Top 7 Best Finish Nailers Reviewed with Buying Guide

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 11, 2022
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Perfect and precise finishing is the most significant part of one’s DIY or professional project. And, if you are a person who does not compromise perfection, then you must be in the quest of the most excellent available precision tools.

However, as the market is full of infinite products, we have considered an intensive review of the best finish nailers, which will help you further research.

Moreover, this tool has changed the finishing game to an extended degree. This piece of the machine is often described as a professional finishing instrument. But now, hobbyists or even other complete beginners are using it.


Besides, it is a versatile finishing unit that allows you to smoothly punch nails into your woodwork for an effortless but functional finish.

Top 7 Best Finish Nailer Reviews

Here are some of the top finish nailers on the market that will make quick work of your finish carpentry, trimming, and molding jobs. 

WEN 61721 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

WEN 61721 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

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A low-quality nail gun can make your work harder. You keep looking for a standard-helpful tool, but you remain unsure. Innovative engineers have designed a very suitable WEN 18-Gauge Brad Nailer with versatile features that you can use for every task to put you at ease.

Accidents are the primary concern of any woodworker. To ensure your safety, this ergonomic and user-friendly nailer has a body of aluminum, which is a very light metal. It increases load capacity, reduces expenses, and ensures long durability as it prevents corrosion. The tool uses a rubber-grip handle to ensure firm grip and comfort.

It allows you to have a wide range of applications as brad nails range from ¾ to 2 inches in length. You can vary the operating pressure from 60 to 100 PSI. The thickness does not become a problem as you can use the highest force to overcome it and design as you wish.

Moreover, it works very precisely, giving you sharp designs, as it does not jam easily. The magazine releases smoothly, no matter how thick the wood is. The maximum number of brads it can hold is 100. Furthermore, the kit includes oil to result in smooth trimming. Two adjustment wrenches decide how many sharp outlines you can draw.

You will be amazed by the simplicity of the device. It does not require any experience, or you do not have to be a professional to use the gadget. You can carry it wherever and whenever you want. To turn this tiresome work into fun, bright colors are used to construct it. It makes you more dedicated to your work.


  • The use of aluminum makes it lightweight
  • The use of aluminum makes it lightweight
  • It does not get jammed easily
  • You can exert force according to the thickness
  • Two adjustment wrenches result in an acute framework


  • You need an air compressor

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DEWALT Pneumatic 18-Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT Pneumatic 18-Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit

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Are you getting dissatisfied looking for a nailer, which can be used at home randomly, to trim or make nail holes in thicker boards or woods? The lightweight DEWALT pneumatic nailer is here to let you complete your work independently and safely. It is an excellent choice for small-scale projects.

It is laborious to work with heavy tools for a longer duration. Besides, being careful consistently kills time. Therefore, the tool’s body is made up of magnesium, which is very lightweight, being denser than many common metals. 

Rubber-grip makes holding very comfortable. It keeps your fingers relaxed for a long time. Furthermore, the most desired feature is the inclusion of 70-120 PSI of operating pressure. In woodworking projects, a wood’s thickness is the first concern. 

For thin and keen finishing, the pressure needs to be precise, which is possible through the wide range of this product. It can attach 18-gauge nails from 5/8” to 2” length that is necessary as per requirements.

Rust destroys the functionality of any device very quickly. Therefore, the developer has used a maintenance-free motor to save it from stains. It makes the tool durable and lets you work without stress and impediments.

The detents with depth-of-drive adjustment ensure proper shaping of nail heads to fit two or more woods together suitably, which is essential for any wood or board projects.

The machine is jam-free due to its proper tool-free jam clearing mechanism. You can efficiently work without wasting your time in releasing the jam area. Additionally, it uses rear exhaust to keep all pollutants at bay.


  • The magnesium body makes it lightweight
  • You can use any pressure according to the thickness level
  • The adjustment system is typical for any project
  • Stains cannot easily take over due to maintenance-motor


  • You need to pull the trigger many times

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NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

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Your health is essential when it comes to productivity. In any profession, tools are expected to consist of such features that will not contribute to your fatigue or sickness.

Being concerned about your health, engineers have designed NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Finish Nailer, which contains the most desired adjustment exhaust.

