How can you store latex paint?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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When you are working at home, you may have some leftover latex or other paint. You cover this after the job and put it away, in the shed or in the attic.

But with the next job, there is a good chance that you will buy another bucket of latex, and that the leftovers will remain in the shed.

This is a shame, because there is a good chance that the latex will rot, while it is not necessary at all! In this article we will show you how best to store latex and other paint products.

How to store latex paint

Storing leftovers of latex paint

The best way to store latex is actually very simple. That is, by throwing in a glass of water. A layer of water of half to one centimeter is sufficient. You don’t have to stir this through the latex, but just leave it on top of the latex. Then you close the bucket well, and put it away! The water stays on top of the latex and thus ensures that no air or oxygen can get in, so you can store it longer. If you need the latex again after a while, you can let the water run out or mix it with the latex. However, the latter is only possible if it is also suitable for it, so check that carefully.

save paint

You can also store other types of paint. If you have cans of unopened water-dilutable paint in your cupboard, they can be kept for at least a year. Once you open the can and the paint stinks, it’s rotten and you need to throw it away. If you have paint that has been thinned with white spirit, you can keep it even longer, at least two years. However, the drying time can be longer, because the effect of the substances present can decrease slightly.

It is especially important with pots of paint that you press the lid on well after use and then briefly hold the pot upside down. in this way the edge is completely closed off, which ensures that the paint has a longer shelf life. Then put it away in a dark and frost-free place with a constant temperature above five degrees. Think of the shed, garage, cellar, attic or a closet.

Throwing away latex and paint

If you no longer need the latex or paint, it is not always necessary to throw it away. when the jars are still completely or almost full, you could sell them, but you can also donate them. There are always community centers or youth centers that could use paint. An online call is often enough to get rid of your eyes!

If you have not been able to find anyone or if it is so little that you would rather throw it away, do this in the right way. Paint falls under small chemical waste and must therefore be returned in the correct manner. for example at the recycling center or waste separation station of the municipality.

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