Different Types of Woodworking Clamps & best reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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I can’t find the words to emphasize on the fact that how much you’d need these, a lot of these. Woodworking means you’ll be joining small and large pieces together, that’s the short of it. Even constructing a table will prove to be a tough job without these.

There isn’t a carpenter on planet earth without dozens of woodworking clamps. Here, I’ve gone over all different types of woodworking clamps. This way you’ll get to know what what’s for.


All Different Types of Woodworking Clamps


The name signifies the shape; it’s shaped like C. Designers got creative to bring some variants of the C-Clamp. There’s some that’s three-headed and two-headed ones, these add a lot more stability to the system than you’d imagine.

As for the mechanism the screw a.k.a. the spindle passes through one of the holes on one end of the C and reaches on the other end to clamp whatever it is that you’re clamping. These serve very basic purposes. Its main purpose is to clamp workpieces not far from the edge.

Pipe Clamp

It’s quite an interesting piece of apparatus. Perhaps the most customizable of ‘em all. Yeah, one thing that’s to be mentioned you’ll have to buy yourself a piece of pipe that matches the size of the clamp. Otherwise, it’ll be obsolete.

Pipe clamps have two separate sections apart from the pipe itself. Each section has a clutch or even multiple clutch system at times to grab on to the pipe. One stays fixed and the other’s mobile, it can slide over the pipe to take whatever position suits your needs.

As for the clamping capacity, it depends solely on the length of the pipe that you’re using. You can always use coupling systems to attach multiple pipes.

Bar Clamp

Also known as the F-Clamp, it’s the most utilized clamp by the carpenters. Bar Clamps are the best of both worlds, the C-Clamp, and the Pipe clamp. It has the reach of the C-Clamp and the stretch of the pipe clamp.

These come in a wide variety of dimensions with the throat depth varying from 2 inches to 6 inches and even 8 inches in some extreme cases. Clamping capacity might get as high as 80 inches at times.

There’s a couple of sorts to these bar clamps

One-Handed Bar Clamp

Regardless of whether you’re a DIYer or you’re a pro, you’ll end up in scenarios where you’ll have one of your hands pre-occupied. And hence the one-handed bar clamp and its unprecedented design. This gives the bar clamp a spectacular advantage over the other clamps.

Designers didn’t have to trade-off the pressure of the clamp for this ergonomic advantage.

Deep Throat Bar Clamp

This is just an ordinary bar clamp with the ability to reach deep into the workpieces from the edge of the clamp. It can reach as far as 6 – 8 inches. Making joints from the edge of the clamp is gets really tough at times. A deep throat bar clamp brings in a solution to that.

Corner Clamp

Corner Clamp specializes in 90O joints, 45O miter joints, and butt joints, that’s it. Well, that was it for the sorts joints but if you’re a pro, then you know how important it is. And as for DIYers and hobbyists out there, I couldn’t emphasize more.

Corner Clamp or Miter Clamps have a movable clamping block that clamps the workpieces together when the spindles screwed tight.

Parallel Clamps

Parallel clamps are just another variance of bar and pipe clamps. But the thing about this is that the entirety of each jaw is parallel to one another. This facilitates a lot when you’re trying to join two workpieces parallelly.

Almost all of the parallel clamps have a unique mechanism for it to be used as a stretcher. And yeah, just like a one-handed bar clamp it can be used with just one hand.

Picture Frame Clamps

It’s what the name says it is. There are some extreme versions of it that can be used for some very different purposes due to its heavy-duty nature. To put it simply you can be doing four 90O joints simultaneously.

Best Woodworking Clamps Reviewed


Best Pipe Clamps

Need some pipe clamps to start your woodworking right away? Choose one from our best picked pipe clamps and get started already!

Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp, red

Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp, red

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Pipe clamps should be easy to use as well as versatile. Otherwise, working with them can get a little complicated. Fortunately, both of these aspects are present in this product. So, you surely shouldn’t miss out on this.

The clamp comes with a lot of features that will only make it more convenient for you to operate. For instance, the product includes an H-shaped foot assembly. This stabilizes the clamp in both the dimensions and provides dual-axis stability.