The mandatory feature, the 360° adjustment exhaust, saves you and your work from contamination. As it rotates, it prevents smoke or trimmed waste from covering your face or obscuring the view.

Furthermore, the aluminum body makes carrying it for an extended time effortless. Making it durable, the coating of aluminum protects the body from quick corrosion. The rubber grip makes holding the device comfortable.

To work without any interruption, this 16-gauge finish nailer contains a jam-release latch. Thus, you can remove the jam without taking off the nailer. Therefore, it saves time and also protects the wood from being affected. 

While placing a fastener can be a difficult task, you can let this straight finish nailer decide its position and allow the release of one at a time.

These pneumatic nailers are incredible when it comes to adjusting depth. You can regulate the tool-less depth and get an excellent result in your object, which you can rarely find in any other product. 

The operating pressure of 70-110 PSI can sink finish nails into any thickness. Moreover, it can hold up to 100 brads resulting in faster work.

You will feel safe while using it, as it has a no-mar tip that resists any firing till you bring it close to the surface. The anti-cap keeps your device clean as debris may come in contact with the internal parts of the tool.


  • The adjustment exhaust rotates to protect your face from debris
  • You can adjust the depth with tool-less adjustment
  • It is lightweight due to the use of aluminum metal
  • The no-mar pad saves you from instant firing


  • It is troublesome to set the nails.

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Hitachi NT65MA4 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

Hitachi NT65MA4 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

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Are you thinking of turning your hobby into a profession with the company of the best cheap finish nailer? Then get yourself ready to grab the most convenient item, Hitachi NT65MA4 Finish Nailer. This product is manufactured with all the amenities to satisfy you regarding time, safety, and efficacy. 

One of the most advanced features it has is the integrated air duster. While you are working in a dusty place, this is very useful. It blows air to prevent the formation of debris which keeps your working area clean.

The button is located just above the grip, which makes you reach it easily. There is a 360° adjustable exhaust that can be rotated in any direction to protect your face from detritus.

A selective actuation switch is added in the device to allow either sequential or contact nailing at a time. You can turn the switch up for consecutive or turn it down for contact nailing, which results in faster and smoother work.

The magazine can hold 100 nails covering the whole range of trim nails and has an angle of 34° for you to carry it to any corners or tight spaces effortlessly.

It has the coating of aluminum for easy carriage and a rubber grip for better holding power. The tool-less depth adjustment ability allows sinking into any thick wood or boards.

You can decide the insertion of the tool by adjusting any pressure within 70-120 PSI. No need to worry about the jamming problem as you can clear it on the front of the nose easily, ensuring quick jam release.


  • You can clean your working site with the integrated air duster
  • The 360° adjustable exhaust directs the waste away from your face
  • You can choose between sequential or contact nailing
  • For smooth entrance into small places, the magazine has an angle of 34°


  • There is no adjustable belt hook

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BOSTITCH BTFP71917 Pneumatic 16-Gauge Finish Nailer Kit

BOSTITCH BTFP71917 Pneumatic 16-Gauge Finish Nailer Kit

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Predictably, you are always thinking of how to increase precision in your woodworking project. Without being a professional, decorating your home with your machine can give you tremendous joy.

For an independent person, to help you finish your work like a proficient person, Bostitch has invented BOSTITCH Finish Nailer Kit. The BOSTITCH BTFP71917 is currently the best pneumatic finish nailer on the market for a lot of reasons. 

To replace your nail effortlessly, the size and shape of the nose are 80% smaller than the other nailers. This introduction of a smart pointer is to embed your nails into the wood without damaging the surface. 

You can do your work effectively as you can take it to any tight corners at ease. Moreover, you do not need to push the trigger harder, which prevents fatigue. 

While firing nails either into baseboard or wood, you can set the depth control by changing numbers from the given range. It results in precise and flawless work. Your project is safe from any harm.

The selective actuation switch allows you to choose between contact and sequential nailing by flipping the switch either up or down. It ensures the proper insertion of nails according to your needs.

If the tool gets jammed, then you can easily remove the nail and continue with your work. This convenience is possible due to the tool-free jam removal feature that is mainly added to save your time because you can quickly release jammed nails on the go. 

However, to ensure the durability of your device, you do not have to add oil. Therefore, no tension of having oil stains. Also, the smart point technology is a major improvement. 

