DEWALT DCK590L2 Combo Kit Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 2, 2022
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Do you want to get the thrill of purchasing new tools and getting rid of the old junks lying around? This article makes you an offer you cannot reject. In a world of cordless tools, you need something exceptional as well as extraordinary. Since you are here, you will be acquainted with your future power toolkit through this DEWALT DCK590L2 Review.

The secret to a good power toolkit is versatility as well as superior quality. To be honest, it is quite hard to find something so compelling at an affordable price. Fret not friends, Dewalt is here to your rescue.

This particular toolbox does not shy away from exhibiting the utmost power and potential. Not only are you getting five major tools at an affordable price, but you will also be rewarded with robust performance. Comfort and compact go hand in hand with this option.


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DeWalt DCK590L2 Review

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Weight14 pounds
StyleCombo kit
Voltage20 Volts

Before you make a hasty decision to purchase your desired product, it is recommended to scavenge through the features that give the power tools its superior tag. However, you must remain sure; this product will not dissatisfy you in any way.

Not only are the tools capable of bestowing ultimate competence to your projects, but they also provide you with innovative attributes that you cannot say no to. If you decide to purchase this product, it will give you a bang for your buck!

Before you can say a knife, let us rummage through a few of the essential features that make it different from the other models.

Hammer Drill

The most important tool in a toolbox, agree to disagree? Well, with the compact and lightweight half-inch hammer drill, you can perform all your, light to medium range, drill driver applications, considering it exhibits a whopping power of 535-watt engine.

The chuck that comes along with the hammer drill is half-inched in length, which is the standard size. Moreover, the inclusion of carbide in the tool’s ergonomic design improves the grip as well as hinders slipping. You no longer have to endure extra stress on your hands.

An exceptional feature of this hammer drill is it includes a 3-speed gearbox, which is 0 – 600 RPM, 0 – 1250 RPM, and 0 – 2000 RPM, respectively. You will have full control of the device with precise and accurate drilling.

Impact Driver

You may find yourself asking, what can a ¼-inch impact driver do? Well, to clear your confusion, it can do plenty. First and foremost, it can work at a maximum speed of 2800 revolutions per second, and that is a significantly huge number compared to other options.

Furthermore, the impact driver includes hex chuck of ¼ inches, which is well suited with 1-inch bits. Due to its small structure, it is easy to get the impact driver in cramped places. Additionally, the tool weighs about 3.4 pounds, which means you can work tirelessly for hours.

Circular Saw

Impressive is the middle name of this product because every tool maintains an equal balance of precision and robust performance. There is no way you will be disappointed with this 6-1/2-inch product. As for this circular saw, it comes with a 460-watt motor that gets your entire cutting tasks done.

Moreover, the circular saw displays 6.5-inch blades, which can achieve a maximum speed of 5000 revolutions per second. This tool successfully acquired a great feat of strength through its ergonomic design. On top of that, the circular saw provides the utmost comfort and reliability while operating.

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is also small and mighty, weighing in at just 3.5 pounds. Farewell to those days of hand aches and fatigue while working. Besides, if you ever feel the need to replace your blades, the task is made much easier through the incorporation of blade clamp, which allows quick and easy replacement.

The speed is a major aspect for many tools, what good does a slowpoke do anyway. In the case of this device, you can obtain an overall speed of 0-300 SPM. Subsequently, the speed of the tool is variable, which ensures control and balance while performing the task.

LED Light

Who does not prefer to work in a well-lit area? It is quite an inconvenience to work tirelessly for hours in a dimly lit area, which results in imperfect work progress. Bearing that in mind, Dewalt introduces LED light with the brightness of 110 lumens with the option to rotate the head for your benefit.



  • Extraordinary Speed
  • Variable Speed Setting
  • Inclusion of LED light
  • Ease of Use
  • Lightweight & Compact


  • Reciprocating saw does not contain any adjustment to the guard
  • The circular saw does not include fence

Frequently Asked Questions

To get a clear view of this particular product, some questions demand to be answered. Sometimes even after going through all the aspects of a product, few things remain unsolved. Let us get into the details.

Q; Does it come with a battery and charger?

Ans: Absolutely, the power tool combo kit comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a charger to fully charge them. You cannot possibly except a full kit of power tools and not get the battery and charger.

Q; Does a higher Ah battery give more power?

Ans: Certainly, the higher the number of Ah, the greater its power and run time. For instance, the battery of the product at hand has 3.0 Ah, which means it can garner enough power to maintain the functionality of your tools.

Q; How can I prevent the core bits from becoming blunt or overheating when drilling?

Ans: It is unusual to suffer from such mishaps with this particular product; however, if ever the need arises, a good lubrication process will ensure the longevity of your tools.

Q; If you are not going to use it for a long time, should you remove the battery from the tool?

Ans: Of course, because even when you are not working with the device, current may flow, and your battery may discharge while you sleep soundly. This factor will damage your tool as well as battery. Beware!

Q: What is the lithium-ion battery service life?

Ans: Li-ion batteries can be charged up to 1000 times.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Dewalt combo kit not only gives you more bling for less cha-ching but also manages to provide you with durability and comfort. The power tools accommodate substantial power to operate properly. After rummaging through all the important features in the DEWALT DCK590L2 Review, you have now enough knowledge to make the final decision.

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