On the other hand, the product comes with an extra high base, which provides top-notch clearance from the woodworking surface. In fact, the H-style base actually prevents the clamp from overturning.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about replacing the tool anytime soon. That is because, the product comes with cast jaws, which increases durability as well as the sturdiness of it.

In fact, two additional soft jaw caps are added with the product, to make sure that damaged materials will not be clamped. This in turn prevents your work time from being wasted, as you will be able to detect damages easily.

Furthermore, the tool will not rust either, even if it is handled poorly. That is because, the clutch components are plated with zinc. On the other hand, the threaded spindle is coated with black oxide as well.

Lastly, the product includes a crank handle. Now, the benefit of this handle is that, it clears work surface both when closing and opening the jaw. So, you don’t have to worry about clearing it separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes an H-shaped foot assembly
  • Extra high H-style base
  • Contains cast jaws
  • Damaged materials are not clamped because of soft jaws
  • Plated with zinc and black oxide
  • Includes a crank handle

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IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Pipe Clamp, 1/2-Inch (224212)

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Pipe Clamp, 1/2-Inch (224212)

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Are you looking for a pipe clamp that works well with carpentry, woodworking and much more? In that case, look no further. Here’s a product that would be perfectly suitable for your work and projects.

With this tool, you will not be needing an additional threaded pipe. That is because, the clamp comes with an innovative clutch system, which does the work alright without a threaded pipe.

On the other hand, the tool includes large feet. The benefit of the larger size is that, it offers more stability. Hence, during woodworking, you won’t have to worry about the balance of the tool.

Another advantage of this feature is that, it offers more clearance between the handle and the work surface. As a result, you don’t have to go through any extra hassle while you are working with it.

But, the tool makes woodworking easier for you in other aspects as well. For instance, the product contains an ergonomic handle. This reduces hand fatigue and makes clamping easier for you.

Furthermore, the product comes with large clutch plates. Now, these plates release easily, which increases durability and reliability. Hence, you won’t have to worry about changing the tool anytime soon.

Lastly, it includes a 1 ½ inches throat depth and can handle pipes of about ½ inches. This is quite the standard depth, hence you won’t be facing any inconvenience in this sector.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an innovative clutch system
  • Large feet increases stability and clearance between handle and work surface
  • Includes an ergonomic handle
  • Comes with large clutch plates
  • 1 ½ inches throat depth and ½ inches pipe length

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Best Bar Clamps

Bar clamps can be quite handy, and having them for your woodworking sessions is recommended. That is why, we have picked some of the best ones for you.

Yost Tools F124 24″ F-Clamp

Yost Tools F124 24" F-Clamp

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Are you looking for a medium-duty F clamp that is both sturdy and easy to use? After all, you wouldn’t want more complications in your woodworking session. So, take a look at this product, which has a lot of amazing facilities to offer.

First of all, the product provides top-notch comfort. It includes a comfort main handle, which provides greater cosiness than standard wooden handles. As a result, you can work with the product for a long period of time without experiencing cramps.

Apart from that, this handle also offers more torque, which in turn provides better gripping power. So, you can use this tool for tougher projects, which you normally wouldn’t be able to execute by the use of other clamps.

But that’s not all that provides top-notch grip. The tool comes with adjustable arms, which has dual-clutch plates on them. This, too, provides a reliable grip to make sure the arm stays in place.

However, this tool doesn’t falter when it comes to durability either. The arms are made of cast iron, which includes two clutch plates. The duty of these plates is to grip the serrated steel rail.

On the other hand, the product includes swivel jaw pads. The benefit of this added part is that, it is capable of gripping various shapes. As a result, you can work with different kinds of materials and objects with it.

Lastly, a plastic cap is also included with the pads. These are placed to make sure no damage is done to the delicate projects. Hence, this tool is ideal for both tough and fragile tasks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides top-notch comfort
  • Offers more torque and better gripping power
  • Adjustable arms with dual clutch plates
  • Durable
  • Comes with swivel jaw pads
  • Suitable for both delicate and tough projects

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DEWALT DWHT83158 Medium Trigger Clamp with 12 inch Bar 2pk

DEWALT DWHT83158 Medium Trigger Clamp with 12 inch Bar 2pk

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Versatile clamps are always more fun to use. You can use one for various purposes, and they will disappoint you in none of the sectors. So, why not take a look at this product, which offers more than just versatility?