For your convenience, the kit has a belt hook; so you can keep the device closer to you. The no-mar tip prevents firing till you bring it in contact with any surface. It also has a pencil sharpener to let you complete the tasks quickly.


  • The smart point ensures accurate replacement of the nails
  • You can set the depth according to the quality of the wood
  • The selective actuation makes you decide between two types of nailing
  • It’s one of those pneumatic nailers that feature an oil-free design


  • Using it is a little complicated

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Paslode 902400 16-Gauge Cordless Angled Finish Nailer

Paslode 902400 16-Gauge Cordless Angled Finish Nailer

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Paslode has come up with a cordless device, Paslode-902400 Finish Nailer, to compensate for inadequate electricity supply in some areas and easy portability. You can use it any time you want after getting it charged. 

Its other features make it the best cordless finish nailer for large-scale projects. This 16-gauge finish nailer is a fuel-driven one and operates on stored electricity. A 7 Volt Lithium-ion battery ensures a long working time, and the fuel lasts for a whole day.

It is effortless to install the battery, and a lockout system prevents it from falling. If you charge it for a day, you can embed 6000 nails continuously. After charging it, you can use it in any remote area.

An astounding change in one of its features is the enlarged size of the depth adjustment. You can now comfortably feel the surface of it and set it with your thumb, making it more convenient.

The angled magazine means easy access in any spots for nail insertion or its replacement. Therefore, the trimming will be more precise. 

The cordless design of this battery-powered finish nailer made it easier to do work as there is no chance of getting tangled within the wires. You do not need to worry about handling the cables anymore. The handle is narrower for a comfortable grip.

Additionally, a no-mar tip ensures its functioning at the right time and protects the wood. It has a large belt hook for you to carry its weight suitably.


  • You can set nails accurately due to the angled magazine
  • It is operated by a battery
  • A new design of depth adjustment is more reliable
  • The product is lightweight


  • It gets jam sometimes

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Makita AF635 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

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A professional design mandates that the equipment in question has facilities that would result in fruitful work and assure workers’ wellbeing. Makita is well aware of its customer’s requirements and even their physical strains. Therefore, we present the Makita AF635 Finish Nailer.

If you’re in the market for a nail gun, this is the perfect pneumatic nailer for you. The nail gun has an exceptional design of having magnesium and aluminum for extended durability. Its body of magnesium makes it lightweight and allows easy transportability.

Both magazines and cylinders feature aluminum plate construction that ensures its strength and effective functioning. It has a powerful motor for robust performance.  

It has a lockout system to alert you before firing nails. As you can use the contact arm and trigger together, the setup warns you of using it accurately. Therefore, it saves both your device and work from any scratches.

The tool-less nail depth adjustment means acute design and reliable attachment of woods or boards together, as it maintains precision. If you are looking for a finishing nail gun, this is one of the best pneumatic finish nailers on the market. 

With the reversible belt hook, you can keep it in front of your eyes. You will like the anti-slipping grip that protects not only your project but also you from any accident. Even if the gadget falls, the rubber bumpers will protect it. 

To protect your eyes, it has a rotatable exhaust that directs dust in other ways. Furthermore, you can switch from contact to sequential nailing or vice versa with the help of selective actuation. The built-in air duster cleans the site before working and makes task completion easy.


  • Tool-free depth adjustment provides a precise flush
  • The use of aluminum ensures its durability
  • To protect your material from sudden firing, it has a lockout system
  • The powerful motor means a long time lasting and effective performance


  • It leaks air from its head sometimes

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Features to Consider When Choosing The Best Finish Nailer

There are several factors you must think about before purchasing any product. However, you might wonder which things should come under your preference. And also, whether it would be the best finish nailer for money or not?

With that said, there is a definitive guide given below. Therefore, you will not be confused anymore if you keep these vital things in mind before buying the product.

What is a Finish Nailer?

A finish nail gun is a tool that drives the nails into the wood so precisely that it can hardly be traced back. It is one of the essential tools for woodworkers because, without it, almost all of your projects will remain imperfect.

If you want to build furniture such as a working desk or a patio, then the finish nailer is a must. When installing trim and molding or building cabinetry, a finish nailer makes it much easier.

