of the dormer and the state of maintenance, the costs are on average between € 500 and € 1000. So painting a dormer does not have to be expensive.

It is better to combine painting a dormer

Painting a dormer window only on a house is not profitable. After all, a painter has to work with scaffolding and at height. He takes these factors into account in his price. It is better to have a quote made for painting the entire house, including the dormer window. More often than not you are cheaper. After all, for the other activities he also needs a scaffolding and ladder, so that the price of the dormer window can go down. What you can also do is agree annually after your own check that a painter will do it for you for a fixed price. You do not hear this in your wallet and you keep your dormer window up to date.

Painting a dormer window follow a procedure

If you want to paint a dormer window yourself, you have to make sure that you can go all the way around it. So also on the side walls. You can have this taken care of by a scaffolding company. Or you are so handy yourself. For the side you can, if necessary, slide up some roof tiles so that you can stand on the roof battens. However, this is not recommended. Firstly, there is a high chance of falling and secondly, you do not perform the work properly. When you have made a scaffolding around it, you then degrease, sand and dust everything. Of course you start with the buoy parts. Then seal and putty seams and bare spots if necessary. When everything has been sanded again, only paint. Finish it off with a high gloss paint. This paint has a long durability and the dirt really less quickly on the paint layer.

How can you safely paint a dormer window?

Is your dormer window in need of a paint job? The safest way to paint your dormer window is to have the painting done by an experienced specialist. Painting a dormer window at first seems easy, but that will not happen. Having your dormer painted safely is paramount. Are you not used to painting at height? Then it is advisable to leave this painting to a professional who can work safely and properly.

Time for a new coat of paint

Is your dormer window in need of a new coat of paint? Then you can choose to have your dormer window beautifully painted. A dormer window is not only painted because of the look. Dormers are usually very vulnerable because they have to deal with all kinds of weather conditions. Having your dormer painted by a professional is definitely a good investment. if everything is ok once it has been painted, the paint will protect your dormer window again for approximately 5 to 6 years.

Prevent consequential damage

Do you choose to get started yourself? Then this can cause consequential damage. If paint starts to peel off, your dormer window will be exposed at some point. This will make your dormer window very vulnerable to damage. The chance that wood rot will soon develop is very high. If you do not notice this in time, the damage will be even greater. Wood rot will at some point cause leakage. The costs that you will subsequently spend on repair work will be many times higher than having your dormer professionally painted. Prevent this and leave the painting to a specialist who is busy painting houses on a daily basis. They know better than anyone how to perform the best outdoor painting work to prevent annoying damage.

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