Don’t want to keep both of your hands busy? Well, you don’t have to with this. The product is designed specifically for one-handed operation. So, you can easily use your hand for the entire session of woodworking.

On the other hand, the tool comes with 200 pounds of clamping force. As a result, it can go through and hold even the toughest of woods. In fact, you can also work with metals if you want to.

Moreover, the product has a throat depth of 3 inches. This adds utility to your woodworking sessions. The depth is higher than what its competitors offer, so in this aspect, the tool is definitely better.

Apart from that, this tool offers durability as well. The body is made of tough re-enforced nylon. As a result, you won’t have to worry about replacing the tool anytime soon.

This aspect also provides comfort to the users. That is because, nylon is a comfortable material, which provides a soft grip. Hence, you will be able to work with it for long periods of time.

Furthermore, the jaw pads included with this product protect work surfaces. Therefore, you will not notice any sort of dents or lines on the worktop.

Highlighted Features:

  • Allows one-handed operation
  • Comes with 200 pounds of clamping force
  • Has a throat depth of 3 inches
  • Made of tough re-enforced nylon
  • Jaw pads protect worktops

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Best C Clamps

Looking for C clamps but confused about which one to buy? Fret not, we have piled up some of the best ones for you.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original C Clamp

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original C Clamp

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Woodworking is a tough job, which requires a lot of tools and skills. The tools included should be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the task. That is why this clamp has been made to be durable enough to last through the toughest of woodworks.

If you want to cut woods in a variety of shapes, then you should totally go for this tool. The product comes with a 4 inches wide jaw opening capacity, which will allow you to clamp multiple shapes.

Different projects will require distinct levels of pressure. That is why, the product comes with a screw, which you can turn and easily modify the pressure and fit work. And it will remain adjusted, so you can use it repeatedly.

This aspect allows its users to work with different materials, as some woods are softer than others. With a suitable amount of pressure and fit, your project’s end result will definitely satisfy you.

On the other hand, not a lot of clamps can match this one when it comes to durability. The product is made of top grade and heat-treated alloy of steel, which can last for years without rusting or breaking down.

Not every metal can handle as much stress as steel alloy can. On top of that, the material is heat-treated, so, you can rest assured that your tool will neither corrode nor fall apart.

Lastly, to make sure the wood gets maximum locking force, the device comes with a standard trigger release. As a result, the material will not slip and cause an accident when you are working with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 inches wide jaw opening capacity
  • Comes with a screw that is used to modify fit and pressure
  • Made of heat-treated alloy of steel
  • Comes with a standard trigger release

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Best F Clamps

Picking the best one among many options is quite tough, we get that. Hence, we have selected the best F clamp for you, so you can start woodworking right away.

Yost Tools F124 24″ F-Clamp

Yost Tools F124 24" F-Clamp

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If you have no prior experience of woodworking, then you need tools that are easy to use. Otherwise, you might mess up your task. Keeping that in mind, this tool has been made to be effortless to operate, with a lot more amazing facilities.

First of all, the product comes with swivel jaw pads. Now, the advantage of this feature is that, it allows the clamp to grip various shapes. Hence, you can work on a variety of materials and objects with it.

On the other hand, the tool also includes a plastic cap. This added part is used to prohibit damage to fragile projects. As a result, you can also work on your crucial and delicate woodworking tasks with it.

Furthermore, an ergonomic handle makes working with the tool even cosier for you. The plastic handle is a lot better than the traditional wooden ones, as that provides more comfort.

As a result, you will be able to work for longer periods of time, and it will definitely enhance your work performance. That’s one aspect you will not find in other clamps quite often.

The clamp comes with a cast iron arm. Now, the material is sturdy, as well as long lasting. This prevents the product from falling apart anytime soon. So, you won’t really have to worry about replacing it.

Additionally, the arm includes two clutch plates, which grips the serrated steel rail. This structure holds the arm in place properly, which in turn provides better clamping pressure.