Finish nailers are equipped with a nail gun that holds a magazine of 100 to 200 nails. To fire the nail into wood, a piston inside the gun is fired by gas (Gas-Powered Finish nailer), electricity (Corded/Cordless Finish Nailer), or compressed air (Pneumatic Finish Nailer). 

Even the hardest of wood can be driven into with nails up to 2.5 inches long with a 16-gauge finish nailer. Furthermore, a finish nail gun comes with various features, including unique capacity, which is way better than any other nailer type.

Different Types Of Finish Nailers Explained

If you want the best finish nailer for carpentry work, you will have to understand the type or how these tools are powered. The three different types of finish nail guns each use a different power source for driving nails. Check out which type is right for you by learning more about its pros and cons.

Pneumatic Finish Nailers

The first type is the pneumatic nailer. These finish nailers are the lightest and fastest nail guns out there. These nail guns connect to a high-pressure hose by means of a handheld nail gun. 

Since air compressors are used for these finish nailers, the gun itself is lighter than electric or gas guns, which must carry their electricity supply. Pneumatic nailers can be handled much easier this way. 

The fastest option is a pneumatic finish nailer, which can fire nails quickly. Since an air compressor and air hose are required for pneumatic nailers, you can’t carry them around as easily as standard nailers. 

An electric power source is required for the air compressor to operate. The air compressors can also be noisy because they are powered by air. The best part of having pneumatic nailers is that most of them come with a built-in air duster that allows you to have a cleaner work surface. 

Electric Finish Nailer

Corded electric nailers powered by electricity are relatively newer than those powered by gas and pneumatic. Their heads are powered by an air compressor that runs on an 18-volt battery. 

By pressing the trigger, the compressed air is released, making the metal pin in the nailer move forward, engaging the wood. 

In addition to allowing rapid-fire, battery-powered nail guns are also relatively maintenance-free. The battery makes these devices much heavier, which makes them more difficult to handle.

The pneumatic finish nailers, however, require an air compressor. This makes them less portable. This type of nail gun requires no disposable fuel cells, making them more convenient than gas finish nailers. 

As an added advantage, the batteries in these cordless nailers can be interchanged with those in other cordless tools from the same manufacturer. The best part about battery-powered nailers is that they are virtually maintenance-free. 

Gas Finish Nailer 

A rechargeable battery and fuel cells are used in cordless gas nailers, causing a small explosion inside the combustion chamber in the gun, which then propels a piston to drive the nail into the wood. 

It is easy to operate gas nail guns because they are lightweight and cordless. As propane gas is used, the exhaust is released with each shot. This can be uncomfortable for workers in an enclosed space. 

The battery and the fuel cell both require significant maintenance, with the battery having to be charged periodically and the fuel cell needing to be replaced roughly every 1,000 finish nails. You should only choose a gas-powered finish nailer if you plan on working full time as a contractor. 

Angled or Straight Finish Nailer

According to the customer’s preference, there are two types of finish nailers available. One of them is angled, and the other is straight. However, it is essential to know which of them provides you with what service.

Straight Finish Nailer

This straight nailer is stable and offers you better finishing for simple and straightforward projects. It fits in thinner nails, but this unit is quite massive than the angular one.

So, it does not easily fit in tight spaces. However, straight finish nailers are more economical to use as thinner nails are quite cheap.

Angled Finish Nailer

If you are a professional woodworker or carpenter, then an angled nailer is preferable for you. It can do everything the straight nailers can do and also do a lot more. 

Besides, if you are working on tighter areas, then this unit works better than anything else. This finisher nailer is mostly used for thicker nails and leaves a bigger mark on the top of the wood.

Furthermore, comparably these nailers are appreciated for more precise and excellent finishing. As this type of nailer offers more, so it is a bit more expensive than other models. 

Different Types of Gauge

There are various types of gauges referred to according to the nails size. However, four options are listed below:

  • 15-Gauge

This type of gauge is primarily suitable for the solid surface as it suits shooting thicker nails. Moreover, it is used in angled magazines while accessing tight spaces and is very useful for furniture building, trimming, and shaping.

  • 16-Gauge

16-gauge finish nailers are applicable for shooting on slightly thinner nails than 15-gauge units.

Furthermore, these models are lightweight and compact so that anyone can use them efficiently. If you want a well-trimmed installation, then go for the best 16-gauge finish nailers.

