Best Log Carriers for Comfortable Firewood Carrying

by Joost | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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To carry logs easily, comfortably and quickly from firewood rack to fireplace log carriers are the best options. It will also help you to keep your floor, hand and dress clean during carrying logs. So keeping at least one log carrier in your collection is a must.

Log carriers are basically for carrying logs from log piles or firewood rack to the fireplace but as these are big bags you can also use these for carrying groceries or other necessary materials. If you have searched for log carriers at least once you must know there are numerous types of log carriers available to make you overwhelmed.

To identify the best products for our potential customers we have spent a lot of time on research and made a shortlist of the good quality product along with effective buying instructions.


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Log Carrier buying guide

There are numerous log carriers available in the market. Thinking it just a simple bag if you just pick one I can assure that you are going to buy a new one after a few days.

In order to buy the best log carrier, you have to have a clear knowledge about the factors determining the quality of the log carrier and also about your necessity. And if you are aware of these two things you can do the critical job of choosing the best log carrier.

I can tell the way of choosing the best log carrier now but it will be difficult for you to understand. So here I am going to tell the important factors determining the quality of a log carrier and then I will tell the way of choosing the best log carrier.

Here we go….


Material is the first factor that we check during buying a log carrier. Strong canvas is generally used to make the body of the log carrier.

We need log carriers most during winter. So check whether the material is waterproof or not because you may need to carry logs from snowy weather outside.

And the handle is made of the rod, reinforced fabric or leather. If the rod has been used as handle do not forget to check whether it is padded or not otherwise you will end up hurting your fingers.


Log carriers are available in different sizes including- small, medium, or large. Depending on your demand or need to select the size of the carrier. Keeping en eye on the log splitter you have would help you in this regard.


Some log carriers are enclosed and some are open. Both have particular advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose enclosed log carriers it will provide you benefit of keeping your floor clean during carrying logs from outdoor log piles to indoor. You can also carry a grocery product in an enclosed log carrier.  On the other hand, if the log carrier is open you can carry a log of any length.

Now you have to take a decision which is your first priority?

Load Bearing Capacity

You will find the load-bearing capacity either in the specification section or question answering section. But all the companies do not exactly tell the load bearing capacity of their product. You can get a good idea about the load-bearing capacity of the product by researching the construction material of the product.


Most of the people like black color for log carriers but dirt seems very apparent in black color. Colors that have similarities with wood-look comparatively clean even after carrying wood in the carrier.

Warranty or Guarantee

Some log carriers come with a limited warranty period and a few log carriers come with a guarantee. It is safe to pick a log carrier with a warranty or guarantee period.

Now you know all the important quality determining factors of log carriers. Now think about or write down your requirements e.g. material, size, design, load-bearing capacity, color, etc. and make a balance between your requirement and the budget. This is the way to choose the best log carrier from numerous options.

Best Log Carriers reviewed

We know the worth of your time and that is why we have made a shortlist taking the top 5 best log carriers of the market instead of making a long list of top 10 or 20 best log carriers.

1. Grillinator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier

The Grillinator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier is made of oxford canvas of premium quality. To make this log carrier strong and sturdy Grillinator has been used Double stitched hi-denier thread and PVC fused back.

You will be happy to know that the materials are waterproof and you can use it to carry a huge amount of logs or other items for fireplace, beach, and groceries even in cold and harsh weather. The spacious inner side of this bag is capable to carry 16 gallons of weight.

You can carry it from place to place by gripping the handle. Since hard handles hurt our hand Grillinator customized the handle of their tote bag with a soft pad. So this fully enclosed tote bag is ergonomic. Without ergonomics in handles going for a pickaroon instead rather helps.

It is a completely enclosed log carrier and designed to stand by itself. So your floor will not get dirty with dirt and debris of the wood. When you are not using the bag you can fold it flat and store it easily.

You do not need to hold it open while loading logs into it. Since it has an enclosed design all wood debris and chippings remain inside the bag. Such a design helps to do your job easily and quickly.

Since it is made of tough material and the design is also ergonomic and perfect for carrying log for a long time Grillinator is so confident about the quality of their product that they provide a lifetime guarantee.

They claim that if their customer is not satisfied with their product for any reason they will replace the old one with a new one without any question. So you can depend on them.

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2. SC Lifestyle Premium Firewood Log Carrier

The Premium Firewood Log Carrier manufactured by SC lifestyle is a two in one product. If one SC Lifestyle Premium Firewood Log Carrier is in your collection you do not have to purchase firewood stand separately since it works as both log carrier and firewood stand.