Lastly, this medium duty F clamp comes with a powder coat finish. As a result, the body remains resistant to rust and is easy to work with in general. It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes swivel jaw pads
  • Comes with a plastic cap
  • Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Includes a cast iron arm
  • Provides better clamping pressure
  • Medium duty with a powder coat finish

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Best Handscrew Clamps

Finding yourself the perfect hand’s crew clamp can get a little hassle-some. To eliminate all the trouble for you, we have selected the best one.

ATE Pro. USA 30143 Wood Handscrew Clamp, 10″

ATE Pro. USA 30143 Wood Handscrew Clamp, 10"

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Handscrew clamps are quite nice to work with if you know how to use them properly. Moreover, isn’t it more fun to woodwork with a wooden tool itself? So, take a look at this great product, which is packed with amazing features.

Need a clamp for gluing? Then turn to this product already. The wooden hand screw clamp is made for this purpose, and it remarkably executes the task at all times. So, don’t miss out on this if that is what you really need.

On the other hand, the tool comes with large handles. There are several advantages of clamping wood with tools that include relatively bigger handles. For instance, they provide added comfort to its users.

As a result, you can work with this tool for a long period of time without any aches or cramps in your hands. Additionally, this will also improve your work performance and reduce work time.

Another benefit of this feature is that it increases torque. Hence, you can woodwork with more force, which will surely deliver better results in general. Moreover, the enhanced torque will also make the process easier for you.

Furthermore, the tool also comes with adjustable jaws. Now, you can use the product for both small/delicate and tough projects. It will be capable of providing strong and softer grips when needed.

Lastly, the tool is actually very sturdy. Wooden clamps don’t fall apart easily, so you can use them for tough projects on a regular basis. Moreover, there’s no chance for them to get weaker through other aspects, such as rusting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for gluing
  • Includes large handles
  • Provides increased torque
  • Includes adjustable jaws
  • Sturdy and long lasting

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Guide to Buy the Best

Before you start looking for suitable woodworking clamps for your project, you need to know about the factors that will be making them apt in the first place. Without being aware of those, you will just end up buying the wrong one.

Now, the wrong clamp can make your project more complicated for you, and you definitely wouldn’t want that. So, be a little patient and go through all the important factors to get yourself the best woodworking clamp.


The suitable clamp for your project

The first and foremost task for you to do is to determine the kind of clamp you will be needing. Now, there are various types of woodworking clamps available and they are all made for specific tasks.

For instance, C clamps are the best for metalworking or carpentry. On the other hand, bar clamps are the best for making tables, furniture, and other similar products.

Handscrew clamps are quite the traditional ones, which are still in use. They are mostly used to make ships and cabinets. Similarly, there are a few other types available, and you should choose according to your projects.


Woodworking clamps hold the material while you are working on it. So, surely, the clamps need to be sturdy, so they can execute their tasks without falling apart in the middle of it.

Hence, you should go for clamps that are made to be sturdy. Now, of course, if you need lighter clamps then you will have to compromise a little in this sector, as lightweight clamps are rather fragile.

Heavy-duty clamps are normally made of metal, which is also coated properly to avoid rust and corrosion. Wooden clamps are also quite long lasting, if used properly and cautiously of course.

Clamping power

The clamping power of the tool will determine the kind of projects it will be able to work on. The greater the power, the tougher tasks they will be able to handle. However, there’s no exact unit for this power when it comes to clamps.

That is, the power they can offer is not often specified or measured. That is something you will have to figure out by taking a look at the material of the tool. If you want more power, then you should choose something made of sturdy materials.

For instance, cast iron will definitely provide more power than aluminum. Hence, the latter is more suitable for delicate projects and vice versa.


If you don’t have a specific workshop or a fixed place of work, then you surely will have to move your woodworking clamps quite often. In that case, you should go for clamps that are compact and lightweight.

However, such clamps are not long-lasting. In fact, they are quite fragile and might break down after a few work sessions. The heavier and larger clamps, on the other hand, are very sturdy.

But, you surely will have a tough time when moving them. So, choose according to your workplace.