  • 18-Gauge

If you are a DIY enthusiast and looking for something to use occasionally, this one is the most popular among all. It is lighter than the other two types and also works best on soft work surfaces.

  • 23-Gauge

23-gauge nailers are perfect for shooting nails like pins. Additionally, this type is used mostly for photo frames or birdhouses.

Depth of Nails and Nail Jamming

The most significant thing to consider is whether or not your finish nailer offers you the finest adjustment of depth.

Moreover, this modification comes with different models, and also your preference matters the most. However, woodworkers and DIY workers prefer a less-depth settlement.

Nail jamming is one of the specified features to reflect on. Therefore, some of the models come with built-in jam clearer, which saves your time as well as easy cleaning access.   

Types of Magazines

The magazine is one of the primary factors you should consider before buying a finish nailer. Mostly two models are available, and they are coil and stick.

Coil Magazine

Coil magazines can hold more nails than stick magazines. However, it can easily adjust between 150 to 300 pins. It allows finish nailers to seize on long and flexible strips. But it is quite expensive than the other one.

Stick Magazine

Finishing nailers using these magazines are more difficult to maneuver in tight areas because of the nail stick coming out from them. But this one is cheaper than coil magazines.

Size and Weight

The product’s size and weight matter according to their usage. Therefore, if you want to use it for a more extended period, try to purchase a lightweight model to ease your hands. Besides, those will be transportable and comfortable to bring into your worksite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things that a finish nailer can do?

A finish nailer gives you a permanent hold on your project. However, this unit is best for furniture building, molding, or cabinetry.

What is the benefit of a 15-gauge finish nailer?

This type of nailer is best for thicker work surfaces as it shoots more adhesive nails. Besides, it works excellent for the chair rail, window, door casing, and door framing.

What is the difference between finish nailer and framing nailer?

Framing nailers work better on a massive wooden project. On the other hand, finish nailers are versatile.

You can use it in both large and small projects. It allows you to work flexibly and gives you a fast finishing.

What size of finishing nail is appropriate for door trim?

Ans: It is always better to choose thicker nails. However, 15 and 16 gauges are mostly suitable for door trim as one can use them for shooting on more adhesive nails. 

Can I use a finish nailer for framing?

This unit is specially made for neat and precise finishing. Therefore, it will be well-suited for lighter projects like framing, wood siding, or carpentry.

How does a finishing nail gun work?

Primarily, finish nail guns are used for finer detail work on wood or plywood. They can penetrate soft and hardwood boards with their thin nails. A finish nailer has the benefit of leaving a very small footprint. It is easily fillable to achieve a smooth finish.

Safety features on the noses of these nailers prevent them from being accidentally triggered, and their no-mar tips prevent damage to surfaces. Finish nailers are essentially smaller versions of nail guns.

How big should the finishing nails be for door trim?

In order to differentiate trim nailers, the thickness or “gauge” of the nails they shoot is important. To put it simply, the larger the gauge number, the smaller the nail it uses. A finished nailer is usually between 15 and 16 gauge and shoots the biggest trim nails.

In order to achieve a fine finish on door trims, you should use a finish nailer with a bigger gauge, which means that the nails will be smaller. Small nails leave little holes, so you need to fill in fewer holes, making the finish smoother.

Is a Finish Nailer suitable for framing?

It is typically used for smaller projects and is used for neatly “finishing” a job. The framing nailer is best suited for framing and wood siding as well as major carpentry projects. The nailer is typically the heaviest duty on the market. When larger wood projects are completed with a framing nailer, a finish nailer will round off the trimming and molding.

Do all Finish Nailers need a Compressor?

There are finish nailers that are not operated with an air compressor and air hose. Although it seems the majority are. A fuel cell is sometimes used for nail propulsion in cordless nailers, which must be replaced every 500 nails or so.

Using air compressors eliminates this additional expense. The battery-powered units don’t require any of these things, making them the best choice for cordless finish nailers that can be used wherever and whenever they are charged.

Wrapping Up

A finish nailer is a desirable product for people looking for an incredible woodworking experience. If you want the best touch on your project, it is essential to research the best finish nailer available in the market.

Regardless, if you invest money in a product, do not miss out on any of the considered features. We believe this article will help you to make an intelligent purchase.

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