Heavy duty material with strong stitches has been used to make this log carrier. It is very strong and you do not need any prop to keep it open while loading logs inside it.

The inner portion of this tote bag is spacious enough to carry a huge amount of log pieces. You can take as much wood as you can in this bag until it gets full.

It is designed to ensure cleanliness. Here I am explaining how SC Lifestyle Premium Firewood Log Carrier helps to keep you neat and clean.

Since it is made of waterproof material you can carry wet and snowy logs in this bag and your floor will not get dirty. The enclosed design of this tote bag will not let debris and dirt make your floor dirty.

This dark brown colored functional log carrier looks beautiful beside your fireplace. So you do not need to purchase an extra rack to keep the firewood.

Yes, nothing is everlasting in this temporary world. So we will not say that SC Lifestyle Premium Firewood Log Carrier is everlasting. The good news about this log carrier is that it comes with a certain warranty period.

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3. Panacea 15251 Log Toe

If you are looking for a log carrier at cheap rate Panacea 15251 Log Tote will be the best choice. Strong and sturdy canvas-like material has been used in its body. Unlike another log carrier, it does not use any rod for gripping rather reinforced fabric has been used as handles. So it is comfortable to carry.

Since it is an enclosed tote bag you do not have to have to rush out for vacuum cleaner to clean your floor after taking woods inside your home. You can carry a huge amount of logs in this beautiful and shiny log tote.

It is not only easy to use but also easy to store because it is a foldable log tote. You can carry groceries besides firewood in this bag.

It is available in black color and the trim of this bag is cream color. The beautiful color along with the design has given a nice look to this bag. You can gift this log carrier to your near and dear ones on any special occasion.

China is the manufacturer country of this log carrier. The Chinese company Panacea tries to provide a good quality product at a comparatively low price. That is why you are getting this bag at a comparatively lower price.

If you give overweight to this bag it can be torn out gradually and then if you think that since it is a Chinese product it is not good in quality then you are wrong. You should also be careful to increase the longevity of your tote bag.

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4. CLC C390 Canvas Log Carrier

The CLC Canvas log carrier of C390 model made by Custom LeatherCraft is designed to carry logs conveniently. Heavy duty canvas duck has been used to craft out this log tote. You can carry up to 6 average size logs from the wood pile to your fireplace in this strong and sturdy log tote.

The reinforced leather handles are made of suede. To make the handle durable and strong the handles are riveted to the canvas body and later they are trimmed with heavy stitching. Your hands will not get hurt because these handles are comfortable to hold.

If you carry extra weight in CLC C390 Canvas Log Carrier there is pretty much possibility to break the leather handle. So it is wise not to exceed the recommended weight.

If you are strong enough to carry more loads we will recommend you to choose log carrier of higher capacity. But for average size women like me, this bag is very comfortable to carry 6 average size firewood logs once at a time.

Custom LeatherCraft provides warranty for a limited lifetime for this product.  I almost forgot to mention its beautiful color. Its body is white in color and the handles are brown color. The color combination is unique compared to the common black color log carrier.

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5. Amagabeli Sturdy Wood Carrying Bag

Amabel has brought premium quality log carrier that will let you carry logs, firewood, kindlings, and twigs of any length. It is strong enough to carry a heavy load and so you can take big chunks of oak, maple, etc. in this log carrier and carry those from the log pile to the fireplace.

To make it waterproof strong waxed canvas has been used as the body material. You can comfortably use it in the snowy weather.

The padded handles protect your fingers from getting hurt and give you comfort while carrying logs. To tighten the load inside the carrier there is an adjustable strap at the center point of the carrier.

This handy and lightweight log carrier is easy to store. It will not take much space rather will save your space. You can either fold it up or hung by the straps when not in use.

A common problem with log carrier is that it easily seems dirty after carrying logs in it. To solve this problem Amagabeli has colored their product in a dirt-proof color. So even after getting dirty, it will not look dirty.

This well-built log carrier gives you service for years even in the harshest weather without tearing. Moreover, Amagabeli gives a warranty for a certain period for their log carrier. If you are not satisfied with their product you can change that with a new one without any question.

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We have enlisted the best log carriers of the most popular brands. You know one thing even the best brand manufactures some low-quality products that cannot be identified during inspecting quality. And if you are unlucky you are going to get that product.

Sometimes we do not maintain the log carriers properly, for example, we carry more weight than its capacity and as a result the carrier tears or the handle breaks. So we also have to be careful to use it.

Our today’s top pick is Amagabeli Sturdy Wood Carrying Bag. To identify the best log carrier among the best we have taken specifications along with customer review into our consideration.

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