When woodworking, you surely wouldn’t want the clamp to damage the surface of work or hurt your hands. Hence, you must choose a tool that is completely safe to work with.

For instance, bare metal clamps can easily scratch the surface or injure your hands through cuts during work. However, if the metal clamp is covered with plastic or rubber, then it is completely secure.

On the other hand, wooden clamps are safe even without a coverage. So, keep protection in mind as well.


Some clamps are more diverse than others. You will surely notice that some clamps can be used for a variety of tasks, whereas others are only suitable for one specific type of project.

If you work on multiple jobs from time to time, then it is better if you buy clamps that can serve multiple purposes.

However, if you work on something specific, then there’s no need of diversity.


Q: How many clamps are needed for woodworking?

Ans: The number of woodworking clamps needed for a certain project depends on the project itself. However, the saying ‘you can never have enough clamps’ is quite popular, but you should not let it discourage you. In most cases, 9-10 clamps are enough.

Q: For how long do glue woods need to be clamped?

Ans: That depends on whether or not the joint is stressed. On average, you should clamp an unstressed joint for about 45 minutes to an hour. However, a stressed joint should be clamped for 24 hours at least.

Q: What are woodworking clamps used for?

Ans: Woodworking clamps are versatile tools. They can be used for a variety of tasks. For instance, carpentry, woodworking, metalworking, furniture making, welding, etc.

Q: What is the cost of woodworking clamps?

Ans: The cost of clamps depends on the brands. And your overall cost will depend on the number of clamps you decide to buy. However, on average they can cost from 10 dollars to 200 dollars.

Q: What are the different types of wood clamps?

Ans: There are 13 most common types of woodworking clamps. Those are C clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, hand screw clamps, spring clamps, miter clamps, Kant twist clamps, locking clamps, quick-action clamps, edge clamps, parallel clamps, and bench clamps.

What Type of Clamps Are There?

38 Types of Clamps for Every Project Imaginable (Clamp Guide)

G or C Clamp.
Hand Screw Clamp.
Sash Clamp.
Pipe Clamp.
Spring Clamp.
Bench Clamp.
Web Clamp.
Bench Vise.

What Is an F Clamp Used For?

The name comes from its “F” shape. The F-clamp is similar to a C-clamp in use, but has a wider opening capacity (throat). This tool is used in woodworking while more permanent attachment is being made with screws or glue, or in metalworking to hold pieces together for welding or bolting.

When Should You Discard Clamps?

Remove clamps as soon as the job is finished. Clamps serve only as temporary devices for holding work securely in place. Keep all moving parts of clamps lightly oiled and keep tools clean to prevent slippage.

Why Are Woodworking Clamps So Expensive?

Wood clamps are expensive because they are made with high-quality materials – primarily steel, iron, or metal. It’s also because wood clamps are not consumable. Other woodworking accessories like sandpaper allow you to buy on an ongoing and relatively frequent basis.

What Can I Use Instead of Wood Clamps?

Registered. Or, clamp without a clamp; when you don’t have a clamp to fit your work is to create a fixture (plywood or a straight & flat piece of lumber) that your work can fit inside of, add a block at each end and use a wedge to apply pressure between one of the blocks and your work.

Are Harbor Freight Clamps Any Good?

Harbor Freight F-Clamps.

We got six small clamps and I have to say that they work like a charm. The price is very affordable ($3 each) and the materials they are made of, together with the reliable construction makes these clamps feel and perform very well.

Are Parallel Clamps Worth the Money?

They’re expensive, but worth every penny when you are trying to get good square fit-ups in glue joints. I gave up on pipe clamps and switched to the original Bessey clamps (like these) about 12 years ago. The switch was very expensive as I have at least 4 of each size up to 60″ and even more of some of the heavily used sizes.


Clamps are a portal to efficiency and multitasking when it comes to carpentering or welding. It’s literally impossible to have something as simple as a table gets constructed without one of these. And let’s not talk about gluing your workpieces together.

So, it’s imperative that you keep a concrete idea about the different types of woodworking clamps. This is so that you know which to use for which scenario. And you’ll know which one you might just have to buy for your next project.

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